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New Ron Paul Ad: We Have the Answer

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I think the ad will work . . .

because this is the kind of stuff that Americans who are voting for the likes of McCain, Romney, and Huckabee respond to. Anything that reflects the taste of Paul's supporters will only be preaching to the choir. We, They, have to convince those who would normally vote for a "mainstream" candidate to vote for Dr. Paul.

WE don't understand what motivates these people to vote the way they do but, I'll bet the Campaign managers do. I think they know what will push their buttons. I think its up to us to make sure we attract as many of "our kind of people" as possible, and to make sure that we earn the respect of those "mainstream" voters as well.

I feel that if I am going to place my trust in Ron Paul to run this country, then I also have to trust in his decisions regarding his staff and advisers.

Blessings )o(

Good ad

This is a good ad because it appeals to people on a simpler plane. We are supporters and want more because we think other people will be convinced by what we are convinced by. That's just not reality. Now is the time to appeal to those who are not nearly as informed as we are. The support among those who are truly informed is tapped out, this ad is good at reaching those who are a bit simpler, that's where they votes are to be had.


To the posters who seem concerned that the HQ wasted money on a slick, expensive ad, let me tell you about this ad:

The producer/cameraman donated a week of his life to do this (he's Jewish by the way, for those who think Paulites are anti-semitic).

4 of the 5 kids in the video are the children of active duty millitary officers. The 5th child is the homeschooled son of 2 devoted Paul supporters who spend more time volunteering for Paul than anyone I know.

2 of the 3 women in the video are the wives of active duty officers.

The old man raising the flag is a combat veteran, member of the VFW, and a Paul volunteer.

The lady in the parking lot is another Jewish volunteer.


Empower the Grass-Roots!

New Battle Cry: Google "SupportsRonPaul"
Digital Real Estate!

How to Defend Ourselves from the Socialist, Fascist, Communist country we are turning into. I call it:

Explore Freedom 4 Freedom

It's about me, the Middle Class.

One question...

Does, or does it not sound like Mit Romney narrating... just a thought.

I love you guys!!

Somewhere there are men planning the next destructive and evil ploy to make this world their own... The common man is not part of that plan as we would see fit... Merely pawns to be used against one another.

What answer?

"WHO is Ron Paul? What party is he in? WHAT is his answer? How is it different than all the other candidates? Why does he make me feel sh**y with this ad? WHAT DOES HE LOOK LIKE?!?!?!"

....nice attempt at getting some guy to sound like a computerized version of Ronald Regan......I'm sure that was the "secret hook" whomever designed and approved this ad probably patted themselves on the back for all the way home.

When grassroots suggested "get negative", I'm not sure they meant creating a depressing, hopeless ad to make the viewer want to go to bed and put their head under the pillow.

....with friends like these....

"Luctor et Emergo" - Struggle and Emerge

I was waiting...

... to see Hillary or one of the other guys in the end. Is this what America wants? OK but it might be wise to tap into the creative juices of Paul's supporters and get some good ideas they are real Americans! Besides they work cheap! I bet they spent a chunk on this one...HQ your the boss...


I can't belive HQ is wasting our money on crap like this. Don't they get it? It's tepid, undistinguished. Where's the passion? There is nothing in this ad that distinguishes RP from anyone else. Give the YouTubers $5000 and a studio and let them create the ads.

For example, the last section of the Ron Paul DVD Project http://www.ronpauldvdproject.com/themovie.php beginning at about 1:10:00 always makes me cry. "I want to teach my children about ... When we took back our government. For Them. How their country USED to fight unprovoked wars" etcetera.

People support Ron Paul because he's not like everyone else, because he thinks for himself, because he speaks the truth. We who support him also think for ourselves. If HQ's ads look like everybody else's, then I promise that they will have NO impact. Uninformed voters will not learn anything new by such forgettable ads.

A look at the exit polls http://politics.nytimes.com/election-guide/2008/results/vote... show the Ron Paul's main supports come from the 18-29 year olds. That's who the ads should target. This ad wouldn't even register with them.

