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Israel Is Our Ally, Not America's Enemy!

Israel is not evil. America is not evil. But factions within both governments do have a world Agenda that is evil. The Israeli people distrust and dislike their government just as much as we do.

Enough with the Israel bashing! Israel itself did NOT attack the USS Liberty...their wicked government did.

Our governments are both equally corrupt, and our societies have many corrupt elements within them, but those rotten elements do NOT represent or constitute the whole of the matter.

A few spoiled rotten tomatoes should not spoil the entire garden of Freedom and Liberty. Every country in the world has their fair share of spoilage.

Our so called, "leaders," give us a bad name because many of them have no allegiance to any country, or god but themselves.

Israel is NOT rotten to the core! America is not rotten to the core! Our presstitutes and pornoticians are. Our elected and selected "leaders," suck, BAD! (As Obamaphone Lady would say.)

Israel is a key geostrategic national security interest to the United States. Israel is the Western Front facing Russia. Japan is the Eastern Front facing China.

The creation of Israel and the complete surrender of Japan were two critical and incredible achievements of World War II.

Why are Russia and China so important? Population, land, minerals, water, oil, natural gas...power and control.

The 21st Century will either be a New American Western Century, or it will be a very old Russo-China Eastern Century. One side will win, and the other side will lose. Wars do not end in a tie.

Let's play a global game of chess. Where would you want to position your most important allies? Right on the doorstep of the enemy.

Russia and China are the reasons why America has been at war for over a decade. We are fighting for the, "cream," of the Middle East.

The Western World Minority, or the Eastern World Majority?

That's World Democracy for you in a nutshell.

The West has been covertly fighting the East since the end of World War 2. The Cold War never ended. World communism did not die when the Berlin Wall fell, it was reborn again.

The Soviet Union, "collapsed," just like the Twin Towers. It was deliberate and intentional. Glasnost and perestroika were responsible.

"If the Russian word 'perestroika' has easily entered the international lexicon, it is due to more than just interest in what is going on in the Soviet Union. Now the whole world needs restructuring; that is, progressive development, a fundamental change.

- Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev
Perestroika: New Thinking for Our Country and the World.

Russia and China are America's 2 Biggest threats....and have been for a very, very long time.

Nothing new under the sun...

Jerusalem - the Holy "center," of the world is currently in Western hands.

Let's keep it that way, for if Israel falls the West will too.


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While you are playing chess

china is buying the chessboard, square by square.

playing chess

on a "Go" board.
Indeed, Idaho is giving a few squares to them just because we are such nice people.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Too true.

Americans think this is still a game but it isn't a game anymore.

not by a long shot.

But there is still time to play...


Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

Allies in crime

When you talk about the “people,” you are talking about those who continue to support acts of terrorism they are brainwashed to believe are “necessary.” How many Americans have condemned Obama’s drone strikes? Last time I looked the more hawkish members of the Likud party are dominating the political discussion in Israel.

Additionally, the veil of lies from a constant disinfo propaganda by corrupt medias allows both countries to push their agendas as perpetrators of state terrorism. There is no accountability nor full disclosure, only cover-ups to the truth. When LBJ covered up what really happened to the USS Liberty, he abandoned his loyalty and responsibility to the American people and the 34 Americans murdered on the USS Liberty. When the Bush administration put Zionists in high profile positions and then allowed them to lead the 9/11 investigation (including Philip Zelikow, exec director of 9/11 commission, Michael Cherthoff head of the Justice Dept), the entire administration allowed people more loyal to Israel and their political agendas (vs. the interests of the USA) to avoid disclosing the truth of those agendas (PNAC) and the 9/11 cover-ups and flawed NIST reports to the American people and nearly 3,000 murdered US citizens. These aren’t just “rotten elements,” ie they are leaders in high influential and powerful positions who determine and set policy. Cherthoff co-wrote the Patriot Act.

I take issue with your stating “those rotten elements do NOT represent or constitute the whole of the matter.” On the contrary the alliance between the two countries is symbiotically self-destructive and unholy to begin with due to the “rotten elements” which make it so. To separate the two as though they were disconnected is a false paradigm and won’t be addressed until you and like-minded wishful thinkers stop trying to minimize the problem.

I could agree with your premise, if you hadn't brought in . . .

