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Jack Hunter's response to Rand's Israel comment

I was interested to hear what Jack Hunter thought about Rand's Israel comment, so I asked him a question about it on Facebook. Here is his response:

"I think in the liberty movement we have a tendency to eschew mainstream news and only read liberty stuff, which is fine, but it means we don't always understand what we're really up against. That's why I post mainstream stories like these. Here's Sen. Paul's foreign policy record/comments just recently:
Antiwar grilling of Kerry
Bringing up unconstitutional war in Libya
Comparing dropping bombs in Cambodia to Libya (to Kerry)
Pushing foreign aid cuts to Pakistan again to Kerry
Bringing up cutting foreign aid while in Israel
Being on TV against the use of drones this week
Getting FOX to cover, ad naseum, not selling arms to Egypt, from the non-interventionist point of view
Being the sole vote against Iranian containment language"

"Everything I've listed here, contrasted with the occasional diplomatic comment some might not like, is important to remember when passing judgment. Foreign policy is my number 1 issue. Always has been and always will be. And I see, finally, a Republican willing to take the more sane, non-intenventionist message into the mainstream in a way that can stick and possibly become policy. Ron started this whole thing. Rand is taking it to the next level, and he is not alone (Amash, Massie, etc."

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Where did he flip flop?

Where did he flip flop?

Thank you!!!

Thank you!!!

Jack lost any credibility he had a long time ago.

His vision of the liberty movement is not the same as ours.

This a revolution, we are fighting for our natural rights, not a pat on the head and meaningless modest concessions from the Republican Party.

You don't compromise on liberty.

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"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

I have said this many times over

the past 6yrs: "speak like them but vote like us". It is the only way to infiltrate the demonically evil system. If you are going to run and win, you need to be diplomatic. Why be any different than all of those in office now? Say what needs to be said to get elected and do the otherwise once you are in office.

I don't care what you think, because truth is irrelevant these days and will get you nowhere.