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I'm in my 50's and not planning on seeing a dime by the time I'm eligable. Fortunately, I started a business whereby I can work from home some 16 years ago. I knew then that ss was going broke.

I guess I'll work until they find me slumped over my keyboard.

Of course we all would be much better off had we had a sound dollar over the last 100 years and little or no govt. intervention via all these programs. Just think how much money would have been accumulated over one's life if they took that portion equal to ss and invested on their own. Long live the sheeple I guess.

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For some 35 years...

I've known that I would never collect a dime from SS. I'm almost 61 now and I see them changing the age to be eligible. I know they will keep making changes because they HAVE to. There's no money and there never was. They have only tricked suckers into paying a "tax" thinking they were actually putting money AWAY in a "LOCKBOX" (so damn funny if it didn't hurt so much). Foolish "Americans". WHEN WILL WE START TO WAKE UP?????

Beware the cult of "government"...

I too have....

I too have my own business and choke whenever I have to write a check for payroll takes, namely SS and Medicare. As the employer and sole employee, I have to pay both sides of that tax, now over 15%. Basically I'm loaning Uncle Sam the money and he promises to repay it someday but I think he is a poor credit risk and have been thinking about demanding Uncle Sam put-up some collateral such as the federal courthouse in Seattle or perhaps several thousand acres in a nearby national forest.