WWII and Japan. Japan is not evil; Japan was never evil. There were some evil military leaders and an emperor who had been taught that he would be obeyed--

There was a culture that was homogenous. Japan was not evil. Russia was not evil, though there were evil Russians, just as there are now evil Israelis and evil Americans.

I was with you for the first few paragraphs, because you could say this about any country, any people--

the bottom line is that there is no lofty "West" that is better than an "East"--

Where I saw your logic break down, well, or where I began to disagree with your logic was where you admitted that *you* believe the cultures of Israel and America to be superior to the cultures of any of the Asian/Eastern countries (including Eastern Europe)--

That's when I realized that you believe in "Judeo-Christian" superiority--

and, though I am a Christian, I do not.

Those two religions have caused a lot of war and heartache--

and the actions of all of the covert agencies and bureaus from all the 'western' nations pressed Japan into a hard place. Yes, Japan became aggressive, but no more aggressive than America has been--

at least Japan was honest about wanting to take over the world and didn't pretend to be 'spreading democracy'--

oh well--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

you guys are judging the decision of whether to have an ally

based on the degree of atrocities that occured under their jurisdiction? so why not ask what atrocious incidents muslims in the gaza strip has done to their own women or other groups? if you're going to argue for 'no allies' based on George Washington's advice 'No entangling alliances', do just that, why the hell are you talking about what a country is doing that is atrocious?

not a single country in the world has an untainted past, including our own. the hypocrisy is sickening.. we should judge israel by asking the people of gaza? as some people below suggested? i'm sorry but since when the fuck are acts of immorality conducted around the world our business? if that's the case, why aren't we invading africa and russia right now? should we ask what other muslims there have done to their own people as well to pick who should be our ally? fucking thread full of sickening retards. if you don't want to be world's policemen, at least understand what the hell that means, not just say it because US policy isn't helping your preferred side, because you're originally from palestine or where the hell ever

if in a strange twist of fate israel and other muslim's place had been reversed and Ron Paul were arguing non-interventionism that would end up hurting muslims, i wonder if half of you would even be here.. fuck disgusting

I think you have the wrong end of the stick,

or don't understand the situation of American/Israeli politics, and the powerful people who profit from never ending war.
Ask yourself this question...would you murder over and over again, just because your "friend" wanted you to?

Zionism is the parasite

that is sucking the life blood out of a once great nation...and it's evil heart beats in the stolen country of "Israel".

Wrong Communists

You do realize that the US is currently a fascist nations, and soon to be completely Sovietized by Trotskyite Communists?

The Neocons are Communists and they, along with the fundamentalist Christian propaganda artists, have convinced the majority of people here that we "need" Israel and we "need" to commit acts of war because WE are entitled to keep the natural resources of OTHER FRICKIN' NATIONS!

Why do you Neocons come to a site about freedom?

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain


might disagree slightly with you. if American and israeli citizens are not bad, then why so much support for wars and killing of innocents. Just so you'll know, the word 'israel', originally meant all believers in the one God, not just the jewish people.

worst post in some time

not much needs to be said.

And Isreal has done what for the U.S.?

I'm trying to think. Fired on and made every effort to and nearly sunk the USS Liberty. The U.S.'s biggest espionage threat of all other countries... in fact will not sign a treaty agreeing not to spy on the U.S., a treaty we have with numerous other countries. Probably... some with more knowledge and inside info than me believes they were 100% responsible for 9/11. And so forth and so on. Yeah, good deal for us.

God forgives always. Man forgives sometimes. But Nature never forgives.


And 1+1 = 456789475

You just totally destroyed any credibility you may have at one time had. Israel has no right to exist. It needs to be eliminated from the sands of time.

Ever heard of the USS Liberty?

Get real.

Wake up and ask yourself why

Why is any criticism of Israel political suicide in the U. S.?

Why does AIPAC have so much control over our political system?

Why would you want ANY foreign government to control our political system for their own benefit?

Israel is not just an ally. They are controlling our government in ways no other country on Earth does.

We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

-C. S. Lewis

Oh please. When we condemned

Oh please. When we condemned Germany or Japan, in WW2, we weren't condemning all of their citizens.

Nevertheless, a plurality of Israels continue to vote for Likud and a majority continue to vote for parties which have no interest in a just peace with Palestine.

