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In response to all these Sandy Hook posts

With all these posts I've been seeing about Sandy Hook (on this site and others). I'm reminded of a line from the movie Training Day.

"It's not what you know, it's what you can prove"

If you cannot prove an accusation without a reasonable doubt, then don't make it. I do believe something is wrong with this whole Sandy Hook event. There are too many inconsistencies and holes in the story. But when people start straying off the path and making accusations that cannot be proven, all it does is discredit any and all arguments of the official Sandy Hook story, and labels anyone who makes those arguments as a "conspiracy nut".

So when people ask me "oh well what do you think happened? you think it never happened?". I just tell them "I don't know what happened, but what i do know is that there are many inconsistencies with the whole story". If i were to tell them that all the pictures are fake and everyone was acting, all that would do is put them off and make me look crazy.

Just my thoughts.

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I agree. Proof is important.

What destroys credibility is claiming some proof that is clearly not; also hypothesizing off the wall scenarios that have no reasonable basis. But also, I think it's important for people to continue to report on findings and also keep the questions alive unless and until the inconsistencies would be explained. In some cases, it's just how things are titled or positioned. Plus, unless there is something new, a new post is not necessary or appropriate: people should just add their comments to a post already created on the subject. I this it all applies to not just for Sandy Hook, either - the need to keep the questions alive - but also concerning James Holmes and the Colorado shooting. Also Brandon Raub's detention in a psych center (Didn't the family decide to press charges for what happened?), and what came out of that - the discovery that his case was not so uncommon. Concerning a few different issues.

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Couldn't have said it better myself!


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I keep seeing posts like this...

But the posts you're talking about, where people make accusations without proof, well those are few and far between. I can't find them.

Surely you're not pulling an MSM and ironically accusing people of being accusers when in reality they are just questioners?

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It is important

It is important that someone keep asking questions about the inconsistencies. Why is there no definitive timeline of events, documentation of chain of custody of the weapons including video of the weapons as they were recovered etc. at Sandy Hook Elementary? Why hasn't any security video from the school been released if indeed there were video cameras at Sandy Hook Elementary at all. Why all the secrecy and the threats made by the local prosecutors about going after people who were making statements that were different from the official version of events?

The same type of incongruities exist over this shooting as exist about the OK City bombing, the USS Liberty attack, the murder of the Branch Davidians at Waco and the events of September 11, 2001. When the government goes to great lengths to not release information, there is ample reason to be concerned. When the government's official narrative conflicts with the laws of physics and the actual documented, photographed and witnessed events, people need to demand answers.

I agree that people should not make-up things that better explain the situation. We should instead keep pressing for answers and if the answers are forthcoming, the truth will eventually be made clear.

Has anybody made a FOIA request for the SHE video? How about the police investigator's notes, photos and other evidence? Is that information subject to FOIA? I don't know if it is but it should be.

All the proof in the world

is useless until someone does something with it!

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Thank you for posting some

Thank you for posting some reason to this insanity. I was just on the latest post about S H and tried saying the same thing. Yet, everyone was jumping all over me about it. I got called a communist and a lousy libertarian.

Fact is, most Americans view this as a terrible tragedy. You look loony and in compassionate when you say the whole town was in on it.

So far none of the so called proof has proven anything. All speculation.

Most Americans???

Do you really need to be reminded of all the other things that most Americans view?

Equating this with not asking questions, even if misguided, wrong, or off the wall, is WAY more dangerous than not asking in an effort to be like 'most Americans'.

Does it matter to you that none of the so called "official story" hasn't proven anything? Does that make you loony? Does that mean its all speculation.

Stop trying to put lids on things just because its make you uncomfortable. THAT....is dangerous.

There is no such thing

There is no such thing as "proving" anything. All a person can do is offer evidence to support a claim or claims.


Has someone else been through Apologia Science?

The first chapter of the Gen. Science book makes this point about "proof". You can disprove an idea with facts, but never really "prove" it.

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bump. +1

I agree

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