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Egyptian ambassador slaps airport security guard in Cyprus (VIDEO)

[Warning: Only For The Inviolable! Do Not Try This At 'Home']


The Egyptian Ambassador to Cyprus has been caught on video slapping a police officer at Larnaca airport. The local authorities have taken the blame for the embarrassing incident, admitting to the ill-mannered behavior of the security staff.

­Video of the incident shows Menha Mahrous Bakhoum swearing at the police before slapping one of the officers. The diplomat claimed she was subject to verbal and physical humiliation by airport security despite her diplomatic immunity.


“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses publicly and sincerely its regrets and apologises for the treatment of the ambassador, which was not in conformity with the principle of inviolability of the person and respect of diplomatic representatives,” Cyprus Foreign Minister Marcoullis said in a statement.

[emphasis mine]

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