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Meat and Dairy Cause Cancer (T. Colin Campbell)

Alarming speech by Dr. Campbell (the China Study), who actually grew up on a dairy farm himself but became a vegan after seeing the results from his own research: animal products and their link to cancer.

A practically lone voice crying in the wilderness, it seems, considering the popularity of the low carb diets and the high consumption of animal products in general. We (and I include myself as a cheese lover) only want to hear what we want to hear, but the truth always comes out sooner or later.


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Sugar and grains make the

Sugar and grains make the body acidic and cause inflammation.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Then why was arthritis reversed...

...in people after going on a vegan diet? You can read about them on Dr. John McDougall's Website. These are real people who went from being meateaters to vegans living mostly on grains.

Incidentally, my chronic neck pain (arthritis in the spine and former surgery) has subsided substantially since abandoning meat and dairy. I doubt that's a coincidence. The vegans are right again.

It's not the acidity of the food that is important, it's the

acidity of the blood as a result of eating the food that matters.

Your body is effectively an alkaline battery. If you blood tends toward acidity, the body will start breaking down.

There's a short book Alkalize Yourself which describes which foods produce an acidic condition in the blood and which produce an alkaline condition. Some foods that produce an alkaline condition are themselves acidic.

An example of how the body tries to maintain an alkaline state and eating acid producing foods destroys the body is excessive intake of animal proteins.

Eating most animal proteins, milk in particular, result in acidic blood. To neutralize this, the body pulls calcium out of your bones. (manufactured by your bones for the very purpose of keeping the blood alkaline)

If you eat too much animal proteins, and especially those that produce a stronger acid level, then you'll pull more calcium out of your bones than your bones can produce - resulting in osteoporosis. (among other things)

Yes, drinking milk will cause osteoporosis. (the calcium in the milk is not in a readily digestible dietary form. It isn't even enough to counter the acid produced by digesting the milk proteins, thus you are guaranteed a net negative calcium level by drinking it) If you want good digestible calcium to counter animal protein acidity, eat dark green leafy vegetables with your meats. (broccoli, kale, collards, mustard greens, chard)

The acid from eating those proteins is first produced in the stomach and gut as the proteins are broken down. Excessive acid in the stomach can cause a reflux condition, which left unchecked will tear up the throat and lead to esophageal cancer.

You don't have to eliminate ALL meat or animal proteins, and certainly not all of them are "worst offenders" but our bodies weren't made for a diet which consist MOSTLY of animal proteins.

I'd say though that the larger problem isn't the proportion of animal to plant proteins one ingests, but rather that most people are still likely eating the vast majority of their diet in the form of prepackaged food laced with all sorts of things you were never meant to eat in any significant quantity.

Switch to a diet of fresh (if not homegrown) food first, then start altering the animal/plant ratio.

There's also research that combination of foods is a critical consideration. For example, mixing animal proteins and grains is a no-no. But animal protein and veggies mix fine as well as veggies and grains. Just don't mix grains and animals in the same meal. And only eat fruits and nuts as snacks in between - not with the meal.

If you eat meat

it would be best to eat wild game or grass fed beef.

Liberty is on the march, tyranny is on the run!

If just for the taste alone!! Grass fed and wild game is so much

more flavorful than the junk that's otherwise out there it's no contest.


I agree completely. I think alot of misinformation stems from the differences between tainted meat (GMO laced and such) and all-natural grass-feed meat.

Yeah, are they using

Yeah, are they using expensive grass fed meat in all the studies or GMO stuff? lol Just comes down to natural and everything in moderation

Yes, in the China Study, they did...

...use grass-fed meat and nonpasteurized milk. Sorry but they got the results -- cancer.

Well, yes and no...


Hypothesis: Humans are adapted to starvation and the metabolically related low CHO diet/INSINH state. On the other hand, cancers in large cohorts of people in developed countries are under high chronic insulin stimulation and are largely unexposed to the unfamiliar INSINH state. These cancers will sensibly express a wide range of molecular and metabolic vulnerabilities to INSINH. However, they may express an equally wide range of adaptive mutations. Investigators have confirmed both vulnerability of some cancer types to inhibition by added ketone bodies as well as continued uninhibited cancer growth with added KBs in other cancers.


Cancer rates have been soaring...

...in the past few decades, fyi.

Obesity Epidemic: Caused by The Most Destructive Organization

Obesity Epidemic: Caused by The Most Destructive Organization in America - Video


Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Neil: "Sleep causes cancer, man. Everyone knows that."

