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Student Loan? Foreclosure? Follow those Testing the Courts with the New OPPT documents

There have three fast moving postings on OPPT (formerly TOPPT with "the" removed. The "ONE PEOPLE'S PUBLIC TRUST". Use the dailypaul search for TOPPT for some summaries on what OPPT is. Follow people who are just now starting to use these documents to become the CREDITORS to their DEBTORS in foreclosure, traffic tickets, student loans, etc. at the above site. This is an Administrative process that is settled outside the courtroom. You file the documents yourself.

This was started by a group of lawyers who reverse-engineered a foreclosure to find out how the "subterranean" economy was set up. Everything (people, place, things, countries) are made into corporate entities and then run through commerce through the U.C.C. The OPPT people filed a different set of documents foreclosing on all of the fraudulent entities and returning the privately owned U.C.C. to the people. The filings are non-rebuttable from the standpoint that if they are legally rebutted it would expose the whole fraudulent system. That of course does not mean that other, nefarious means may come into play to prevent the documents from taking real effect, but it will be very interesting to follow.