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Rand Paul...

Is he identical to his father? Of course not. Is he our best chance of putting a liberty minded candidate into the white house? Your damn straight he is. Now I know everyone has differing opinions of the man and that's understandable, but to go out of your way to demonize and shun the man is most definitely not the answer either. Now theres some people who look at Ron's support for Rand as something any father would do for their son, but that's also like saying that if Rands views were identical to say Bush or Barack that Ron wouldn't be a traitor for supporting him simply because it's his son. Now I ask you this... Do you think Ron would jeopardize the entire liberty movement by endorsing and helping his son if he were in fact a neocon just like the rest of the establishment republicans? I for one would like to give Dr. Paul much more credit than that, I mean he's the godfather of liberty for christ sakes. I said this in a comment to another post but I think we should trust in Ron that his son Rand is on our side rather than throw away the only chance we have at the moment of taking over the GOP or all of America for that matter.

Both Ron and his son realize that in order to take libertarianism to the mainstream we must change things from within. He's one of the only people we have that can actually make it. Just because he supports Israel does not mean he's their puppet. Rand is the trojan horse we've needed to take our movement to the next level. We can't all agree with one another on everything, hell even Gary Johnson for example has many views that differ from Ron Paul. I'd still rather have someone like Rand in office who supports Israel but is still fighting things like the NDAA, TSA, Patriot Act and supporting other constitutional principles such as the 2nd amendment over all our other options. If you take a hard look at what Rand is doing the only reason he went to Israel was to gain support from groups that are necessary to win the presidency. He may be saying that he wants to gradually end foreign aid but at least he actually wants to end it unlike all our other options. Even Ron Paul had to tone down his ideas of ending the FED by compromising and saying he only wanted to audit the FED. I know we're all unwavering in our beliefs and that's good thing but at the same time I think we all need to look at the bigger picture here... thats just my opinion.

In Liberty,

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Wait for me!!!

I'm a minarchist and I'm packing my bags to join you. If the turd fumes get any thicker Ron will be joining us. :D

I'd rather hang out with Tom Woods and Rockwell than Benton and Jack the Hack anyday...

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Only Time Will Tell

Not sure we have 4 more years. Not with Obombya in charge.


Well said..

Not sure if Rands the right guy for our movement but as you said I'd like to believe Ron Paul has our best interests in mind and wouldn't sell us out by tricking us into supporting his son just for family prestige.

What the F-u-c-k is Wrong...

...with some of you people. Like a bunch of mindless kids.

Who the hell is this 'us' you are lumping everyone into?

Who gives a crap if Rand is Dr. Paul's son or not. That doesn't make him divine or infallible and it sure as hell doesn't mean he is solid in liberty issues or in the Constitution.

Are you people incapable of judging and assessing someone on their own merits and actions, rather than on who they are related to and/or what that relation's comments or non-comments about the progeny are.

I'm sorry...

You don't feel we Rand supporters should be included in YOUR liberty movement.


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T---Deleted Post!

One of those post that would have been just to devisive and wouldn't have sunk into the mindless individuals that rant and hurt the Liberty movement without looking past their own narrow minds.


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has Ron even informally endorsed his ankle-biter son?

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Here you go

LAKE JACKSON, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In response to reports that his son, Dr. Rand Paul, is being encouraged to run for Senate, Congressman Ron Paul issued the following statement.

“Should Senator Bunning decide to retire, I think it is important to have a conservative Republican and taxpayer advocate in the race.”

“I've always encouraged my children to participate in the public debate. Should Senator Bunning decide not to run, I think Rand would make a great US Senator.

“I, like Rand, have been impressed with Senator Bunning's opposition to the Bank Bailout. I think the Republican Party should be supportive of Senator Bunning and not try to push him out of office.

“Should Senator Bunning decide to retire, I think it is important to have a conservative Republican and taxpayer advocate in the race.”


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