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Rand the Lighting Rod for Debate (Bring It!)

I have been pondering Rand Paul a lot lately. I have mixed thoughts and feelings in general regarding him in relation to his political profession. I had written him off several months ago (you know when)… but I have returned and quite enthusiastically so even though I still have some annoying apprehensions.

I will use the term Liberty Movement to describe us (whatever us is)…

I have settled into the notion that he is an ally to the Liberty Movement (LM), and Liberty in general, and thus to humanity as a whole. He is obviously close to his dad which is very-very likely (101% certain) a wicked good thing (yes, I am from Maine and that is how we say -exceptionally good).

I have always found that I trusted and respected people more when they were true to themselves, and wandered in lonely places socially, politically, philosophically or wherever while continuing to move to the beat of their own drum rather than changing beats for more companionship. For me, Rand is fitting this profile at present (whether a Trojan horse, or just a horse, matters not…).
Anyway, looking at the past, present and future of the Liberty Movement (LM) and Rand, I believe we can and will, especially with Rand's participation and assistance, really start utilize the LM's prowess during the next 4 years and beyond in regard to the advancement of the national (and international) debate to the consideration of 'our' Libertarian ways of being (a bloody mouthful I realize).

This debate is going to get very good (is getting), and I am already seeing signs of more people opening up to unfamiliar ways of thinking about politics etc… The critical mass needed for a complete shift toward more Libertarian ways of thinking is still a long ways away; however, the paradigm/s is/are being examined more frequently by more people; they are being examined more critically and challenged more readily than I have seen in the past. Rand is going to amplify this debate by getting it out there further; Rand is using his high-profile position in very interesting ways -as are many others in our broad LM thing.

The LM pays attention and does not let things slide. The LM engages in very critical and interesting debate on so many important issues. Take for example Congressman Rand Paul's endorsement of Mitt; this move caused a national (and even international) dust-up; I for one like a good dust-up every once in awhile ; )… Personally speaking on the Mitt endorsement, “I was way past pissed-off, and into offended by this act.” ***Whatever… Moving on.

Now think about all the cool things Rand has said and done and the many cool things that he champions and his recent grilling of the Sectary of State over B-gazi-Gate. Read the various threads that abound on the DP and other sites and blogs regarding Rand etc; they are fascinating and inspiring. I have a similar affection growing for Rand that I have for other independent thinkers in Congress who speak truth to power and whose actions follow their words. Take Dennis Kucinich’s recent comments on Fox News about gun rights, mental-health, US-violence and the Constitution as an example of the kind of independent thinking that I am referring to.

Imagine future debates and perhaps being able to watch Rand Paul debate not only some windbags from the Dem or Regug parties, but having folks like Jessie Ventura, Judge Napolitano, Ben Swann, Dennis Kucinich, Naomi Wolf or whoever on the stage too all debating their asses off… How cool! That is something I hope for, and that I look forward to observing.

The current debates are excellent, and Rand is a lightning rod for heated debate both inside and outside the LM (dare I say he is becoming more mainstream?). If the LM remains as engaged as it has been (guaranteed), we look good to progress well over the next four years and beyond because our ideas are getting aired, and we have the requisite hearts & minds on the debate scene waiting to interact… Bring it!

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Right on!

I'm right there with you. I think Rand Paul is going to really help make this thing happen.

Great post

I agree and appreciate your optimism!

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."