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OBAMA = Most Effective Means of Achieving Libertarianism

When you analyze the world that we live in, it becomes clear that for a country to reverse the process of socialism/communism/fascism is essentially impossible. Looking at history, countries that have begun going down the socialist path never reversed back to returning economic and personal liberties. These forms of governments require the loss of certain liberties, which are put in the power of the governing class. To remain in power, the governing class must demand more freedoms from its population, further removing the power from the general population and preventing any possibility of resistance from minorities that don’t adhere to the new ways. At a certain point the population will either create an armed resistance or all liberties will be lost and a system such as is seen in Cuba or North Korea takes root.

In the USA, it is hard to imagine that the federal government could ever shrink; there are simply too many people interested in keeping the current system in place. If you think about how the military machine has a budget of around $1 trillion, you begin to realize that there are millions of people out to prevent the system from changing. The same holds true for the welfare programs; these people that receive a free cell phone don’t want to give up their newly acquired “rights” and will thus vote for those that promise to continue the current system or even provide new “rights”.

I think that both Democrats and Republicans will run the country to the ground, but with a President like Obama, it will be that much faster. I was glad to see that Obama got re-elected because if Romney had won, I truly believe that the economy would have sputtered forth a little bit longer, just to prolong the inevitable. Since his reelection, Obama has almost sounded more like a dictator than a President and this makes me happy. I would rather see the USA crash and then come back a freer place than to see it drag along for decades, with its population treated more like indentured servants than citizens.