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Weekend Watching: An hour of Nassim Taleb, interviewed by Nick Gillespie

Excellent interview, dense with Talebisms. I had an exceptional time watching it:


Found at: ZeroHedge

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Taleb led me to Ron Paul - well before his endorsement

I had been following Taleb's work for years and Taleb made me understand that debt, militarism and bailouts make an interconnected world more fragile and the establishment candidates on both sides continue to pump risks into a system that could collapse very fast and very violently. We don't need smarter leaders with better ethics. We just need to make sure they are hamstrung by a simple set of rules (Constitution - wars declared, sound money, liberty) so they can't hurt us no matter how stupid and unethical they may be. At first I thought we were screwed because where would we ever find a leader that would acquire power, and then give it up? Then I discovered Ron Paul, proven and tested with a 30 year track record of living up to his rhetoric.

Then RP was pushed out of the process and I am pretty sure we are screwed again IMHO - no offense to guys like Rand or Amash, but the system looks to be too rotten to fix from within.

Taleb @ Google. Much

Taleb @ Google. Much better.


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Thanks for posting, GregP. Yes, this Google lecture with QA

is easier to follow than the OP interview. Both are intriguing.

(some boiled-down commonsensical takeaway points)
* Some degree of fragility/ stress is necessary for healthy organization & enjoyable life.
* Rational modernity/ efforts for total stability through excessive intervention will blow up like over-stabilized engine. We need randomness to achieve practical & ideal level of stability.
* Smaller governments work better than larger ones, which are more massively vulnerable to Black Swan events.

and more.

Nick, next time please STFU and let the man talk uninterrupted

Nick trying to interject to try and demonstrate he understands or is on the same level as Nassim. Learn when to shut up and listen dude! Every second Mr. Taleb is willing to share his thoughts is like pure gold and you Nick are diluting by adding impure mercury to the mix.


Nick needs to put on his listening ears


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Could not agree More

Got to let the man talk. The interruption s ruined the interview for me.

Turning the other cheek means standing up to your oppressors when they strike you down.
We need to wake up!


and thought provoking interview.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

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Great weekend viewing, encompassing economic, technological,

philosophical & historical contemplation by Nassim Taleb, a "left-wing conservative" with a libertarian flare.

He refers to Hammurabi (18 cent BC) for the system of accountability, Pax Ottomana (16th - 17th cent) for the virtue of peace as a by-product of bureaucratic grid-locks, F. Nietzsche (19th cent) for the importance of skepticism & negative information and other esoteric delightful tidbits to whet our appetite to read his newest book, "Antifragile".

Ha! "Dense with Talebisms..".

That's why I like listening to him. It requires me to suspend reality just to keep up with his sometimes, peculiar (imo) perspective.

Thanks for posting.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina


Preferring systems that LIKE and NEED volatility and stress to grow and strengthen. Like muscles.


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City States with small rulers. . . may just be the best natural

organically derived form of post-imperial government. (Nullification!) . . . he speaks like a libertarian :-)