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Weapons Regulations - 7 Common Myths

Weapons Regulations - 7 Common Myths

Jack Lee in Politics Guns 14 hours ago

Dianne Feinstein introduced her Assault Weapons Ban fresh on the heels of Obama laying out his 23 executive orders to curb gun violence, and now gun control advocates are in full force laying out their arguments to restrict our Second Amendment rights. I am sure those on PolicyMic have heard the arguments before, but here we will lay out some of the most popular talking points in favor of more gun control and debunk those myths.

1. Myth: The Second Amendment does not guarantee the individual right to bear arms and only applies to a well-regulated militia.

In District of Columbia v. Heller, the Supreme Court affirmed that the Second Amendment does apply to the individual's right to bear arms independent of any involvement in a militia. Many gun control advocates however point towards the phrase that the right does not extend to "dangerous and unusual weapons"; however, it does say that those weapons that are in "common use at the time" are protected. One would have to argue that semiautomatic rifles are not in common use depsite millions of them being in circulation in the United States alone.

2. Myth: More guns equals more gun crime.

A comprehensive Harvard study shows that the burden of proof that "more guns equal more deaths and fewer guns equal less death" has not been observed by evidence across a wide array of nations. This can also be seen in the United States over the past two decades, as more guns have gone into circulation while both the violent crime rate and homicide rate (including those committed with firearms) have declined dramatically.

3. Myth: The UK and Australia gun bans have reduced violent crime.

Both the UK and Australia instituted strict gun control legislation which basically eliminated private gun ownership in 1997. However, neither countries' legislation had an impact on lowering violent crime, and in both cases violent crime actually went up in the years following the enactment of the gun legislation.

Some gun control advocates, like Piers Morgan, would point towards the lower homicide rate of each country, but the fact of that matter is that both countries enjoyed the same lower homicide rates than the United States even before enacting their gun legislation, making those claims disingenuous.

Moreover, despite the UK having its gun ban, the violent crime rate is still far above that of the United States, and the country has also earned the title of violent crime capital of Europe.

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