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Ghandi and Gover Norquist...what?

Ghandi and Grover Norquist, what do they have in common. Several things I'm sure. But what I'm thinking of regarding these two men is something completely different. It combines the love of man with a solemn public oath. It also combines their disgust for tyranny.

Ask yourselves, WWGD (What would Ghandi Do).

The 'Government' is NOT stronger than the people. For the gov to exercise power, the people must hold the guns to other peoples heads and those people must acquiesce to those others. If we stop and choose not to destroy our fellow man's life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness, WE effectively end gov's power absolutely.

So let's combine Ghandi and Norquist. Someone build an online pledge type thing with public signatures of EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN, who takes an oath to NEVER, under any and all circumstances, point a gun/taser/night stick @ the head of his fellow man for money/power/because the government told them to/to stay out of jail themselves/etc.

A complete non-aggression pledge of sorts... Who's with this? Kind of a personal declaration of independence as a reminder to those in elected of where the power of government actually lies.

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