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CAFR Basics by Walter Burien - CAFR1.com

I gave replies to several threads on the RP Daily and figured it would be good to do so under its own Subject thread on this date, 01/26/13. So please share the following with all of your contacts Nationally:

Many are not happy after learning the "name of the game".

It is all about wealth transfer. Your wealth into the government's coffers.

The key points to look at to determine if your local government is racketeering for profit are:

1. What has been the growth of the "annual take" over 5, 10, 15, 25-years. The easiest reference point there is looking at the total budget each year for a city, county, school district, or state and then the population growth within the state, and then the income / gross sales increase of the private sector. I will give one example that is not the exception, but the rule:

ARIZONA on the State level:

When looking at the state CAFR data from 1983 in the Statistical Section of the 1992 CAFR (goes back ten-years), the budget was about 2.3-billion dollars - page 159 (Expenditures) http://cafr1.com/STATES/ARIZONA%20DIRECTORY/ARIZONA%20STATE%...

Jump ahead to 2008 (25-years later)as seen in the 2009 CAFR http://www.gao.az.gov/financials/CAFR/FY09CAFR-051110.pdf the budget - page 240 (total primary government expenses) was now 29.6 billion dollars. So here we have over a 1000% increase in "the take".

Now let's look at the population and income increase over the same time period:

1983 population from the latest (1980) census data = 2,718,215
1983 income average = $11,030 - page 163

**Noted on the top of page 164, 4 out of 5 of the top employers were government

As of 2008 as seen in the 2009 CAFR:

2008 population = 6,500,180 - page 266
2008 income average = $34,335 - page 266

**Noted on the bottom of page 266, 3 out of 5 of the top employers were government and 6 out of the top 10 were government

So the population a little over doubled and the personal income a little over tippled. I note that a very large percentage of the work force were government employees.

So here we have the example of "State" government increasing their "take" by 1000% with the population's increase of income being about 300% and the population head count increasing a little over 200%.

This is a factor of about "3 to 1" in 25-years per the "take" accomplished by government on the state level over the income increase on average the people accomplished.

Now keep in mind with the 1000% increase of the state's "take", a substantially higher percentage of the individual's income is deducted / reduced from the average showing of $34,335 so if that is factored in, the population's income increase was not 300% but more like 200%, or growth in the State government's take of 4 to 1. Keep in mind also we are not accounting for the increase in the "take" over the same time period on the City; County; School District; and Federal levels that would diminish / reduce that $34,335 further which if factored in would bring that ratio probably to "5, 6, or 7 to 1"

Now you know why Gorbachev went democratic for the Soviet block countries over two decades ago. Our government in the USA had the better blueprint for the complete takeover and control of the people, wealth of a country, and control of a nation than the antiquated communist principle of operation ever did.

As the people of this country were masterfully entertained into distraction, illusion, and selective presentation "due to the money involved", the wealth of a nation was taken from them one bit at a time, each and every year compounded. Only one side of the coin was presented of "justifying the increase of the take" while the other side of the coin was diligently with intent never mentioned by all involved, "income Growth from within and the systematic takeover of the nations wealth / productivity value".

The "valve" on that process "of the take" out of continued greed and oppertunity was turned up to full steam in 2001 with 911 and then again in 2008 with the housing market bubble burst. Both incidents were masterfully orchestrated allowing for "massive" wealth transfer to take place into the coffers of government ownership...

As I have brought forward now on the http://CAFR1.com site over the last ten-years, collective government, one little bit at a time over the decades has taken over the wealth of the nation.

Collective government over the decades now "Owns it all" by investment and perpetuated increases in their gross income. The entire wealth of the private sector has diminished in comparison to collective government to be insignificant in comparison.

REMEDY? I have brought that forward for over five-years now: The drain of taxation needs to be removed and the population needs to become the "First Line Beneficiary" of the wealth amassed by collective government.

TRF - Tax Retirement Fund management designed to cancel out all taxation through the consolidation of the collective government investment wealth held combined with contributions made from government enterprise operations. In this fashion government operating expenses are met and the population has the ever oppressing burden of taxation taken off their shoulders. Additionally it motivates government to downsize becoming more efficient and creates a prospering economy for the next thousand years with all now on the "same page". (The City of Mesa,AZ has been doing this in part now for 40-years)

* No taxation and the population maintains their productivity value and wealth;

** Unlimited capital reinvestment growing in the TRF accounts for investment with the industrial and financial industry groups;

*** Government administrations having a steady and good income from the TRF management principle of operation to meet general purpose operating budgets.

A Win - win, for all involved and a very prosperous economy for the next 1000-years to boot!

A conservative estimate of the collective investment wealth amassed held both domestic and international by US local and federal government (about 184,000 separate operations large and small) is 110 trillion dollars in value +.

In 2007 the investment return accomplished by collective government on those domestic and "International" investments was about 5.4 trillion dollars (China investments "in China" giving some of the best returns) with never a mention or even a cognitive though generated in the population's mind by any government representative; political party; media talking head; or controlled education per this issue due to the money and control involved.

The symbiotic relationship between the aforementioned over the last several decades is firmly in place and stringently managed for not a mention that would generate a cognitive thought of the "basics" involved here, and again done so by them "due to the massive money and control involved" The public was masterfully played very well here by the heads of the aforementioned as "useful idiots" as the takeover of the wealth was facilitated.

TREASON: "Treason doth never prosper; what's the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason." Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612

As of this week I have moved forward getting sponsorship with the intent of taking an extended trip to Washington, DC. Starting as the first step, I will make a 1-hour presentation before the US Senate during open session per implementing the TRF management principle to phase out and then eliminate all taxation.

