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Just Returned From My GOP Committee Meeting

This is to inform those who want to know, I have been elected treasurer. That means I have a vote in the state, and will be attending the conventions. I have accepted other responsibilities on my committee, chairing and participating in sub-committees, and am looking forward to using all the grassroots experience to RESTORE THE REPUBLIC TO CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT in the GOP.


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THANK YOU. I promise you and everyone on DP, I will work hard, and do my best to not only do you proud, but to prove Ron Paul was correct, that this is the way to RESTORE THE REPUBLIC TO CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERMENT. It means a lot to me that you would congratulate me. I don't take it lightly, and am sincere in my promise. @>-->-------

Aw shucks - I'm blushing

Even if we've disagreed, you've always had my respect & will continue to do so. Thanks for being you and for making our world a better place.


Boy, does Cali need you!

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine


Thank you. I think Cali needs thousands like me..but, I'm a good start, after all, it is a labor of LOVE. THANK YOU for the congratulations and compliment!

Granger...Tiller of the Field

There are many antonyms of "granger" but the one that fits you best is tiller of the field..."someone who prepares the soil for the planting of crops."

I remember some of your posts about early committee meetings where you were almost a lone voice in the wilderness and yet you continued to attend and persevere. Just like on the DP you undoubtedly were consistent to the point of being redundant. At first perhaps they ridiculed you or ignored you. Still you remained steadfast...listening to your teacher and trusting his advice.

Somewhere along the line they obviously began listening. In this committee election, they showed you the respect you have earned by your consistency, knowledge base, loyalty and convictions. Treasurer?! Fiduciary responsibility. What an accomplishment.

I know that you will continue to show the same tenacity that has always defined you on the DP. Nobody needs to worry about Granger caving to anyone! And when vim, vigor and even outrage are called for, she will step up to the plate. I am sure her honesty is appreciated on her committee. It is truth people want.

There are many tribes in the quest for truth in politics...many real patriots of various flavors. There is no guesswork in determining Granger's political tribe...she is and always will be a Ron Paul Republican. I am proud to know you as a friend and proud of the respect you have earned on your committee. More importantly Ron Paul would be proud of you. You did and are doing exactly what he asked. You are an inspiration and I thank you!



My first and best friend ever on DP. I have missed you tremendously!

Toasting with you:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU. May God be blessing you constantly and abundantly for ever and ever!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX
Off to the soup kithcen. Look forward to seeing vortually seeing you SOON!

Right on! Congratulations!

I know this song is not about party politics - I mean, hardly! lol - yet thinking about the 2012 campaign, the media blackout, the convention, the divide between Republicans and Libertarians, your reports on your local involvement through all that, and no small amount of flak you've taken but never letting it dampen your enthusiasm, along with some recent personal challenges such as the eye surgery... I don't know, Granger, but for some reason this is what came to mind!

Oh, yeah, and this one, too!

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

((((((((((((((Precious)))))))))))))) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Oh yeah baby, let's disco.. I'm putting on my high healed leapard boots now.. got my feather boa over my low cut seguined red dress on and reaching out to YOU... I'm dancing with you ((((precious)))))

You're one of the most colorful, resourcful, survivors I have ever known and I LOVE YOU XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX for ever and ever!


When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Congratulations, Granger!

Question, and I'm not being snarky. Would you support someone like Rick Santorum if he were the candidate, or someone else with radical social views? The GOP is trying to change by steering away from social issues so they can get more people in the tent.

(((((((((((ralph hornsby)))))))))

I am now a Rand Paul RepubliCAN. I will be fighting for Rand to become POTUS through the primary. If Santorum or someone else wins the primary election in my state, as in 2012, I will uphold the loyalty oath I took, and vote for who won the GOP primary.

My committee, appears far more educated than me on some issues we discuss here.. it's very much like an actual Daily Paul, and why I LOVE it.

Hooray!! The GOP there has a

Hooray!! The GOP there has a ray of hope! You are DOING it!

Look who chirped in ((((((((CRICKETT))))))) <3

THANK YOU! Remember when Ron Paul said that the GOP has, "lost it's way"? It is to RESTORE THE REPUBLIC TO CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT that motivates me. The best part, has been virtually meeting those like you. You have always been my friend, and I appreciate that very much, because I KNOW, that's not always easy. So when times get tough, and I'm sure they will, you will be one of those in my heart who I will recall, to help set my rudder straight.

