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Meat and Dairy Cause Cancer (T. Colin Campbell)

Alarming speech by Dr. Campbell (the China Study), who actually grew up on a dairy farm himself but became a vegan after seeing the results from his own research: animal products and their link to cancer.

A practically lone voice crying in the wilderness, it seems, considering the popularity of the low carb diets and the high consumption of animal products in general. We (and I include myself as a cheese lover) only want to hear what we want to hear, but the truth always comes out sooner or later.

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Dr. Fuhrman on Dietary Misinformation

Dr. Fuhrman responds to many of the common criticisms of his nutritional recommendations and he addresses some of the dietary misinformation circulating around the internet:

you get what you pay for

Proverbs 12:10 Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast, but the mercy of the wicked is cruel.

Exodus 23:19 “The best of the firstfruits of your ground you shall bring into the house of the Lord your God. “You shall not boil a young goat in its mother's milk.

1 Timothy 5:18 For the Scripture says, “You shall not muzzle an ox when it treads out the grain,” and, “The laborer deserves his wages.”

Luke 14:5 And he said to them, “Which of you, having a son or an ox that has fallen into a well on a Sabbath day, will not immediately pull him out?”

When you buy cheap food, you will get cows taken to feeding pens fed corn with no freedom to move, the omega 3 to 6 profile is horrible not to mention other factors, same with chicken and even farmed fish has tarrible omega 3. Anitbiotics, growth hormone and unnatural feed mixed with glutonony greed and ignorance is the cause of our problems today. Our parents ate grass fed cows and now we have to pay a premium for it.


you need 21 amino acids and meat is a protien in its complete form whereas with plants you need a variety to get all what you need.

The problem with low carb diets is poeple up their intake of meat, we can only process so much protein at a time.

Think about it as hunter in wild, you don't just eat the flesh, but the organs made of fat ie brain, liver, kidney etc etc nothing is left to waste even the bones are cooked (stock & bone marrow is fat)

If you are thin and cut carbs you are essentialy starving your body of energy. Converting excess meat into glucose is very in-efficient process.

You have to choose between carbs or fat for energy and protein in form of meat should make up a small part of diet ie work out how active you are, thats why bodybuilders eat all day to maximise protein intake, but is this good lol.

Dairy being bad is alot of bull, some poeple have adapted to dairy and others haven't, as simple as that, if you aren't adapted then don't eat dairy, but don't tell those adapted not to eat it. Drinking low fat milk is very very bad if you see what they had to do to milk to get it that way. Anything low fat is bad period.

Given the number of cars on the road

factories that dump toxic waste in the drinking water and get the equivalent fine of dropping a quarter, and the like you can go ahead and eat meat and drink dairy without worry of increasing your chances of getting cancer; drinking and breathing are doing enough damage.

Look what I just found about antioxidants.

Looks like they're bad too.

Thanks for the song.

I'll take my Liberty, it's not yours to give.

You are welcome

You should see his song about common core ... I mean "New Math" (song name). Granted his gripe isn't as big as ours but just puts things in a new perspective in a funny way.

I love the comment in the link where the poster states that they're just going to eat bacon. :)

Hope this doesn't bode poorly for us

that people appear to be trending away from meat as a food.

My family is actually wanting to try more types of meat such as elk (we checked this off and it was great!), venison, rabbit, goat, lamb, wild turkey, and others.

We plan to raise cows, chickens, goats, and pigs on our farm with no antibiotics, hopefully no vaccines but we'll see, no growth hormones, no "chemical" pesticides or fertilizers, and use natural foraging and grass feeding. We'll use management intensive grazing for the cows. We will allow the pigs, chickens, and goats to forage in their areas with only limited amounts of natural/organic supplemental feed.

If my wife has her way we'll also have a milk cow or two, a large garden, and lots of egg laying chickens producing natural and/or organic products. We may get into aquaponics to raise some fish too.