I wonder if Ron Paul while I am in DC can get me 1-hour before the House during open session to make the same presentation? If yes great, if no, why not? While there I will try to brief as many individuals; committees; and interested parties as possible.

Anyone who is interested in sponsoring this trip to DC for Walter Burien - CAFR1, as of 01/25/13, I have put up a sponsorship link towards the top of the http://CAFR1.com front page. I am looking to raise $40,000 by 02/15/13 and then I will move on the trip. The funds are 20K for the trip and 20K for carry through upon return.

I am ready to make the path towards ending all taxation become a reality, are you?

Please visit the http://CAFR1.com website when you get a chance and if you decide to become a sponsor for the CAFR1 DC trip, I thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.

It is time, and long overdue to return ownership of this country back into the hands of, too the direct benefit of "We The People" of the United States of America. And I note: So help me God.

Truly yours,

Walter J. Burien, Jr. - CAFR1
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854
email: WalterBurien@CAFR1.com

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Thanks, Walter.

Your diligence on this is most admirable!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

At time 19:04


Alex Jones asks: "Why not give us the money in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report slush funds?"


This would be a fun thread for Rience to read.

Maybe he'd chip in... He really cares about our issues, you know...

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.



When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

Thanks Walter!

I have done CAFR reviews on some of my local government rip-off agencies and sure enough: they are hoarding billions. Their net worth's keep climbing and there 'budget deficits' do too.

Good Luck Walter.

dducks: Here is a reply I put out yesterday - 01/27/13


Re: What is the CAFR Scam? Criminal charges have been filed against the Washington State Corporate Government

Good morning Debra:

I know many people say government should not be invested in the market and derivatives. Those that do, it is because they just got a clue that government has massive decades old investments ever-growing.

Very profitable investments if any bothered to look at the compounded 10-year average rate of return.

Government institutional investments have blown away the private sector rates of return on investments now for several decades. The allocation of those funds "controls" the economy of the world now. Additionally, I note disconcertingly, they have also been used to manipulate world markets with the intent of liquidating all others of their wealth.

Those investments cover the whole spectrum from owning apartment buildings in Thailand to the local shopping mall that all shop in or the town home complex they live in with those same individuals thinking "privately owned". But if they checked funding / investment ownership, they are in many cases owned by their local County; City; State; Government pension; or School district by investment participation. The scope of investments is massive and very diversified globally.

The reality of this situation is: Government little bit by little bit over the decades funneled tax revenue out of, or designated within liability accounts they created, and "took it all over by investment" without making the population the first line benifitiary of the return generated therefrom. The return was reinvested and rolled over by the inside players for their benefit.

The "easy mark" taxpayer was bled dry in this respect with that productivity value being consolidated little bit by little bit by and for the benefit of the inside players. At a %5 rollover each year compounded, my favorite expression is: "There are only so many nickels in a dollar."

The average person, who most did not have a clue in the first place this was taking place, their original reaction is: "Sell it all off and give it to us". (Sounds like same intent of a "get his hands in the pockets" politician to me)

In basics that is about as ignorant as it gets. Liquidation would make the 1929 event look like a birthday party, the economy would crash to unprecedented proportions, the dollar's buying power would go to worthless, and hyper inflation would set in causing 3,000% to 4,000% increases in all staple consumables. Liquidation would implode the entire economy. Now if it were 70-years ago, the effect and the size of liquidation would be minimal being that government had not yet taken it all over by investment. But as of today they have.

Now get this point real clearly: No yelling of: Fraud! Abuse! Should Never have happened! They all should be in Jail! (which is the case in reality but will never happen)

When someone finds a massive gold vein on their property, they do not yell: Fraud! Abuse! Should Never have happened! If they are intelligent they mine the gold and take whatever steps needed to make sure someone does not rob the gold from they before they mine and sell it. When there is massive wealth and ownership of that wealth involved, it's "fight on."

In the case of the massive government investments, the structure can be put into place to identify; consolidate; and set the terms where as the "first-line" principle the investment return is utilized / designated to phase out and then eliminate taxation. That is the true and long lasting mining of the gold vein established for the "direct benefit" of the population "and" in maintaining an expanding a prosperous economy for all time to come. Get it?

Now to get that done in the current environment of a well maintained ignorance; thousands of government attorneys / politicians; cohorts from the syndicated media and education going out of their way in maintaining "the easy mark scenario" of taxation to continue business as usual is a monumental task. It is a situation of an ant looking up at the elephant saying: "Stop walking in my direction, this is my home and if you continue in this direction you will destroy it!'

Now in most likelihood the elephant will never even notice the ant and have trampled the ant and its home never knowing the ant even existed in the first place. Well, in nature when a threat comes, the ants swarm. Red ants are extremely good at this being that their bite has the effect of feeling like a bee-sting. Animals, even elephants when inadvertently stepping on their home upon being swarmed will stay clear of that location. There is no scattered mentality in the ant colony. When a threat presents itself, they swarm as a well trained army against any intruder large or small with only one focused intent: "Defend the home!" What government does due to the wealth involved expends massive effort to misdirect the focus of the swarm. They are very good at doing that. They have it down to a refined art.

Government uses distraction; misdirection; omission, and confusion as very effective tools to continue "business as usual"

Back to the ant and the elephant scenario, the swarm focus needs to be on the core and most effective long lasting remedy: Consolidating the investment wealth held under specific terms with specific objectives to establish the population as the first-line-beneficiary through the phasing out and then elimination of all taxation. Get it?

The swarm needs to be focused and too the point! Otherwise it is just perpetuating the game of distraction; misdirection; omission, and confusion as it stands now to the first line benefit of the government inside players unrestrained...