Our community is blessed to have YOU (((((((Crickett)))))))


Good luck!

You heed my warning, though... It was Ron Paul supporters that I helped to win seats that stabbed me in the back in the end. If you are obviously effective, the RINOs will cut deals with the more malleable supporters in a gesture of "unity." The more effective you become, the more a target you make of yourself, too. DO not be paranoid, and yet trust no one, at least not fully. Even yourself, when you are tempted to make a deal because it seems like it is good for "the cause" stop and measure how good it is for you, and carefully weigh your own heart and make sure it is really "the cause" that benefits. The most dreadful trickster in our lives is us.
Also, SQUEAKY CLEAN BOOKS. They will do anything to take back their party, including throwing you in jail for books they cook.
I'm proud of you, granger. You watch out for yourself.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

TY (((((((((fishy)))))))))))))

I completely believe you about Ron Paul supporters stabbing you in the back in the end. It's one reason I have a BIG concern about the Liberty Movement. I've read about plenty of back stabbing going on, and it's always a collective up against some hard working dedicated Ron Paul rEVOLutionary.. tearing them from limb to limb, did stop at their state.. it spilled onto DP for evryone to see. Dog pile after dog pile. It's why I'm weary of grassroots, for many times they seem more like astroturf in the name of grassroots.

SQUEAKY CLEAN BOOKS!! That's the best advice on this thread. THANK YOU. And I'm absolutely sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that those who do not appreciate my effort to Restore The Republic will do what the can to defeat me, including putting me in jail, even framing me to put me in jail. For that, besides making every effort to be completely transparent and SQUEAKY CLEAN with my committee's books, I will TRUST IN GOD, that it is his will, because I have NO INTENTION to manipulate or distort anything to my committee. From the git go I was open about my support for Ron Paul. And while the loyalty oath hurt, that I could not vote for Ron Paul and be true to the loyalty oath I took.. I also thought, that if the tables were reversed, I would have hoped and prayed that they too would have upheld the loyalty oath they took, and voted for Ron Paul.

My bottom line (((((((fishy))))))), this is a labor of LOVE. LOVE of country, LOVE of GOD, LOVE of my community, and even LOVE for those on my committee who appear to be friendly.. I actually like them as people. I feel lucky and blessed to have the committee I'm on, and I hope that I serve us all well, and they can join you in the pride you have shared with me.

THANK YOU ((((((fishy!!!))))))) @>-->-------- <3 <3 <3

First, Congratulations Granger and thank you!!!

Second, Interesting aside on the use of the word liberty. Liberty is a privilege, freedom is our right. The liberty movement rightly translates to the "privilege movement."

Our country is now following admiralty law, not common law as our founding documents demand. This is why you see the gold fringe on our flags in all federal offices and courts. This comment to follow is from a friend of mine who has studied legal documents extensively, and he makes a very good point and considering his observation I submit we should be referring to it as the freedom movement rather than the liberty movement. ~

"Admiralty has always claimed jurisdiction everywhere that's why we won “liberty” and not freedom. Liberty is a privilege granted to crew members by the captain of a ship, that's also why the statue of liberty is in the ocean, not on the mainland.

Even though we were allowed to make our own rules, their rules have always covered anything ours left out. You can find that in writing in a publication titled, “The UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts."

Blessings )o(


Thank you for the congratulations and information. I knew about Admiralty law.. but besides seeing the flag with the gold fringe, how to apply what I know to what I see, is where I have a hard time.

LOVE YOU!!!! <3<3<3

Listen to fishy.....

....what she says is dead on accurate.

Don't make deals. I have seen both veteran Ron Paul Republicans and hardcore newbie libertarian grassroots trying to operate in the party fall into this trap.

They think they are doing the right thing by making a deal when all they are doing is selling out the hard work of thousands of people.

Remember, you can't dance with the devil and expect not to get burned.

That said, I COMPLETELY SUPPORT working inside of the GOP. 100%. NEVER QUIT!

That said, it's best just to MAKE NO DEALS. Keep doing what you are doing. Be the paramount of voluntaryism. Keep recruiting other liberty folks in. Just DONT MAKE DEALS.

There is a lot of pressure to reveal information. DONT DO IT. Never ever ever reveal your numbers. Never let party candidates or elected officials know your strength.

As the C4L teaches you, if they press you for support explain CLEARLY AND UP FRONT that you expect them to do X (your position), or they risk being REMOVED FROM OFFICE in the next cycle....


My friend (((((FBI_Exposer Ω™ ))))))))

I'm not one to make deals.

I have a standing difference with some RP supporters as it is. I believe all our meetings should be Roberts Rules of Order, completely transparent.. we should be the government we want. Some think we should make "back room" deals and then simply use the meetings to formalize. I suggested that is merely replacing one corrupt group with another, and that is exactly how I feel about that. Is that what Ron Paul would do? I don't think so. They know it, and now everyone who reads this thread knows it.

I appreciate and agree with you about (((((fishy's))))) advice. I too thought it was SPOT ON!!!! Good of you to back ((((fishy)))) because good people never get enough backing.

(((((((((((((((((FBI_Exposer Ω™ ))))))))))))))

THANK YOU for being my friend and standing with me on DP, thick and thin! GOD BLESS YOU!

Those RP supporters you refer to

...desparately need the formal C4L training. They have no idea what they are doing.

Take this from a Ron Paul Republican and GOP operative who has been registered Republican his entire life (since 18) and has been on several state central committees in different states and held GOP party offices on an off for over 10 years.

When you reveal information, you lose power. You're viewed as a chump.

When you make deals, same thing.

I know you know this.

Bottom line recruit, recruit, recruit. Politics is WAR by other means (von Klausewitz.)

You NEVER reveal your troop strength.


I knew after your eye surgery that you'd be back stronger and better than ever!!! Congratulations, (((((((GRANGER)))))))!!!!!

Thank you for all you do for Liberty!!!!

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

(((((((((((((NONNA))))))))))))))!!!!! :-))

My DEAREST ((((((((((((NONNA)))))))))))))
It would be an honor if you would share in the congratulations on this thread, because you are a BLESSING, always supportive, even when you don't agree, always kind, even when I make you think "Wha?", ALL WAYS my friend, virtually, spiritually, guilding, sharing, caring, honest, funny, the good, bad and ugly, you have been here for me, like a rock.

THANK YOU for teaching me what a ((((NONNA))))) is, and how important a (((((NONNA))))) is, and how everyone who steps up to get into politics should have a ((((((NONNA))))))), and how very lucky and blessed I am to have YOU as my virtual (((((NONNA))))))).

May God bless you abundantly and constantly ((((((NONNA))))))).


Sorry, my friend. No can do.

ALL the credit belongs to you, (((((Granger))))). You do what I cannot. You do it for me and for everyone here, whether they appreciate what you do or not. YOU do it and you have shown others the way to do it, whether they listen or not. You are unrelenting. You are exactly what our R3VOLution needs. You inspire and guide. You inform and share. You are our model of a RepubliCAN!

I thank God for you, (((((Granger))))) and I keep you in my prayers. Nonnas pray a lot, too. One more thing about being a Nonna is sarcasm. Perhap my sarcasm hasn't been directed at you because you are a good, sincere, beautiful, person, who would never knowingly hurt another good, sincere, person.

You are like a Rock of Liberty. God bless YOU!

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

I am humbled Dear ((((((Nonna)))))))

I LOVE YOU. Just KNOW that, for you are in my heart and with me where ever I go.

Congrats. We had our reorg

Congrats. We had our reorg meeting a few weeks ago and took over the Chairmanship and Treasurer for our district. We also have the majority of PCO positions. We could have had everything, but we left them some scraps so they would work with us. We had many crossover votes, and I came to understand that many of them were just going along to get along. Now that its "safe" to be more libertarian, most of them are crossing over. This is true across the state, save for a few holdouts.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how we win. We don't have to force them to follow their own rules, we have to replace them so we can follow our own rules.

Thank you for the insight!

and for your hard work.

"Replace them so WE can follow their own rules!"

Thank you for the perspective!

Magwan77 That is totally AWESOME!!!!! Congrats!! Congrats!!!

You're post is music to my heart! THANK YOU!!!!!

God Grant Me

The serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference....

And if anyone can restore the republic, it's YOU!

God Bless Ya!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Funny ((((Danton)))))

I was praying that very prayer this morning. THANK YOU!!

I just made a post about God's answer. LOVE, BBG