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Freedom Rock: Muse - The 2nd Law

found MUSE's album today, The 2nd Law, and spent my morning cruising the DP and listening. Think its cool and perfect for an hour in Pursuit of Liberty. What are you guys listening to?


- Animal 9:45
- Big Freeze Heading our Way 14:05
- Follow Me 19:50
- Madness 22:30
- **Unsustainable: 35:25
- light the fuse / choose to survive 39:30
- power trapped within 44:19
- new unknown 47:25

- or the actual song titles -

01 The 2nd Law Isolated System
02 Supremacy
03 Animals
04 Big Freeze
05 Follow Me
06 Madness
07 Liquid State
08 Save Me
09 The 2nd Law Unsustainable
10 Prelude
11 Survival
12 Panic Station
13 Explorers

previous album ,The Resistance:

I'm old and rarely listen to popular music, but these guys are incredible.

Every DPer has got to hear:

Time is Running Out:

also, just cool:


New Born:


Follow Me:

Any Other Suggestions for Liberty- Loving Tunes?

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