The easiest first-line point that creates the trigger for public cognitive comprehension is: "Government pension funds were established to generate massive returns that pay the salaries and health benefits for tens of millions of government employees. The exact same structure of funding accounts can be consolidated and established designated to offset and cancel taxation venue by venue under specific terms to do so."

Now the government player would crap if the swarm was "exclusively" focused on this one very basic and fundamental point.

You see, they have already proved it will work from the decades of management of their own collectively multitrillion dollar funds managed globally and the returns they generate annually. The City of Mesa, AZ in part (45% to 65% of their budget depending on what year you look at) has been doing this now for over 40-years. The TRF funds take it the extra 9-yards established in targeting 100% satisfaction of government budgets, taxation not needed. The ever-growing economy and the population's wealth would positively explode under this method of operating government.

I am ready to walk down the clear and focused path of ending taxation, and in as such creating a prosperous economy for one-and-all, are you? If yes, then focus the swarm on the 1st line point that does so as expressed above.

Two days ago towards the top of the CAFR1.com homepage I put up a funding sponsorship request: "Mr. Smith (CAFR1) wants to go to Washington". I have the goal target of raising $40,000 in sponsorship by 02/14/13 to make the trip. Allocation will be 20K for the trip and 20K for carry-through upon return. One wealthy individual could provide the sponsorship goal or it can come from many. The bottom line is: I am focused; clear too the point; and can create a swarm of cognitive thinking from the inside players in DC to make this move forward to happen. http://CAFR1.com/MrSmith.html

If you ever watched the movie Bravheart, do you remember when the the Scottish amassed for the first battle against the British? Well, they were conditioned to tuck their tails between their legs and go home with a few scraps thrown to them by the British. Braveheart then said to them: "Yes, you can take the scraps thrown to you from Long Shanks table, go home and sleep safely in your beds, and die in old age. But would you pass up the one opportunity to fight and win, saying to the British, you may take my life but you will never take my freedom!" The fight was on, and they won a decisive battle.

I never forgot the point right before that first battle began, the British Lord road up and met the Scottish Nobles in the middle of the battlefield to present the "term" offered. The Scottish Nobles were all ready to capitulate and then William Walace intervened with his comments. That did not work out to well for the British.. Fight on!

Mr. Smith (CAFR1) wants to go to Washington. The center of the battlefield.. and lay out the terms for a prospering economy and the People's wealth preservation to the Senate and House for the People to become the first-line-beneficiary. Do you want to pass up being a sponsor, or in finding others that can sponsor giving CAFR1 the ability to make that happen? Well funded it happens, if not, not.

All that know me know I have no-fear, have the experience, and can present all points necessary subsequently and clearly to motivate and get the objective moving when and "if" getting the opportunity to directly address the DC gang.

My health has been failing over the last several years and I want to make sure the goal as stated above is accomplished while I am still here to make it happen, and see it happen.

Sent FYI and for your action,

Walter Burien - CAFR1.com
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854

PS: The filed court actions in WA state in your post below are good for 'stirring the pot" for disclosure but the "remedy" is not even mentioned. Additionally, the basics of "claimed liability" consequences is also absent. And I will note again, the CAFR is not a "Second set of books" it is "The book"

To Sponsor WJB to DC, the Sponsor Icon is at the following: http://CAFR1.com/MrSmith.html



From: "Calfotogal"
Subject: What is the CAFR Scam? Criminal charges have been filed against the Washington State Corporate Government
Date: Sun, January 27, 2013 12:49 pm
To: WalterBurien@CAFR1.com

Please review this important information and forward it to your lists. It’s past time to get informed of the governments “second set of books” or CAFR’s so you can separate the propaganda from the truth. The public should stop being suckered and start demanding answers of their “elected officials”. Debra

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them."

~ Patrick Henry ~

The CAFR Scam -- What is the CAFR Scam?

CAFR: Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

- the actual amount of monies taken in by the government through taxation, withholding and other payment methods.

Here is an interview with Rebecca Campbell on CAFRs: (Starts about halfway through on part 1).

Part 1: http://archives2012.gcnlive.com/Archives2012/nov12/PowerHour...

Part 2: http://archives2012.gcnlive.com/Archives2012/nov12/PowerHour...

Governments at all levels in most nations – like many criminal enterprises – keep two sets of books.

About one-third of our tax monies are recorded and identified as a government’s “budgets”. The other two-thirds are buried in their comprehensive annual financial reports (CAFRS) as various “investment funds,” “dedicated funds” and “pension funds.”

This fraudulent contemporary accounting procedure is what is known as the “CAFR scam”.

How much money is hidden in the CAFR?

These government comprehensive annual financial reports (CAFRs) show many billions of our local public monies have become legally unavailable to us (in Washington State it is $83 billion).

On an national level these funds reach into the trillions.

We are at a time of bank-engineered global economic depression when these governments at all levels are claiming that they have severe deficits. In Washington State, the public budget deficit is claimed to be near $2.5 billion (Washington State’s investments in the commercial banking cartel alone represent nearly $5 billion of public funds).

Where is this hidden money invested?

Rather than being invested in the resident people whose money provides the basis of these investments, most government investments hidden in the CAFR are made in foreign entities such as:

Foreign governments
Quasi Public Banks / International Agencies (similar to State Banks formed in other nations)
Predator Corporations

Many of these government investments are in toxic investment instruments such as derivatives and collateralized debt options (CDOs) set on unstable “trading platforms” that are set to collapse in the near future. These toxic investment instruments are based on the purchase of packaged debts, and constitute legalized gambling on the stock markets with billion/trillions of our money using the most irresponsible methods imaginable.

