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The 1st Annual Daily Paul Webshow & Conference Fall 2013

Who's in?!

What if all the major liberty websites held a conference?

Would you go?

Like a real tradeshow and conference with booths, speakers, and liberty entrepreneurs...

I just imagine walking down a carpeted isle with the Mises.org booth to my right and LewRockwell.com to my left.

We could have activist workshops, RROO, prepping, and other political meeting type stuff. We could organize and strategize for 2014 elections.

I see the difficulty we have raising money here at the DP, and I begin to have doubts of whether we could support an event like this, but then there was the Ron Paul Rally in Tampa which was successful, but could have been way more interactive and personal instead of like a lecture.

Perhaps I'm just dreaming.

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I think it's a great dream

Why can't we do this at GOP conventions where the message needs to be heard the most?

I hear alot, even today on my committee a big question was, "How do we reach out to the public?"

But it's not the public I'm concerned about as much as I am concerned about the GOP in general. I think Rand is doing a great job with his MSM exposure, and I will say that I am very pleased with my committee, as many topics I see here, we discuss, and I find that my committee is a liberty majority..

But the GOP in general needs the wake up call most of all.. for if we can reach and educate those who are already elected and participating, the rest will follow.

I really like your dream!

There's Senator Rand Paul's booth right next to Justin Amash's!

There could be Q&A discussions with expert panels. In like a 2 or 3 day event.

So the idea is like a regular trade show, but for the liberty movement. Instead of paying the all experts to speak, they are enticed to pay for a booth and for sponsorships because they can then sell their books and products and subscriptions or whatever to all the attendees...you and me and all the rest of the liberty movement.

Hey look, there's Peter Schiff and The Judge!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


Oh look...

...there's the Tom Woods Liberty Classroom booth! And here come Adam Kokesh with his crew. Gees...Infowars.com has a huge booth! Someone should tell Alex to put the bull horn away! He's preaching to the choir!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!