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Ways To Debate

I'm currently trying to learn how to debate in the classroom, so what's the best strategy to get people on your side? I think I sometimes ramble when I explain my point...

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Thanks! I'll try to

Thanks! I'll try to fact-check more often, and listen more.. Gonna check out that site..

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Be open-minded.

Argue against a third person who isn't there.

Brian Tracy taught me this.

Rather than arguing with the person, ask your 'opponent', the audience etc to imagine a third person everybody holds in high esteem, (like Ron Paul) and just ask 'what would they think?'

Kind of the basis of the 'What would Jesus do?' bumper stickers you see...

Extremely effective.

btw Brian Tracy is a genius with balls of steel - he and a friend crossed the Sahara desert when he was 18, just to see if they could do it and live (no joke).

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Speak the truth...

I sometimes let my opponent speak their mind first, allowing me to analyze what they know on a subject before I even say a word...but above all, when you speak, speak the truth and be sincere. Do as much fact checking before a debate as you can, so maybe, just maybe, your opponent will have a lot more respect for your side of the argument (and you personally) in the end...no matter who seems to have won the debate.

...maybe, if your opponent outguns you in facts, their respect for you will prompt them to alter their point of view, and do more research stemming from your side of the issue.

Feel free to reuse any resources/ideas that I post on the DailyPaul on other networking sites.