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Meat and Dairy Cause Cancer (T. Colin Campbell)

Alarming speech by Dr. Campbell (the China Study), who actually grew up on a dairy farm himself but became a vegan after seeing the results from his own research: animal products and their link to cancer.

A practically lone voice crying in the wilderness, it seems, considering the popularity of the low carb diets and the high consumption of animal products in general. We (and I include myself as a cheese lover) only want to hear what we want to hear, but the truth always comes out sooner or later.


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Chapter/verse, please

Please provide the chapter and verse where the Bible says specifically that Christ ate lamb (and I don't mean the Passover meal).

And, again, even if He did, it DOES NOT MATTER. The Passover meal was strictly about the atonement for sins. If Christ ate lamb at the Passover meal, the message to take away from that IS NOT that eating meat is somehow virtuous and being a vegan is not. The message is that Christ IS the Lamb of God and that Christ reigns, period.

It appears you're still living in pre-resurrection days. Post-resurrection, the lion lies down with the lamb and we return to the Garden, where man is, clearly, vegan.

what I think

causes many cases or may accelerate cancer,(according to many different studies)is casein protein which is found in milk and dairy products.
Not to mention all the hormones that are in them.I personally never drink milk or eat dairy products and mainly use coconut almond milk.I don't see similar studies about meats though and it's probably ok if you eat a little regular(hormone)meat once in a while but I would recommend free range or grass fed animal proteins mostly.It is also important that you never char or burn your meats when cooking them because that creates carcinogens.Yes,I know healthy meats are more expensive but you are worth it and they taste so much better anyway.Just do what I do,eat smaller portions of them.I buy grass fed beef by the pound and divide it up into four portions(quarter pound servings).Costs around $2.00 per serving.That is still cheaper than a horse burger.lol




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Oh, please.

Give me a break. If I listened to every hysterical pseudo-intellectual telling me that something I ate or drank would give me cancer, I'd have starved to death long ago.

Why is this post getting

Why is this post getting voted down? I guess there are a lot of meat eaters here...LOL

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...


Funny though...I am female and prefer meat and veggies. Most females love pasta and starches(that I know). I stay away from those the most, except rice.

The China Study, and T. Colin Campbell, are a sham

Denise Minger has thoroughly discredited the China Study, and most of its dubious claims that meat is killing us. In her blog, Raw Food SOS, she examined the Dr's cherry-picked studies and exposed the blatant bias used in selecting and spinning them. The China Study essentially amounts to vegan fear-mongering.

If you've gotten stirred up by reading The China Study, or by the video above, here's a great afternoon of reading: http://rawfoodsos.com/the-china-study/

Who's Denise Minger?

And from where does she get her authority?

Yes, I did.

That's why I asked the question.

From the "About" section:
"College: Attended Northern Arizona University. Changed majors several times, bouncing between the sciences (to feed my brain) and the arts (to feed my soul). Eventually settled on English,"

Majored in English and reads/writes a lot about nutrition. Okay.

Personally, I listen to the people, with the credentials, who've conducted the actual research studies that were not paid for by the industries that want the results skewed their way nor conducted by a government panel on which those industries sit. That's why I posted Campbell's speech about the unbiased China Study.

Bullsh!t in a China shop

China Study: "An unnecessary amount of questionable correlations leading the wrong way, dragging us into unnecessary debates with green zealots."

That about nails it.

That about nails it.

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I have never seen conclusive

I have never seen conclusive evidence that vegetarians are healthier than non vegetarians. There are many bad things put into all of our foods, these days..

Have you been to the hospital

Have you been to the hospital lately? You really don't think that the 1.4 million people that a year from heart disease die from eating broccoli and apples, do you?

What do you think they pull out of the body during the autopsy? Not strawberries, I'll tell you..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

They die from the sugar and grains they consume

" You really don't think that the 1.4 million people that a year from heart disease die from eating broccoli and apples, do you?"

No. They die from the sugar, grains and processed and fast foods they consume.

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Margarine has killed more that all wars combined.

Plant oils and Hydrogenated plant oils are deadly.

That, sugars and starches have put 1.4 million in hospital.

Mineral deficiencies compound the problems.

Free includes debt-free!

Man, you got that right.

Man, you got that right.

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That's part of it, but the

That's part of it, but the majority is from animal products..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

I'm a recent Vegan

I lived my whole life (31 years) on a SAD (standard american diet) - daily meat & dairy consumption, little plant intake with meals. I recently - 3 months ago gave up all animal based food products and substituted them with super foods and a plant based diet. Let me just express to the nay-sayers that this was the most beneficial move I have ever made. I have always exercised relatively well my entire life. Once I stopped consuming meat and dairy I dropped 20 lbs in less than three months while basically exercising very little. I feel amazing. My skin looks amazing. I'm full every day. I have more energy than I've felt before. I take vitamin B-12 as all vegans should.

