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Rand Paul's Israel statement possibly cut off and taken out of context

I was reading comments on one of Jack Hunter's posts on Facebook, and someone posted a comment claiming that the Daily Caller cut off Rand in the video and took what he said out of context. I looked on the internet for the full video but couldn't find it. But it's certainly possible that the Daily Caller edited the video and took Rand's statement out of context on purpose in order to cause division among the liberty movement. This is the comment that someone made on Facebook.

"Except no one is reading the rest of Rand Paul's quote to the DC. The DC cut off the quote halfway. He went on to say that this is a more effective deterrent for war than sending F-16s to both Egypt and Israel sparking an arms race."

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Can't find the full interview, even Breitbart has

removed the video. http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-TV/2013/01/24/Rand-On-Pre...

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I hope someone has the full

I hope someone has the full video or a transcript.

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A fave song..

from my yoot! :D When I still thought the world could be saved if only they would listen....

The Kinks - Destroyer

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And the plot thickens. :)

And the plot thickens. :)