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Criminal investigation into "black site" stalled because it will embarrass the Polish State

There is not much that bothers me more than our so called leaders lying, ignoring, and/or classifying information because it might embarrass itself or some other Nation State. It would be more than embarassing...more than likely it would implicate the US in illegal activities including war crimes.

Our so called leaders gain their power to rule over us by "The consent of the Governed". The State should NOT be allowed to keep ANYTHING secret other than the information about citizens. The State should do everyting in its power to protect OUR privacy and to be completely transparent in all its activities. The State is doing everything backwards and opposite of what it was created to do. It should be abolished...but until then no one should comply with any of its directives. It has become competely illegitimate and distructive to our life, liberty, and pursut of happiness.

Lawyers for two men who say they were held illegally in a secret CIA jail on Polish territory argue that a landmark criminal investigation into the "black site" is being stalled because a trial will embarrass the Polish state.

Polish prosecutors are investigating the country's role in a global operation run by U.S. secret services a decade ago to transport suspected al Qaeda members to facilities outside the United States where they could be held and interrogated without the safeguards set out under U.S. law.

Poland is one of only two countries known to have opened a criminal investigation into the secret jails, and its case could set a precedent for prosecutions in other countries. If it languishes, it greatly reduces the chances that the global veil over "black sites" will be lifted.


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So investigations of such atrocities are going to be stalled...

...because it could be embarrassing?

Why not just shut down all criminal investigations then, because someone might be embarrassed.

Good grief.