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Just returned from a county Republican breakfast. A lot of the talk was about how Rand Paul gave Hillary Clinton an ass whooping

Just returned from a county Republican breakfast.. A lot of the talk was about how Rand Paul gave Hillary Clinton an ass whooping.

Rand Paul is on fire and bringing everyone together on this.

WOW! I have never had such good and favorable conversations with those who stood against Ron Paul locally.

They are all saying that Rand Paul would make a great President, every one of them. No argument from any of the party regulars. They were the one's giving Rand the most praise.

I am encouraged.


And by the way... I was just appointed by the County Chair to serve in the position of Vice Committeeman for my Precinct!



It was a truly great morning for liberty.

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Great Encouragement!!!

... Thank-you so much for posting.

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



Same in my area

Folks who said Ron Paul did not have a chance are like wow we love Rand Paul, he would make a good President. This is from party regulars that fought us tooth and nail. I think a big part is our education of the issues, they lost with establishment Romney and Rand is more palatable because he seems reasonable to them and oh how about a good 8 years of putting a Paul name out there and some really big predictions that have come true.

The Senator from Jerusalem

Rand Paul is a pimp for Zionists and a traitor to our republic.



"The problem is not those in power, the problem is right between your ears." ~Larken Rose


As the "dust settles" from the last GOP Election debacle, with

Rand being talked about (and going "high profile" this early for 2016) among Republican circles...hitting the "Establishment" tyrants from both parties hard from the top..us, the grassroots from under. The time is ripe to really take over the GOP!!

Granted, Rand ain't perfect (yet, as junior Senator and I assume Ron wasn't as well, the 1st time he was elected to Congress..). But I really do believe and have high hopes that Rand will EVOLVE to be...just like his father, Ron.

Rand Paul 2016!!

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Rand is playing his cards.

Keep the faith!

Consider the environment. Skunks abound in DC hollow!

That is very encouraging and

That is very encouraging and thanks for sharing that nice observation. Rand is very clever. He made a couple blunders that he calculated as necessary, but as you allude to, this new Hillary admonishing was a strong move on his part. I think people were probably heartened to hear him show that he would be willing to 'fire' politicians and agency people that were incompetent and corrupt. Is that too much to ask? But in these weird times the overlords get away with murder and more so people will be extremely happy to finally get someone who will clean things up. I'm sure Rand won't be the answer to all the problems of the world, and maybe he won't be as pure as RP, but I will support him because I know that he will be a large percent of what I want in our national leadership. I feel that he continually proves himself to me with his voting and what he espouses.

From the underground...

to higher ground we go.

Thank you for your involvement. This is how we win.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul


Thanks for this uplifting report.

Rand Paul 2016!

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thanks for your involvement

Now is the time to take the county party spots, and you are doing it. Yes!

"Rand Paul is on fire and bringing everyone together"
Bring them together!

I'm with Rand. Most people

I'm with Rand. Most people can't go from being on board with GWB to being on board with Ron Paul in a matter of years. It takes time and a little bit of incrementalism to get them fully on board with liberty IMHO. Best of luck, Rand.

I guess Rand is the 'Gateway

I guess Rand is the 'Gateway drug' to RP and the freedom movement.

Ha Ha! Finally a real gateway drug, before this there was no...

...such thing.


Same here

I was working on a guy's computer (he had run for state representative a couple election cycles back). He started talking about the tea party; how he didn't like how Romney was selected. I mentioned who I had supported. He mentioned how although he thought Ron Paul was a "kook" (let it go after he mentioned he would have liked to see him as treasury secretary), he really was impressed with Rand. I asked if he heard about the Hillary intervention, and proceeded to tell him; afterwards you could tell he was for him.


on your new appointment.

I am curios though, how do you eat at a political breakfast?
Do you warn your toast and then devour the eggs?

LOL. jk.

I'm sure you will acquit yourself admirably in your new post. :)

Just open the box and see

Yes. I'm hearing the same

Yes. I'm hearing the same from where I am.

Rand will be the missing link

Rand will be the missing link between us and them. Now we have to get the purists on board.


Thanks for your hard work!

I'm loving Rand. Pleasantly surprised. :)
My neocon friends are waking up. It's gonna be a good year.

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-Thomas Paine

Congratulations, Vice Committeeman!

Here's hoping that Rand can not only continue to gather support for the cause of Liberty, but he changes people's positions, such as convincing them that foreign aid is not a conservative value (if he has to, he can continue to exempt Israel for now. Baby steps is what people need). That is indeed an encouraging morning!

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

Or "wean" Israel. People seem

Or "wean" Israel. People seem to be on board with that. It makes a good argument.


Great news!

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."