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Defending the Undefendable (Chapter 5: The Drug Addict) by Walter Block (Audio)

I started smoking about 5 years ago for several reasons and since then I regularly have to deal with people who are intolerant of my choice to smoke.

For 35 years I had been an excessive drinker and decided to stop drinking. The first 90 days of not drinking was incredibly difficult for me and so I started smoking to help me fight through the toughest times. I went 3 years without drinking at all and over the past couple years I've drank a total of about 8 beers.

But, smoking also has helped me lose weight. I eat much less crap because I smoke. Smoking calms my nerves too. I'm fully aware that smoking might take 6 - 10 years off of my life, but that's my decision. I'd rather enjoy smoking everyday for next 20 years than not smoke and live for 25 or 30 years.

Just like drugs, people should be able to choose what they put into their bodies and have the freedom to live their lives the way that makes them comfortable. Smoking might solve the problem that many people have who currently take psychotropic meds. Smoking is a better social lubricant for me than excessive drinking was.

If living to the maximum age possible is the goal of someone, who is to say where they draw should the line on the type of things they do which might cause them to die prematurely? For instance, if someone wants to increase their odds of living they should never drive a car. They should never go rock climbing, skydiving, or bungie jumping, etc.

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Below is the audiobook version of chapter 5 from Walter Blocks "Defending the Undefendable". It's a great listen for liberty loving people who must understand tolerance.


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Defending the Undefendable is a great book

I've downloaded and listened to the entire audiobook. It really helps you understand opposing views.