Personally, I can't imagine not eating meat, but to each their own I guess. I hope for the sake of our future livelihood though that people don't abandon meat... after all it's quite tasty!

Our family's journey from the Rocket City to the Redoubt:

Sorry but people are trending away from meat.

And that's a good thing! Animal farming is unsustainable and the tremendous consumption of meat (naively believing that there's no such thing as too much protein) has led to horrific factory "farming" because they can mass produce.

People are waking up and realizing they should not only buy humanely raised that's certified by legit third parties but also cut down on their meat consumption. Only a matter of time before people like you wake up too.

Righto Dinah

Life is getting better and the people are getting smarter by the day..LOL
Soon we can all be sheeple and eat grass.....
won't the establishment be happy.
Just think how cheap it will be to feed the sheep.

Some animals are plant eaters and some are meat eaters...
note the difference between the two.
Interesting isn't it.

This is my only bump for your latest meat bashing...til next time.

Dthompson's picture

Same Here!


Sounds like a great plan. This is the same path we are taking.

Good Luck.

"When governments fear the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny."

-Thomas Jefferson

You may find these resources

You may find these resources useful and inspirational:

Free Bird from raegan hodge on Vimeo.

A feel- good story about one farm and their devotion to pasture raised poultry.


Those were good.

The second video is like what we plan to do, but on a much smaller scale since we have less land.

We're going to rotate the meat chickens behind the cows in small managed pastures like that though.

We probably will have the pigs and goats separate, but may allow the pigs to help till the garden area and the goats to keep the winter pasture in check during the summer months.

Thanks again for the videos!

Our family's journey from the Rocket City to the Redoubt:

CUD from Joe York on Vimeo.

CUD from Joe York on Vimeo.

Another link:

Another link:

It's great to see people interested in this stuff.


You sir are incorrect. If you have ever been around someone on the atkins or ketogenic diet you immediately realize after watching them lose 50 pounds or more how incredibly healthy a all meat diet is.

Whatever I eat is best!!!!!!

And all you people who eat stuff I don't eat are all getting diseases and will DIE SOON!!!!
SO I'm gonna sit here and defend my diet to the death!!!!

I Always Found It Rather Obsurd

To suggest that milk is somehow poisonous to mammals. Laughable.

To suggest that milk is

To suggest that milk is somehow poisonous to mammals. Laughable.

For mammals, the purpose of milk is to promote growth. Useful for the young, possibly harmful for adults. Look up insulin and IGF-1 roles in cell (normal and cancer) proliferation.

We are omnivores. Period. We

We are omnivores. Period.

We are always evolving and what is best for us at some time won't be the same later. EG it's arguable asians tolerate carbs better because they were civilized, agriculturalized long before europeans were. A lot of people probably died during that process though. Their diet changed their nature.

Different races are at different points on the carnivore-herbivore scale.

No human has yet to become completely herbivore or omnivore, though. If it ever happens it will be a long while. You will suffer for trying to do one alone.

That said:

Eat what you want. Leave me to do the same.

Only since the Great Fall.

In Genesis 1, man and animals were actually vegan. Then came sin; then came death.


Have the fastest rate of developing diabetes in the West.

They are obviously not suited for a Western diet and coupled with their sedentary lifestyle they will be paying huge health care bills for some time to come imo.

Since many are not interested in physical labor in the West, they will most likely have many more other ailments I think. I know of several older Asians who have a ton of health problems, some from over eating and another who has since perished to a 'perverted' diet imo. These are highly educated people with advanced specialized degrees in biological sciences and medical sciences that must have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to obtain and yet they even succumb to ignorance and irresponsibility in the context of nutrition and health especially. If they had remained in Asia they would most likely still be alive and/or in much better physical and psychological condition I think. Some have specifically told me they cannot stop eating large daily servings of fresh lobster for example.

They try to live the life of carefree Westerners but their bodies have not yet adapted from what I gather. I see more and more of them lining up at fast food places everyday.