There are Immediately Viable Economic Reforms

Bringing Criminal and Civil Charges Against Public Officials

The CAFR Scam constitutes deliberate denial of remedy, showing a pattern of criminal intent.

If, therefore, these governments ignore the presence of these hidden funds and persist in enacting genocidal budget cuts to basic human services without applying viable available remedies, they are violating national and international laws.

Case Study of the CAFR Scam:

The Washington State Investment Board

The Washington State Investment Board (WSIB) is the agency responsible for investing all of the pension/dedicated funds controlled by the Washington State government, specifically the legislature. It openly defines and conducts itself like a private corporation, not a public agency.

This body was behind Issue 4215, the successful if disingenuous 2006 initiative to amend the state constitution to allow state monies in dedicated funds supplied by corporate natural resource extraction to be invested in corporate Wall Street investments, instead of being held in trust for higher education. Eighteen months later, the bottom fell out on Wall Street, devastating these funds while triggering increasingly draconian budget cuts and unaffordable tuition at state/community academic institutions.

Complete post:

Case Study of the CAFR Scam: The Washington State Investment Board Posted by "nowisthetimeus" on November 10, 2011

More details:

What is the CAFR Scam?
How much money is hidden in the CAFR?
Where is this hidden money invested?
We, the people, must demand functional reforms
Bringing Criminal and Civil Charges Against Public Officials
Case Study of the CAFR Scam: The Washington State Investment Board
Quick analysis of the Washington State Investment Board 2010 Investments



Posted by nowisthetimeus on September 19, 2012

Seattle, Washington State, America
September 20, 2012

Criminal/civil charges have been filed with referenced evidentiary weblinks against officials of the Washington State corporate government, as well as media corporations operating in Washington State, for perpetrating/enabling systemic financial/constitutional fraud and treason.

The allegations in these legal actions specifically expose what has been called the CAFR scam, with its implications of fraudulent unnecessary budget cuts to government services at all levels of government all across America as a result of theft by the private Federal Reserve System. These are accompanied by related allegations that the Washington State Constitution of 1889, as well as the present US corporate government, are fraudulent, and that failure to disclose this constitutes treason on the part of state corporate government/media officials.

These criminal/civil charges have been filed with the Federal Grand Jury of the Ninth District Court, the FBI, the Offices of the King County Sheriff, and that of the Seattle Chief of Police and Seattle City Prosecutor here in Seattle . They have also been filed in the state capital of Olympia/Thurston County with the Offices of the Thurston County Sheriff, the Thurston County Prosecutor, the Olympia Chief of Police and the Olympia City Prosecutor.

Copies of these charges’ Proofs of Filing can be seen below. All civil/criminal charges filed at the local level were hand-delivered, with receipts signed at the front desk for documentation of filing. Those filed at the federal level even if local, as well as those filed at a distance in the Washington State capital of Olympia were filed via certified mail.

Those charges filed with the Federal Grand Jury were filed without return receipt to better ensure that they would reach the Foreperson without the interposition of possibly compromised court clerks or US attorneys; accordingly, a copy of the screen shot from the delivery tracking portion of the US Postal Service website has been scanned to show such proper filing, with delivery on September 10, 2012.

It should be mentioned that two attempts to file these charges with the King County Prosecutor’s Office were unsuccessful. In both instances, clerks connected with this office rejected the packet of charges. They stated that sovereign citizens did not have the right to file criminal charges, and that all civil charges against the state need to be filed as a civil lawsuit at the sovereign citizen’s expense — now $400 — with the district court to be decided by state corporate government-appointed judges. This clearly no-win proposition for the plaintiff was immediately rejected by this plaintiff.

All of the filings of these charges been done in such a way to ensure as well as is possible that appropriate action might be taken on the part of law enforcement/judicial agencies located in Washington State, and that if it is not, that such derogation of duty will become immediately and publicly apparent, as seen in the paragraph above concerning Proof of Public Disservice by the King County Prosecutor’s Office.

Since the term “United States of America” is now often considered to denote the bank cartel-controlled federal government corporation, many geopolitically savvy sovereign citizens prefer being called “Americans” and their country “America”, even though we share the North American continent with other nations. This dichotomy illustrates the gravity of the issues being discovered in this document, and is the reason that the terms ” America ” and “Americans” are herein being used instead of ” USA ” and ” US citizens” to denote our nation and its legitimate inhabitants.

Media corporations operating in Washington State are, possibly for the first time in recorded history, included in such a legal action. It finally needs to be publicly acknowledged and acted upon that corporate media distortions and omissions in reporting the news as agreed upon in their corporate charters have long enabled such ongoing criminal activity on the part of corrupt corporate government officials in this state and in others throughout the world. This was also done to remind both media corporations and the public that, besides prosecution of their executives, corporate charters can be legally rescinded as a form of capital punishment for capitalist corporate entities whenever their corporate charters are repeatedly and reprehensibly violated, as many have been in recent memory.

It is hoped that these public legal actions will help create a template by which empowered sovereign citizens everywhere can draft their own like public legal actions based on their own situations, research and laws, and they, like sovereign citizens in Washington State, can themselves publicly file these charges with their own law enforcement agencies to help expose and systemically extirpate this ancient ongoing theft of planetary resources.

Other sovereign citizens of Washington State are cordially invited to print out these charges and file them with their own local law enforcement officials, as well as forward them to their elected representatives, to Washington State media and to their fellow citizens, so that general knowledge of such systemic evil and what can successfully eliminate it can rapidly be increased.

For it is only by such peaceful but effective means that the satanic international bank-based corporate crime syndicate that presently controls most of the governments of this planet will ultimately and forever be defeated.


