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White House Petition: Repeal the USA Patriot Act in its entirety

While I highly doubt a petition from "We the People" will some how stop this extreme power grab on our privacy. We can still, so to speak, let them know that we our mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore! An official response on how they justify shredding the Constitution would be nice. 25k is the max we need on this one, but would hope to see over a million people opening their windows. :)


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Effort would be better spent on

recall elections and impeachments. Petitions are just a way to beg our servants to change their evil ways, which they never will. Removal from office is the appropriate response.

Petitions, like online polls

Petitions, like online polls and anything Reddit, are an utter waste of time.

The laws must be attacked head on to be changed or stricken. It would take nothing less than 2 or 3 million people marching on Washington to change things...or more money than any of us has ever seen to be stuffed into the baby bird mouths of your representatives.

Waste of time to get it repealed?

I would agree. Waste of time to possibly put a light on something that is so rarely talked about that the majority of people would think something named the Patriot Act must be good for us? But then it hits head lines and some people actually look into it a little deeper and find how ironic that something called the Patriot Act would allow our government to perform roving wiretaps and warrantless spying on US citizens. No, I don't think that's a waste of time. The more people critically thinking about our government the better.

You are fighting an age old

You are fighting an age old problem here. Anything outside an individuals realm of experience is just "noise" to them. It's like trying to explain colors to a blind person. Until a person has firsthand experience that informs them whether a law is good, bad or of no consequence, they will do absolutely nothing. I 100% guarantee this.

This is the first petition to repeal the Patriot Act.

If enough people were to sign this an attract attention to this, we might make some ripples.

if it's from the administration,

it's a joke. seriously.

I've posted about this before - these so-called 'petitions' are nothing more than data-mining and social manipulation.

Don't be taken in and don't waste your time.


your right, it is a joke and a social manipulation, and there will be NO white house action beyond a form letter. But, these petitions do garner some attention. I see nothing wrong with using it as a social tool to wake up the masses to serious issues.

It’s true that it won’t wake all, or even a lot, but I see it as an erosion of their propaganda, and as such, is worth a little effort.

I also love the irony of using one of their tools against them. :)

Just open the box and see