BTW, Eating like a rabbit is not going to save you because people are not rabbits.


But, they're not fat!! :-\

Have the fastest rate of developing diabetes in the West.

But, they're not fat!! :-\


The 'dirty' French eats tons of dairy and live quite healthy as do the Dutch and Germans and Swiss and Austrians.

I think they are obviously more active and naturally the cheese for example has less contaminated ingredients and more natural ones.

The Germans also eats a boat load of sausages if you have not noticed ie. 'Oktoberfeast' and Texans most likely eat tons of steak.

The Russians probably tons of meat too along with the rest of the former Eastern European vassal States.

They have cancer but I do not think it is off the charts.

Eastern European though laden with fats has much more natural ingredients from what I have experienced.

What about the Japanese? They eat tons of fish?

Greeks also have fat laden foods but eat lots of cheese and meats but the olives and lamb might offset this I think. Lamb is easy on the digestive system and the olive should be too.

Besides the food is cooked is very important as well along with all the tons of grapes they ingest.


Aw Bull Puck

Does Dr. Campbell have a book out or one soon to be released? Always seems to be the case when someone has the newest research regarding something that isn't good for you or causes cancer.

I don't listen to these guys anymore. How many times has it been said something is good for you, then it isn't good for you, or it causes cancer, blah blah blah.

A healthy common sense diet, with an emphasis on trying to get the highest uncomtaminated quality product you can, then enjoy the food and life. I believe in a balanced diet, it keeps my head balanced as well. You can go off on your Vegan trips, Lacto ovo trips, pita trips, fruit loop trips, I really don't care, but you know, just leave me alone and go beat your drum in your closet.

I am 62 years old and have had a relatively healthy life. I have outlived many "vegan" friends who were always chastizing me for eating meat, fish, and dairy. So what's the point? I like ice cream, I like real butter, I love fresh cream, I like raw milk, I like farm raised chicken, beef, pork, fresh fish, garden vegetables, fresh fruit from the tree and vine, beans and legumes, I love humus, I like chocolate, I love a Coke from Mexico that has real sugar in it, I love honey, etc.
I DON'T LIKE what the corporations have done to our food supply! That is where the cancer is coming from, and if you are unlucky enough to have a "weak" family gene pool. People ignore the fact that many people have a very strong constitution in their family line that helps fight off cancers and other illnesses. Although the onslaught of modern day carcinogens is so great everyone is being weakened to some degree and put at risk.

I would dismiss this study

What meat and dairy was used? Its not what its in my fridge.

I buy 100% grass fed organic RAW milk. Everything I've read says its not the same as the factory farm pasteurized crap on most shelves.

Meat, I also buy 100% grassfed (sometimes organic) meat.....again from reading, it's not the same as the grain fed, hormone, antibiotic, factory crap in supermarkets.

This point alone tells me that this theory blows. The fact that humans need B-12 to survive, which comes from meat.
There's a few non-meat choices but it's not common.

True vitamin A comes from meat.

Also, if you want to make a war on food. Look at the all of the processed crap in supermarkets. Sugar and monsanto corn and soy is everywhere.

Wrong. It was in organic dairy & meat in China.

Maybe you should do some research before you post.

Everything you read? You haven't read enough!!

Although RAW milk is a...well I wouldn't necessarily call it "Healthier" alternative, lets call it a less polluted one. Milk produces a protein called Casien. When we are pre-puberty, we produce an enzyme that has the ability to unravel the Casien protein and digest it. After puberty, we lose that ability! So what happens to the Casien protein once we are unable to digest it?
Here all the answers to all of your HEALTH QUESTIONS. Should we eat meat? Do our anatomy's fit that of a Carnivore or a Herbivore?

Professor Walter J. Veith - world renowned scientist, author, and lecturer, has traveled widely throughout North America and the world presenting his visually documented Amazing Discoveries seminar series to large, enthusiastic crowds. Read about how he changed from an atheist and evolutionist to a Christian and creationist.