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VIDEO: Fox News Says Goodbye To Sarah Palin

VIDEO: Fox News Says Goodbye To Sarah Palin


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just a note

Palin was offered a contract extension with Fox, but she declined.


Never more proud of my husband

than leaving the 2008 GOP Convention in disgust with him shouting "That's right, vote with your penis!" to the men in the crowd cheering the newly appointed VP candidate.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I like Palin

Palin stood with us at the National Convention to try and stop the rules changes. I don't get my Palin info from SNL or other haters like MSNBC. The same people in the GOP that hate Ron Paul, hate Palin, she is no establishment, that's hilarious. She has an excellent record of accomplishment in Alaska. Palin pushed Joe Miller in Alaska and backs the new Ron Paul supporter who was elected chair there.

Why the hate for Palin, unlike Rand Paul she wanted a brokered convention, did not want Romney to win, supported a state by state effort to back different candidates to make it a brokered convention, praised Ron Paul and Ron Paul supporters, bashed Romney from day 1.

If your husband was shouting against Palin in '08, that's really remarkable because I think I would have been shouting at them for voting for McCain.

I live in Idaho.

Palin is from Idaho. Perhaps that is why we knew she was a neocon plant from early on. Our state chairman came over the moment the announcement was made to guage how Mark and i would react. He circled his hands and I think he might have licked his lips with a forked tongue... before asking "SSSayyyyy, what do you think of SSSSSarah...?" I don't really buy the "lizard people" stuff, but I have never seen a human look more like a snake. Did you see Bill Krystal gushing over having hand picked her? And our very presence was an objection to McCain. By the time McCain announced his VP, that battle was over. We fully intended to shout over our state announcer, when he said "26 delegates for McCain" we were going to shout "and 6 for Ron Paul" but Ron Paul's campaign manager came over and stopped us. Asked us to give our credentials to alternates if we could not go along with the agreement that had been reached at a secret meeting behind our backs. We never did find out what the other RP BOUND delegates got out of that deal, but that is the night we found the free bar. Thanks again, American taxpayer. I was glad to have a few drinks that night on you, I earned it.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

There's a video on the same page "Too Big To Jail"

Surprisingly, they slam Eric Holder & Lanny Breuer for protecting the banksters.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix