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Homer Goes to Prep School

Homer and Marge take the kids to a kids' fun center, which Homer does not find enjoyment in as he has to watch the kids. Some kids end-up in a secret room where they are dressed in black suits and white shirts and told, “Welcome to the Mormon Church, America’s most respectable cult.” However, upon seeing that the other dads have abandoned their duties to watch their own children, he does so as well. When a child leaves the building, it triggers an automatic alarm that shuts down the entire facility. Marge and the mothers pass the time by telling each other stories of childbirth, but the fathers instantly turn on each other and fight in uncivilized, animal-like ways. Homer is traumatized by the situation, and on a routine trip to Moe's Tavern, where he admits his doubt of civilization's ability to survive a worldwide catastrophe, he meets a man named Lloyd, who reveals himself to be a survivalist prepper. Lloyd introduces him to the world of survivalists, and Homer quickly adopts their ideals and methods, storing necessary equipment in the family basement.


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Very cool episode

Thanks. And bump.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut