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New eBooks just out

I just finished putting out my works as five eBooks at Amazon in both English and Spanish on how to address the root issues of the world. By this I mean that, since everything is nowadays interconnected on acount of our living in a globalized world, you cannot fix anything without really addressing fixing everything. I am making an open invitation to all parties interested in contributing to fixing the world to give them a read.
I would suggest to start with the last three eBooks which are friendlier to read due to extensive use of Word Paint objects so as to convey the core idea, instead of the more traditional text only reading.Let's use the skyscraper image to get the idea across of how the three are interrelated. The first one is "Dialogics" and is as it were the ground floor,moving upwards would be "Universalization", and if you want to know the foundations of this new philosophy, then read "Triads".
The whole names of the eBooks are as follows, and they should be self-explanatory. "Dialogics (Fixing the world with the triad of body, mind, and spirit)", next "Universalization (Instituting Education as the triadic universal social protagonist of culture)", and finally "Triads (The pre-Socratic origins of dialogical science)".

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