WCSS 9-5-12.doc


Against the following Washington State corporate government officials:

Governor Christine Gregoire, Treasurer James McIntire, Attorney General Robert McKenna, Washington State Investment Board Legislature Liaison Rep. Sharon Tomiko-Santos, Budget Director Martin Brown, President of the Senate Lisa Brown, Co-Chairmen of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, Senators Edward Murray and Joseph Zarelli, Speaker of the House Frank Chopp and Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee Ross Hunter, as well as top management of mainstream/alleged alternative media corporations operating in Washington State, the following criminal/civil charges are alleged:

1. Systemic Ongoing Financial Fraud Against the People of Washington State

1.01 That the abovementioned Washington State corporate government officials and their predecessors in office, as well as mainstream/alleged alternative media corporations operating in Washington State have knowingly and repeatedly concealed the existence of approximately two-thirds of state monies shown in the Washington State Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, (CAFR) while misrepresenting the remaining one-third of these monies as the entire “state budget” since at least the mid-1940s;

Websites/links on CAFRs/CAFR Scam


http://www.cafrman.com http://www.cafr1.com




1.02 That Washington State corporate government officials have invested the two-thirds of state monies concealed in the CAFR in institutional corporate Wall Street investments, rather than in investments that would directly benefit the people of Washington State, such as investments in small businesses with the much greater amount of employment, personal prosperity and government tax revenues they would provide, in infrastructure maintenance that would provide widespread employment as well as for the general welfare, or in a public state bank, which, as in the State of North Dakota since 1919, would eliminate state economic downturns altogether;

Websites on Pubic Banking

http://www.wapublicbankproject.org http://www.publicbanking.org http://www.webofdebt.com

1.03. That, next to institutional investments in the US government corporation’s increasingly devalued financial instruments — the collateral damage from the recently revealed LIBOR scandal (LIBOR=London Interbank Offered Rate or “LIBER” (Latin for “Unregulated”) —


the state corporate government’s largest investments are in the corrupt international banking cartel directly responsible for the global depression of 2008, in which the global economy, as well as that of Washington State presently remain;

1.04 That at least eighty-five percent of the state’s investments are in foreign governmental or quasi-governmental entities and transnational corporations; few of them are in any entity located within Washington State , or in any headquartered in America ;

1.05 That of these transnational corporate Wall Street investments, a disproportionate number are in predatory transnational corporations other than the predatory transnational banks, in which the majority of the people of Washington State, if sufficiently informed, would not want their money invested as a matter of ethical and/or environmental principles; this includes institutional investments in BP, Shell, Keystone XL, Dow Chemical, Massey Energy, Cargill and Monsanto;

1.06 That the Washington State government has a grave conflict of interest by aggressively promoting by both executive order and legislation the products of industries in which they have large investments, such as the pharmaceutical cartel and its bioweaponized vaccines, in which it has institutional investments of over one-half billion dollars;

Why the Washington State Government Is a Ruthless Vaccine Pusher


1.07 That the Washington State government has a grave conflict of interest by failing to proportionately tax those Washington State-located transnational corporations in which it is heavily invested and/or whose favor they wish to obtain;

1.08 That the Washington State government has a grave conflict of interest by investing in foreign manufacturing competitors while failing to invest in those which would provide manufacturing employment and infrastructure for the people of Washington State;

1.09 That the Washington State Investment Board (WSIB) — the financial arm of the Washington State Legislature headed by the state treasurer — employs financial advisors of questionable competence and integrity, including accused war criminal former US Secretary of State Madeline Albright and the infamously corrupt investment firm of Goldman Sachs — never consulting with those who offer any alternative economic perspectives and solutions, including those employed within the Washington State government itself;

1.10 That the WSIB plotted in the spring of 2006 to alter the Washington State Constitution so that the fulsome Washington State Education Fund — derived from regular fees paid by the state’s resource extraction industries of mining, fishing and lumbering — could be used in the future for institutional corporate Wall Street investments, rather than as before being kept safely in trust;

1.11 That to achieve this diversion of state funds in trust, the WSIB quietly placed on the state ballot Issue 4215, which proposed an amendment to the Washington State Constitution allowing the state higher education funds to be used in corporate Wall Street investments;

1.12 That the majority of voters in Washington State, deliberately kept ill-informed by state corporate government officials and mainstream/alleged alternative media corporations operating in Washington State, passed this stealth measure by a large margin in November 2006, to be ratified as a constitutional amendment by the state legislature in January 2007;

2006 Washington State Voters Guide Writeup on State Issue 4215


1.13 That, since early 2004, the WSIB has deliberately invested a large portion of its institutional investment portfolio in derivatives and credit default options (CDOs), the most opaque, unstable investment instruments imaginable;

1.14 That, due to the corporate bailouts and banking cartel-engineered depression of 2008, as well as the WSIB’s prodigal, imprudent corporate Wall Street investments, the Washington State Education Fund now has been depleted by half, due to the resulting devaluation of institutionally invested stocks and bonds;

1.15 This has served to radically increase tuition and student loan indebtedness while radically decreasing the availability and quality of higher education to the people of Washington State ;

1.16 That all of this occurred less than two years after Issue 4215 was stealthily and deceptively introduced by the WSIB, passed by the majority of voters, and its related constitutional amendment approved by their state legislators;

1.17 That the amount of the people’s money deliberately being squandered in volatile institutional corporate Wall Street investments is at least eighty times the amount of the alleged state budget deficit of approximately $1 billion, which this invested money could have easily eliminated if used responsibly;

1.18 That the abovecited Washington State officials continually demand increasingly exorbitant taxation and licensing fees from the already deliberately financially stressed people of this state;

1.19 That they do this is while being entrusted with massive amounts of the people’s money, yet knowingly and willfully withholding and purloining it for the benefit of the private international banking cartel and those who secretly control it;

1.20 That the immediate motive for this treasonous fraud perpetrated by the abovecited Washington State corporate government officials and their predecessors in office and mainstream/alleged alternative media corporations operating in Washington State against the people of this state has been their greed for both wealth and power, accepting lucrative bribes, kickbacks, campaign contributions, loans and lucrative advertising contracts, as well as enhanced monies from personal investments from the corrupt international banking cartel and other corrupt transnational corporations;

1.21 That the actual underlying motive of these corporate state government officials’/media corporations’ corporate contributors has been, besides huge profits, the financial destruction and enslavement of the people of this state;

1.22 That therefore the Washington State corporate government budget and its budget deficit are now, and have been since at least the mid-1940s, fraudulent;

1.23 And therefore all budget cuts made on the pretext of this fraudulent state budget deficit that now threaten the general welfare — including the health and well being of the disabled and disenfranchised, the cutting of public library, public transportation and public education services and those budget cuts which threaten to privatize all of the Washington state park system — are therefore criminal.

Websites/links Providing Evidence of the CAFR Scam in the Washington State Corporate Government, Including the Washington State Investment Board’s CAFR With Analysis, and Similar Recent Budgetary Fraud Exposed in the California State Parks System

http://nowisthetime.us http://www.sib.wa.gov

The Spokane Spokesman/Seattle Times Columnist: Washington State Parks Now on Their Own



CAFR Scam Exposed: California State Parks Department Had $54 million While Asking for Park Volunteers and Cutting Park Services


2. Deliberate Denial of Remedy, Indicating Complicity in Criminal Conspiracy

2.01 That the above-cited Washington State corporate government officials and their predecessors in office, as well as mainstream/alleged alternative media corporations operating in Washington State, have failed repeatedly to disclose publicly that the figures contained in the Washington State Annual Comprehensive Financial Report — not those in what they claim as the annual budgetary document — are the most accurate declaration of actual state corporate government funds;

2.02 That the abovecited Washington State corporate government officials and their predecessors in office have failed to provide to the public clear comprehensive summaries of the fraudulent, unnecessary budget cuts made to each and every state cabinet department and its programs to obfuscate their negative impact on the general welfare of this state; and the abovecited mainstream/alleged alternative media corporations operating in Washington State have failed to demand and report on such essential information;

2.03 That the WSIB has deliberately invested the people’s money in volatile corporate Wall Street investments knowing that it would never be returned to them, not only because their inherent risk, but because of ongoing fraudulent and insidious federal corporate confiscation of these funds, upon which the mainstream/alleged alternative media corporations operating in this state, as well as state corporate government officials, have continually refused to report to duly inform the public;

2.04 That all individual and institutional investments, after being registered by a stock broker with the Depository Transaction Clearing Center (DTCC) — an obscure subsidiary of the privately owned Federal Reserve System doing business as (dba) the sardonically named Cede Inc. — become the tacitly ceded property of Cede Inc., with the people thereby rendered mere “beneficiaries” rather than owners, of their own investments;

2.05 That thereafter the people can be denied access to the dividends of these institutional investments at any time by the Federal Reserve corporation and those who secretly control this privately owned alien entity;

Who Really Owns Your Money: The Depository Trust Clearing Corporation



Here Is Where Some of the Washington State Corporate Government’s Institutional Investments of the People’s Money Actually Went After It Was Stolen by the Federal Reserve Through the DTCC:

Final Federal Reserve Audit Results Posted on September 4, 2012:

$16 Trillion Stolen from the American People to Enrich the International Banking Cartel


Exhaustive Study Finds Globalists Hiding $32 Trillion in Secret Off-Shore Bank Accounts


2.06 That the above-cited Washington State corporate government officials and their predecessors in office, as well as the mainstream/alleged alternative media corporations operating in this state have repeatedly failed to enact/accurately report historically proven remedies to the state budget deficit — such as proportionate corporate taxation, state investment in small business, physical/technical infrastructure and a public state bank, while utilizing prudent trusts and investment instruments — although being fully and repeatedly informed of the benefits of these remedies;

2.07 That all of the above constitutes deliberate denial of remedy and complicity in criminal conspiracy.

3. Ongoing Systemic Constitutional Fraud Against the People of Washington State Tantamount to Treason

3.01 That the above cited Washington State corporate government officials and their predecessors in office, as well as the mainstream/alleged alternative media corporations operating in Washington State have failed both to reveal and remediate the fact that the present Washington State Constitution of 1889 — latest amended by state investments-related Issue 4215 in 2006 — is fraudulent, automatically rendering invalid all legislation and executive orders enacted by officers of the current spurious state government corporation, specifically those dealing with its governmental financial system;

3.02 That the original state constitution enacted via due process by the people of Washington State in 1878 is indeed the actual Washington State Constitution, but was treasonously confiscated and held hostage by the banking cartel-controlled United States Corporation of the District of Columbia (DC) through the calculated failure of the US Congress to act upon it for eleven years until it was quietly replaced by the one of 1889 that had been drafted and enacted by spurious means;

3.03 That this banking cartel-controlled federal corporation had quietly been put in place during the upheaval of the cartel-engineered American Civil War/Reconstruction Period, during which the common-law US Constitution and Bill of Rights was stealthily replaced by unconstitutional statutory/commercial law and executive orders under the rubric of President Abraham Lincoln’s declaration of martial law at the beginning of the American Civil War in 1861 that has continued unrescinded to this day;

3.04 That the Washington DC-based United States Corporation then proceeded by various methods to subvert sovereign US states into becoming corporate subsidiaries of the federal US corporation;