Let people eat what they will, it is a free country right? I was a die hard meat loving cheese consuming American and I HAVE NO REGRETS. Meat & dairy (even 'organic') contain Endo-Toxins that inflame the body for up to six hours after consumed, hardening the arteries, and opening the body up to disease. These endo-toxins cannot be cooked away or die off when the meat is chemically washed with ammonia before shipped to stores. Animal products have been scientifically shown to increase weight gain significantly more than a plant based diet. In fact, you can eat 500 calories of nuts each day and you wont gain weight from it! Surprisingly chicken is the WORST & most toxic of animal meats American's consume, much more unhealthy compared to red meat.

The FDA food pyramid is a lie. The SAD diet is a lie and is why heart disease is the #1 killer in America. Dr. Greger has an awesome website nutritionfacts.org and puts daily videos on every subject imaginable.

THIS VIDEO IS AWESOME IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS TOPIC http://nutritionfacts.org/video/uprooting-the-leading-causes...

I'll agree to disagree with meat & dairy eaters. But there are some on this thread who passionately defend meat and dairy while ignoring the overwhelming evidence which exists supporting a plant based diet over animal flesh. Eat at your own risk.

Be careful in assuming that

Be careful in assuming that all of those who eat meat and dairy do not eat a plant based diet. I am one of those. I understand the benefits of properly prepared organic animal products and the benefits of eating mostly organic veggies and a little fruit and for me, no grain.

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Isn't the goal to be strong and healthy?

http://mrolympiausa.blogspot.com/2012/12/kai-greene-kai-gree... You will lose muscle with your meat and dairy logic. American ag has been gmo'd to kill it's farmer's strength. No one will buy America's grain. America's livestock is tortured, living hell on earth and is pumped with tons of antibiotics. Insist on stopping this, insist on an end to GMO. This is the biggest push back in America today, followed by fluoride in the public water supply.


And you don't get muscle from animal protein. We've been fed (no pun intended) a lie on the muscle gain from animal protein theory.

btw, did you know that the historical documents that called the gladiators "the Barley Men" has been confirmed? Here's an article on the archeology that astounded the archeologists, who had expected to find that they were really meat eaters:


Suffice to say, it turns out that what builds muscle is starch -- of all things. Good news for the lowly potato, which has been so maligned by the meat/dairy industry.



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And there are some...

...who perpetuate the lie that a diet high in protein builds muscle. All it builds is obesity, cancer, and heart disease.

Sorry dinahtab, but you simply do not know that

Sorry dinahtab, but you simply do not know that.

You would be doing well to do more learning about nutrition and less preaching.

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I read and provided links

That's why I can say that. No preaching here -- you can see for yourself, if you'll read the links and take a look at Campbell's research results. Numbers don't lie.

dinahtab, LOL ! The choir

dinahtab, LOL ! The choir knows better than what you're preaching. Good luck! ;-)

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

You know..

This may be off topic, but the more I learn about vegans the more I see flaws in their logic and their lifestyle. Their whole thing is to stop consumption of all animals and against anything that's bad for the environment, right?

Well, why do the majority of them still own or use products that are made from animals or are bad for the earth? Why do they drive automobiles or live in houses constructed of materials that are bad for the earth? And do they actually know that a fruit, vegetable or any plant for that matter are living organisms as well? It doesn't matter if they don't feel pain or do not have a brain, they're still living growing things. Do vegans have some bias towards living things with eyes and not for the ones without? LOL

Ok, rant or whatever it is over now lol

On subject, I know milk and meats have their cons, but so does any other foods. It depends on the individual, really. Every person is different and have different digestive systems. I know that colostrum(nutrient built milk calves drink first 6 days of birth) can be amazing for ones body, even killing cancerous issues and other diseases in humans. I also know some meats like Kangaroo steak (never had it I just heard lol) are really good for your health as well. Being an omnivore may not be for everyone, but it worked really well for cavemen/women, so I see no issue here (As long as it's free range/organic foods).

Avoid ALL extremes.

Simple Bible verse...simple common sense.

Biblically Speaking..

Adam & Eve (and decedents) were permitted to eat (certain) animals AFTER the fall of mankind, not while they were in their perfect bodies living in the garden.

Anyone remember their Bible lessons? Remember that God instructed Daniel and his cohorts to not eat the royal food of king Nebuchadnezzar's palace? He and his buddies did so well on a plant based diet that king Nebuchadnezzar had his own men switch over to Daniel's diet.

The book of Genesis is pretty specific on 'not eating meat that still has the life blood in it'

I realize that meat was consumed by many in the Bible, but between meat & plants (YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE TO MAKE) I think there is a clear winner.