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R3VOLution Lapel Pins For Sale

So, I plan to start myself a small business, which is inspired by Rob, from the Revolution Car Badges; special thanks to Rob for your inspiration. I have had these lapel pins made to replicate those chrome car emblems. They are more of a test product to see how well the lapel pins do within the community and I have many more of my own original ideas which I plan to implement to get this business into full-swing depending on how well the pins sell. I plan to dedicate this business to the education of liberty and it will include many items such as t-shirts, bumper stickers, hats, patches, and so on. The items themselves will be thought-provoking and somewhat humorous, but will also have background information on the website to give further perspective to the importance of the messages that they portray.

Anyway, the pins are 2" x .5" and are plated with silver. I am asking for 15 Federal Reserve Notes each, plus shipping. I will also be donating at least 10% of my profits to some sort of liberty cause movement.

 photo R3volution_zps18710762.png

Not sure if the link for the picture will work.


You can email satorisenya@mail.com for further information or any questions.

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Love the idea but

2"x5"? That's wider than any lapel I have. And I have two double breasteds if you count my tuxedo. Something closer to 8x15mm perhaps?

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.