3.05 That one of the methods used was for the de facto board of directors of the federal United States Corporation, the US Congress, to refuse to ratify any lawfully enacted state constitution under the ruse of political partisanship unless that new state constitution incorporated the treasonous agenda of the federal government corporation;

3.06 That such an example is the fraudulent Washington State Constitution of 1889, which diverged from the original of 1878, insofar as it omitted any acknowledgement of sovereign state citizenship and of alloidial personal property rights that the banking cartel-controlled US Corporation ultimately intends to eliminate in America and throughout the world;

3.07 That this has resulted in American government at all levels — including that of Washington State — being since the Civil War the public enabler/enforcer of the subversive, sinister agenda of the international banking cartel and those who secretly control it, to the extreme detriment of the people of this state and of this nation;

3.08 That concerning all of the abovecited treason and its potential remedies, the abovecited Washington State corporate government officials and the mainstream/alleged alternative media corporations operating in Washington State have failed in their duty to even minimally inform the public.

The Fraudulent Washington State Constitution and Its Relationship to the International Banking Cartel’s Clandestine Control of the US Government Since At Least 1861

Articles on the History of the Fraudulent Washington State Constitution



The International Banking Cartel’s Takeover of the US Government Using the Civil War



Historic Quotations Concerning US/Global Corporate Government



The above cited Washington State corporate government officials and their surviving predecessors in office, as well as the top management of mainstream/alleged alternative media corporations operating in Washington State need to be summarily investigated, and then potentially arrested and prosecuted for criminal financial/constitutional fraud and treason against the people of this state;

And the people of Washington State need publicly to acknowledge and examine their own complicity in the criminal and treasonous actions/inaction of their above cited state corporate government officials and their predecessors in office, as well as of the mainstream/alleged alternative media corporations operating in Washington State, through their own self-absorbed denial of, and disinterest in, the long-corrupted governmental and public information systems of this state and of this nation.

I hereby declare that all of the above statements are, to the best of my knowledge, true and accurate.

____________________________________ ___________________________

Rebecca Em Campbell-Plaintiff Date

Seattle, Washington State America


Proofs of Filing.pdf



Walter Burien - CAFR1
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. 928-458-5854

Getting it loud and clear.

"Now the government player would crap if the swarm was "exclusively" focused on this one very basic and fundamental point."

Ending the flow of power from earners to the criminals running government whereby that stolen power is then used to steal more power results in the earners earning more power which is then used to earn more.

This is basic math.

If x number of people can live well by productive work while y number of people steal a huge amount of that power and then consume all that stolen power in all the work required to steal more power, then, mathematically, x number of people are obviously capable of producing a whole lot of power, enough for themselves and a whole city of parasites (Union Lawyers, Politicians, Bureaucratic wastes on every level, Union "News" people, etc.), which is a lot of power since the earners are typically less "rich" than the parasites.

Each earner earns enough for a comfortable living and enough for a host of parasites who live even better.

So, logically, that measures up, mathematically, as a whole lot of power.

The parasites stop being paid so well for lying, and then they too start earning, getting real jobs, and that which is very destructive, "business as usual", becomes that which is doubly, or exponentially, more productive.

Anyone, a 10 year old, should be able to see this easily. How much of an earners earnings goes to pay someone who then is hired to lie, cheat, steal, and worse? Look at the Federal Income Tax for starters.

"Now the government player would crap if the swarm was "exclusively" focused on this one very basic and fundamental point."

The hard core bad guys, sure, they will crap a brick just thinking about what can happen if the victims polarize onto a specific workable remedy, but how many of the government parasites would welcome an honest earned income once their fraudulent gravy train derails? It is being derailed anyway.

And I will note again, the CAFR is not a "Second set of books" it is "The book"

English is not as good as math, in my opinion, for reaching the goal of accurate communication. The often made claim by criminals running government is that "we are broke".

Where did all the earnings of all the earners go - exactly - and how much power to purchase is the total amount?


I live in a city flush with tourism dollars, still has mfg...

and it's hard to watch them waste the money now while they have it rather than maybe saving some of it and not spending 95% of what they/it gets every year...

The 'park in the art' structures are nice, though...

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.


I wish you the very best on this effort. I have never really been down this bunny hole, but have been aware of your work for years. If you can bust this open, you will go down in history as the man who saved this country.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Josf - Correct!

That is right, pull out the calculator and keep it to the basics.

Qualifying the growth basics over time is very telling.

Walter Burien - CAFR1
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. 928-458-5854

Walter - Correct!

Math at the level of addition and subtraction is irrefutable.

If human beings could make Pyramids before oil, electricity, mass production, and Common Sense Liberty (Don't Tread on Me), then there is a mathematical increase in productive capacity that can be explained with very simple accounting methods.

Of course there are very simple accounting methods that account for where all the productive capacity goes and it is all denominated in the one money used for Federal Income Taxes, the same single money produced by The Federal Reserve.

The math is understandable by 10 year old kids, easy, when the practices of accounting are laid out in full view from the official records, so long as they remain accessible for accurate review by anyone asking for those accounts that are recorded by the officials.

That is not the problem. The problem isn't the fact that there is an abundance of productive capacity, or wealth, the problem is an abundance of lies that intend to, and effectively cause, each person alive to have someone else, a counterpart, at their throat.

Roughly one third of the population has to be directly targeting and fighting roughly on third of the population in their field of vision, while roughly one third of the population is stabbing that third in the back, in a false merry go round of epic proportions, and no one is allowed to question the official lies.

Unless someone does, like this fine Gentleman Walter Burien.