Neil: "Where's Mike an' Vivian, then?"

Rick: "They're late! We're only on time because you kept me up all night, pacing around and ringing bells!"

Neil: "Sleep causes cancer, man. Everyone knows that."

Rick: "You know the difference between you and some number twos? Nothing! Hah!"

--The Young Ones, Oil

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Cancer used to be rare

Now it's commonplace. We consume far more animal products than ever, especially dairy (casein). It isn't just the chemicals in food; in the case of animal products, it's the food itself.

As Dr. Barnard said, there should be warning labels on meat and dairy just as there are warning labels on cigarettes.

"Everything is permissible"--but not everything is beneficial." (1 Cor. 10:23)


We actually eat fewer animal products per capita than we did just a few short decades ago. Consumption of saturated animal fat is down 5 to 10% since federal "nutrition guidelines" were introduced. Despite this, cancer is, as you say, becoming increasingly prevalent. Why?

What we eat plenty more of these days is sugar and grains. Cancer cells in the body feed almost exclusively on glucose, the major building block of most sugars and starches. Chronically high blood sugar is clinically linked to higher incidence of diabetes, inflammation and obesity. But of course, sugars and grains have no relation to causing cancer. Obviously it's the meat and dairy. Obviously.

Sorry again but you're wrong

By any chance, are you getting your statistics from the paleo sites, which make money off their diet books, or from the Weston Price site, which makes money from the animal product industry?

I'd follow the money if I were you. We consume more animal products, especially dairy, than ever before. It's in everything.

Actually, I got it straight from a vegan website

You can read it here: Consumption of Animal Products Declining in US Yet Surging Globally - http://freefromharm.org/animal-products-and-culture/consumpt...

These people certainly have nothing to gain from the big bad "animal product industry"... Or are they just an elaborate front?

So US consumption of animal products is actually declining, yet the incidence of cancer, diabetes and obesity is skyrocketing. The solution must be to lower our meat consumption even further.

And if we're going to be following the money, you must be blind if you are ignoring wheat which is in FAR more products than dairy, heavily subsidized by government, and endorsed by the USDA in their nutrition guidelines. Everyone eat your grains so big industrial ag can keep making heaps and heaps more money.

That's current news

But, as I'm sure you know, I was talking about the past several decades in the U.S. -- it has soared as cancer has soared. Especially dairy, the number one food carcinogen for breast, colon, and prostate cancer, according to the research that isn't paid for by the dairy industry, that is.

"Actually, I got it straight from a vegan website"

I love it !!!


Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

As I told the other poster

meat consumption has been going down only recently in the U.S. It has soared in the past several decades; hence we have far more breast, colon, and prostate cancer today than ever before. The statistics are plain to see.

Nutrition & Behavior -

Nutrition & Behavior - Russell Blaylock, M.D.


Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Meat based, grain free diet

Meat based, grain free diet results in healthier teeth, but at the same time causes cancer?

If that's true...

...then I suppose you have a choice: the chance of healthier teeth or the chance of lowering the risk of cancer.

Personally, I'll take the lower cancer risk. But that's me.

Our teeth must be conspiring

Our teeth must be conspiring against the rest of the body...

Too much sugar is bad.

In fact, too much of just about anything is bad for you, as everyone knows.

Pretty funny, though -- Here's the alarming speech by Campbell on the actual proof that animal protein clearly causes cancer, and teeth cavities from eating too much sugar is the only defense to his research that you could find?

I think this guys gut is

I think this guy's gut is conspiring with his teeth against the rest of his body.

I think his diet is

I think his diet is conspiring against his brain, his body and the rest of us.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Cancer and candida love sugar and refined carbs.

We consume much more sugar and refined carbs than ever before. Cancer and candida love sugar and refined carbs.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Please reference the studies...

...showing that sugar and refined carbs cause cancer.

Sugar is a scapegoat, by the way, not only for cancer but for diabetes.

What is your medical background?

Because I am no fan of Pharma based medicine, but if you do not understand the link between sugar and metabolism and therefore diabetes, you are in way over your head.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Sugar doesn't cause diabetes

I used to believe that sugar causes diabetes too. Until I read up on it and was very surprised. Once diabetic, of course, sugar intake must be controlled, but you do not get diabetes from too much sugar. It's a myth.


"Type-2 Diabetes – the Expected Adaptation to Overnutrition" (i.e. overeating):