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An Attack on the United States is an Attack on the United States: The USS Liberty Incident

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Great Post

Keep the spotlight on these sociopaths . Never forget the fallen sailors of the USS Liberty .

An attack by the government of the United States upon

It's own people, what's that called. See: The Bonus Army. US Military Vetrans of WW1 who were promised compensation for their military time only to get nothing formed a march to washington, no violent un armed. What did the United States Government do? Unleash the acitive military against the vetrans. Yah you wont find that in any school text history book.



An attack on Israel is an attack on Israel...
When Israel attacks our ships... Sorry

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

and the JFK assassination...

...and operation northwoods and gulf of tonkin and oklahoma.city and 9/11 and on and on and on and on and on....

Can we PLEASE get some Statesman elected to office; who, when running their campaigns will talk about CONTEMPORARY CURRENT issues like spending and lying and legislative records that advance central-control and cement lifetime statists into permanent positions of political power...and NOT the New World Order global government plan!

Vengeance is the Lord's .... We already KNOW the harm they've done and lies they've told; and....God has that SCORECARD....so, rest assured, justice will be served one day....

If "our guys" can't campaign on it, then SHUT UP about it!!!

Is Luke Rudkowski, Alex Jones or someone else going to corner Rand Paul now after this hub-bub that got this whole forum in a tizzy yesterday, and press him with camera and microphone in aggressive fashion(rivaling the Alex Jones/David Gergan exchange) on whether or not he has researched the USS Liberty incident, and will he seek reparations for it BEFORE siding with Israel should they be attacked by another country or "terrorist group"???

I suspect naming this thread the way it has been named is PROVOKING the readers to entertain the anti-Rand crap....this site has lost it's fire, because it won't deal with amateurs throwing water on the brushfire that began with Ron Paul....who likewise knows HISTORY, but does not campaign on it.

Fast and Furious and Benghazi are more damning than Watergate: and people/Americans DIED....the resuscitation of this anti-Israel incident is for the Jesse Ventura worshipers; we're concerned about Constitutionally restored/restrained government, NOT re-hashing old wounds to invigorate and sustain distrust that has already been achieved by excessive taxation and reckless spending!

As fare as the CEO goes,

I would say real discourse is unlikely while the Commission is controlling the connection between the people and their candidates.


This was a good post reply because it got me thinking about political reality; I am planning to run for office soon.

However, I want to try and cool your blood for a second because some people on here are "fresh" and/or creeping for the wrong reasons. They might get a good learning by watching something like this...

It depends on which Forum you post stuff on. Current events, not a good call. Rand 2016, not a good call. Evil U.S. history and proof of yellow journalism/false flags, etc. (if this forum even exists here) would be an appropriate call.

I share your concern, and I also forget that some (98% of the people) don't know nearly what I know.

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

Dead in the Water full hour long documentary

I wasn’t able to access the video via the whatreallyhappened link; nothing came up so here is a link that worked.

USS Liberty Dead in the Water (Full Movie)

The coverup by LBJ is another sad tale of how the truth of what happens in this country gets shoved into hiding as duplicitous frosting down the throats of a misinformed public.

Toronto Star: Lyndon Johnson Ordered USS Liberty Cover-up by America Firster Thursday, Oct. 23, 2003 at 7:13 AM



You are welcome

and happy to assist in the discussion.