The math won't be questioned, because the math is the official record, so far (I don't know how much of the accounting is being changed because of the exposure done by Walter Burien), but the side that Walter Burien is on will be the focus of attention instead of the math.


So as to keep fighting against each other, there will be sides, names, affiliations, left leaning, right leaning, socialist, capitalist, liberal, conservative, whatever, and why?

Why not just focus on the obvious flow of productive power flowing from those who earn it to those who steal it and then those who steal it use the stolen loot to steal more, here it is, in black and white, here is how much is being taken, here is where it is going, right here, here, here, and there is where it is being used, or held, or unused, and that is one set of the two sets of books.

There may be three sets of books, but here are two sets of official books.

Simple math, and if people can set aside their axes to grind, from the left, or the right, for a moment, and just focus on the simple math, and then know that there is, in fact, in documented fact, an abundance of power available, in our own capacity to produce wealth, store wealth, use wealth, to MAKE MORE WEALTH, then the obvious question arises, as to WHY.

Why do we allow these people, this person, this person, this person, here they are, they own this, they own that, here it is, right here, these dollars go here, these dollars go there, on the second set of books, they have all that power, so why, why do we continue to allow that power to go to them, instead of allowing that power to be under our exclusive control as we see fit since we earned that power?

If the obvious answer happens to pop into more than a few heads, and the obvious answer spreads like wild fire, and enough earners of wealth say, hey, the answer is obvious, we have been had, we have been incredibly remiss, we have be stupified into abject belief in falsehood without question for too long, then the next step, obviously, so obvious a 10 year old can see it, the next step is to do what, exactly?

Stop paying the liars so much for lying.

The second set of books are crimes in progress called fraud.

The frauds prefer to call the crimes they are perpetrating by names that do not sound so criminal, and who can blame them?

The frauds are not going to stamp the official stamp on the "Budget" account with the letterhead "Fraud Account", because the victims would smell a rat if the criminals were selling bare naked fraud, in your face criminal lies. How many "reasonable" people take one look at the first version of "The Biggest Game in Town" video by Walter Burien and upon viewing that information the viewer, how many people, be honest, how many people just can't believe it?


How simple can it get?

The people who steal government power and use that power to commit fraud are keeping two sets of books.

Their victims follow suit, it is called tax evasion when the victims do the same thing that is done by the so called "government".

One set of books is accurate because it has to be accurate in order to do business. In business things have to add up.

So the so called "government" keeps those books and they are called a fancy name, to help keep those books out of view by the so called "public" (which is code for victims).

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports.


The second set of books are "for publik consumption" and the second set of books have an accurate name and a false name.

Accurate name: Fraud in Progress

False Name: Budget Report

If the "public", so named, (tax payers or victims is the accurate name), if the "public" is shown the NUMBER, one NUMBER, of Federal Reserve Notes (dollars) accumulated by "the government", then the "public" is not going to be inspired to pay more taxes, when the NUMBER is a very large number.

Hey you (says the criminals running so called government)

What (answers the mark, the target, the victim, the tax payer)

Pay me more money, now.

How much money do you already have, whereby you now need more money from me?

Well, says the criminal running government, we are broke, all of us are in this together, you know, so, hey, pay up, we are broke.

Ok, well, since we are broke, all of us, we are broke, well, of course, here you go, since we are broke, here have some more of the power I earn, since we are so, so, so broke, and all.

It is fraud, and when it is institutionalized, for so long, then the victims climb on board, and become criminals too, since, well, we are all in this together.

A so called tax evader will have two sets of books, because it is necessary to stay in business, especially during the down cycle, so one set of books is "not for the IRS", but it is the set of books that is used to operate the business, so it is accurate, and the other set of books are "for the IRS", and it is not accurate.

So, sure, we are all in this together: crime in progress.

Why does simple math, so simple a 10 year old knows how it works, why does simple math go over so many heads?

Too many people have a vested interest in keeping The Biggest Game in Town going, as far as they want to see, because the truth is too much work?

The frauds in government are confessing these days, let alone being caught red handed, the frauds are now in our faces as ruthless, torturing, mass murdering, sociopaths, psychopaths, baby murdering human monsters, in our faces, and all enough people have to do, to stop it in it's tracks, is to stop paying the criminals so well for their lies.

When enough is enough, the crime in progress will end.

The criminals know it, and they are moving out of town.

The criminals in government are very busy stealing everything because they know the game is up.

The criminals in government are crashing their own system, and if We The People don't wise up, and retake control over our own Productive Power to Earn, then a "better" system will be replacing The Biggest Game in Town, and that "better" system will follow World War III, and that "better" system will be run out of Asia, and The World Reserve Currency Fraud and Extortion Power that was The Federal Reserve/IRS, will be as bad to us as The Federal Reserve/IRS was to the long, long, long, list of "Third World" countries destroyed by those same criminals and their replacements - as time goes by.

The root of this pyramid scheme is at the top, and this pyramid scheme branches out to each State, each County, each City, with few exceptions.

The criminals have taken over, and it is simple math, easy to account, factual evidence proving the case, in each case, as the criminals kept (and still do?) two sets of books.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (accurate account)

Budget Report (In your face Fraud in progress)

What is the problem folks?

Brain dead?


Most vital information

I think the basic concept of math ought to arrest the decline into abject belief in falsehood without question.

Wealth (Power) is abundant, so where is it?

Follow the fraudulent money and the mathematical proof identifies the frauds, they control the wealth.

Stop paying them to steal you blind (stop using the frauds accounting methods "all for me none for you") and what happens?

It is basic math.

What is the problem?


I'm glad you posted this

I'm glad you posted this here. I've heard some interesting things about CAFR. I'll definitely check out CAFR's site.