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Firing Line: Ron Paul and William F. Buckley (1988 Part 1 of 4

Really good stuff here. Buckley is a shill but he comes off as very cultured and intelligent. Dr. Paul cuts right through the BS though and "hits back" with logic every time. It's also interesting to see that Dr. Paul was making the same exact arguments back in 1988.


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REP on Will Buckley Jr. Show

I've seen this video and I logged in to plus one this post. Great interview. Something about this interview makes me chuckle, even. In Buckley's introduction of REP, Ron wears that smile of his. That smile gets me chuckling every time he does it, and seemingly Ron smiles that smile when the person he's talking with ever so subtly dismisses Ron, just as I caught in Buckley's inflection in his introduction about Ron wanting to dismantle the CIA. REP, the best rep.

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A Saturday night treat. Yes,

A Saturday night treat. Yes, we can certainly say that Dr. Paul is consistent. Buckley is a bore and certainly thinks he know it all. This was great; thanks for posting.



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I have always liked these!

Both of them are so smart.... and Buckley is trying to be disingenuous here and there and Ron doesn't let him get away with it.

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