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White House Petition entry

Hi All,

I posted a petition to the White House web page and would like to see if all of you would help me get it launched. It is a basic question asking the administration to voice their beliefs and understanding of each item of the Bill of Rights. I thought it was simple but worth while. If you like the idea please follow the link and add your signature. It takes 150 before it will go public and I just posted it this evening. It now takes 100,000 signatures to get passed, but worth a shot. I thought it might be something that would spur interest of people on both sides of issues. I hope you like it.


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Can anyone direct me of how to get this on the front page?

I am not sure if the rolling front page articles are reserved, but they seem to be just about everyone. I am just not sure if I clicked in the wrong place. I can't find what I posted anywhere but my own posts section in my account so I don't know how anyone else would find it either. Please help, posting illiterate.