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Tom Harkin retires in Iowa


Tom Harkin is retiring in Iowa. Game on for Liberty.

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As an Iowan,

I have to say, "Good riddance!" About time too. Have any good liberty candidates announced interest in running for his spot?

I haven't heard.

I like Rod Blum. He lost in an extremely close primary race with 1st district republican congressional candidate, Ben Lange. Rod Blum was endorsed by Liberty Iowa. I also like Kim Pearson for any spot. She's a firecracker and she loves the Constitution. I've also heard the name Brad Zaun brought up. Other names brought up today were same old establishment types.

This way overdue. Almost

This way overdue. Almost anyone would be better than Tom Harkin.


"I think it’s time we began that process of stopping the sale, manufacture, and importation of guns in this country, but we need a nationwide buy back provision to start buying back these guns…let’s take all the handguns we have in America put them on a couple of old rusted ships and take them out into the ocean and sink them.” - Senator Tom Harkin