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Grape Seed Extract May Beat Chemo in Late-Stage Cancer

The more advanced cancer is, the less effective chemotherapy is. However, a new study has shown that grape seed extract has exactly the opposite quality: The more advanced the cancer, the less extract that’s needed to kill it. On top of that, the study also shows that grape seed extract targets the cancer cells that become most resistant to chemotherapy.


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Cancer may beat chemo in late stage cancer

Chemo may be the reason the cancer is late stage:

My mother lived about 30 years after her first diagnosis with breast cancer. When the second diagnosis was made, it was not considered a recurrence, but a new cancer. She lived 10 years after that, dying "of cancer" in her early 80's.
She had surgery, but refused radiation or chemo the first time. The second time, she was on Tamoxifen, and my father suddenly died. She became fey and quit taking her tamoxifen. In perhaps the most heartbreaking moment of my life, she said "I just want to be with him." None of us argued with her decision. She lived another 8 years. Her doctors considered her success to be "in spite" of her refusal of treatments, I say it was due to her refusal. And a crazy love of blueberries, she treated herself to a bowl a day, year around.

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It also cures arthritis

yes I said it cures arthritis. Mom can cross-stitch again, I've seen it. Quick like bunny. Can go for hours, used to have to stop and rest after 15 minutes.

Or if you don't like swallowing capsules you could swallow a few glasses of wine instead. Might not work as well but you won't care...

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