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Much like the DP, the Ron Paul subreddit is being overrun by Rand Paul related news. This was posted in response:

Ron Paul is not Rand Paul; can we stop please?

Ron Paul is very different from Rand Paul ideologically. There are many facts that support this, but I'll just put one (if you'd like to make a list, make a thread below) - Rand Paul endorsed Romney instead of Ron Paul.

So, if you want to post something Rand Paul related and not Ron Paul related, can we post it somewhere else? There is a Rand Paul subreddit. Rand doesn't deserve the recognition his father gets for such different views, and everytime a post here praises him, I can't help but wonder how many people are aware of the difference between the two. Considering that he may run for President in 2016, it's important that people be aware. I can't help but think that his supporters are misinformed or he has a good PR team. Either way, let's do something about this please..