If a nation attacks us, we don't say, their governemnt attacked us, we say that nation attacked us! Israel did attack us on 9/11. Watch War by Deception by Ryan Dawson and show me where he is wrong. Face the facts. Israel did it, along with other nation's intelligence agencies, including our own.

You are a bit foolish to

You are a bit foolish to think they have any more say in their election process Than we the people have in ours. I would imagine they use Diebold as well. Elections are no longer an option as they only serve as an illusion of choice. The puppets are picked long before the vote is cast.

I don't see mass rallies to

I don't see mass rallies to end the illegal and racist Jewish only colonies.

When grandpa murdered the former occupants

of the family home in order to take "rightful ownership", it's hard for me to see that as not at least a little evil. I know about America's history with the Indians and it was evil. To think that a country did the same thing in the last century and continues till this very day with machine guns and actually moved right into their victim's homes just makes me think these are people that are better avoided. Nothing against the race or anything like that, just folks who feel that ethnic cleansing is a good policy (as evidenced by moving to a place that was ethnically cleansed for folks from the correct ethnicity to move to).


Not even a little bit.

"Israel falls the West will too."

callin' bullshit. this is clearly a false dichotomy. ask anthony sutton who was bank rolling hitler, lenin and stalin. maybe find out what role bryant chucking grinder played in the cold war. east v. west is now, and always has been a ruse to march little soldiers off to death to secure profits and power for criminals.

also, couldn't care less if every last eastern european was run out of the region. got nothing to do with me.

i wholeheartedly reject the notion of the world as a chess board with human beings as pawns to be moved about by the powerful.

"The creation of Israel and the complete surrender of Japan were two critical and incredible achievements of World War II."

riiiiight! i'd LOVE to witness you explain that to a Japanese man or a survivor of Deir Yassin or the Nakba with a straight face. you've GOT to be kidding.

sorry bud, no support here.



it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Cyril's picture

Here are my thoughts on this, in a related topic thread:

Here are my thoughts on this, in a related topic thread:


'HTH, &


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

It really is this simple:

No treaty. No ally.

Our ally you say. Please post a link to the treaty between the U.S. and Israel.

Don't bother searching for it because it doesn't exist.

Stop with the ally thing.

jrd3820's picture

I'll give you China and Russia

are scheming some crazy stuff. I agree, they are a bigger concern. That being said... Israel is our "ally"? Meh, call it what you will, but it seems like quite a dependent friendship.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

I totally agree with the

I totally agree with the point that the Israeli people are not their government and shouldn't be condemned for their governments faults . I do not agree that it is the United States job to protect or defend Israel from anyone!
I am of Jewish heritage and have been to Israel- beautiful place, wonderful people and there are armed guards with guns at nearly every corner. I happened to leave for Israel the day after Bin Laden was killed. The Arab-Spring was occurring throughout the Middle East. My parents called to ask me if there were uprisings in the city. I never saw one. Their SWAT teams which stood outside Damascus gate in the old city made sure of that...
The people there do not need our help to live in harmony. Of course, there will be perpetual war over Israel's existence. The United States can never, ever fix that. War will never create true peace!

Jews and Israelis are no

Jews and Israelis are no better or worse than any other group, but our special relationship with them has enabled them to pursue Jewish only colonization and occupation for over 45 years! They keep electing the wrong people, cause Uncle Sam continues to reward them!

If you haven't noticed, we

If you haven't noticed, we keep electing the wrong people too. That doesn't mean we can blame the people as a whole. I agree we shouldn't be allied with Isreal or any other country. But I don't think this will ever change based on what ticket someone drops in a very unreliable ballet box.

Typical Zionist Propaganda

Always blaming someone else for the misdeeds of their leaders . Your post disparages the memory of those fallen sailors of the USS Liberty .

Watch and learn ...

USS Liberty - Dead in the water


Israel is a contrivance

Israel is just a contrived Nation setup by the United Nations by the Global Banksters as a wedge issue to help them take over the Middle-East and control most of the World's Oil.

And there is nothing "holy" about it. Religion is just bullsh*t.

Just ask George Carlin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjVLJKR6g7U


is NOT our friend or ally. It is at the epicenter of all the wars and geopolitical power grabs going on right now.

True, the totality of the Israeli people are not behind the actions of the current regime. Many of them speak out in the Knesset and in the Israeli media. Much of it we never get to hear in the West unless one digs around for it.

Nevertheless, zionism must be dealt with and it is not going to just fade away...

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~