C'mon, HQ. Pay attention! Ron Paul isn't like all the other candidates. Please don't make him look and sound like he is.


I love it..

You can't go wrong with this ad..I loved it.

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
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My Grandma

could come up with a more catchy ad than that.

"Bankers are putting poison in our food and water." - Psychotic dirtbag conspiracy theorist fake-libertarian, exploiter of Dr. Paul, Alex Jones

Don't Sell me - SHOW ME THE TRUTH!

This is a Revolution!

The announcer sounds like he's selling pharmaceuticals! He's Luring us to Ron Paul - how is this Different than any other Political Ad in History?

Ron Paul's Message is Strong because he TELLS PEOPLE THE TRUTH - FLAT OUT, STRAIGHT UP, IN YOUR FACE!

This announcer sounds like he's trying to Sell me something - I don't want to be Sold - SHOW ME THE REVOLUTION!

eh, it's a single rather than the exuberant "home run" post

We need a cutting edge ad, like the Vendetta stuff people were trying on youtube - they were on the right track, just needed some professional help.
This is a very standard ad.
I wish the hq could "find the verve" and capture the energy of the grassroots and young people who Paul is appealing to.
I want some energy!

Nice but no cigar...

We are running a DIFFERENT campaign here... a REVOLUTIONARY ONE... I am no expert but this commercial does appear to be the same-ole same-ole...
Heck, even Muckabee did something different for next to no money at all - just talk between him and Chuck Norris...

Sorry, but I cant *rave* over this video... there needs to be something UNIQUE AND EYE CATCHING that really makes people THINK!

This video doesnt make anyone think beyond the usual political ads.. its just another flash-in-the-pan commercial... no impact...

I dont know- GET GEORGE LUCAS or someone to do something different if that is what it takes.... there are soooo many hollywood producers out there just bubbling with unusual insperation minds...


This ad, like all the others, is crap. It sounds like a political ad and all it does is make you feel like shit.

The You Tube ads are infinitely better.

These ads should pull the heart strings of America. We are unique, we started it all, we should be ashamed, but there is Hope. Remember Freedom, Remember Prosperity, Remember Liberty. WE ARE AMERICA.

Be Proud. Vote Ron Paul.

My too sense.

I really wish

They would use a different narrator. That guy creeps me out!

Thanks for posting something to bump the two psy ops

currently running that no one has caught.

I Really Like This Ad...

More so than some of the others. It covers a lot of good points facing the country at this time and who the solution is to these problems...Ron Paul for President 2008!

Great ad!


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Great ad!

duplicate... wouldn't go thru once, but then showed up 3 times?

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Be FREE at last! MLK Day moneybomb - Jan. 21!

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/

Great ad!

I really like this one!

I think most Americans can relate to the Going out of Business imagery, the Foreclosure signs, etc.

I still think they should focus on ONE topic at a time
--- Show the problem (people going broke, like with the images noted above)
--- Show the *how* RP as president can solve it!
This ad offers hope, but does not say anything about SOLUTIONS:

Eg, Let's stop spending 1 Trillion dollars per YEAR paying to keep Americans in 130 countries around the world... let's bring that money home to America!

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Be FREE at last! MLK Day moneybomb - Jan. 21!

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/


double post sorry

Hope this is influential

it's a beautifully done ad, with the "polish" the voters are used to.

hope it affects them!

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Be FREE at last! MLK Day moneybomb - Jan. 21!

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/


This is a perfect ad for main stream America. Exactly what will do wonderful in my state of Missouri!! Hope they use it here!!! Very upbeat, and positive!! People in this state are of the old Republican party and this will reach them. They don't much care for the revolution talk. This is one ad to reach the Bible Belt!! Go RON PAUL!!!

Nice, but no cigar...

It wouldn't be a bad ad, for a regular candidate. It won't work for Paul's market. It's the same problem as with the other ones. It's too slick, too professional, too "politics as usual." It would be better to take the very best of the user created ads on YouTube and run those. And run them mostly "as is," without professionalizing them. They convey the true spirit of the revolution, of true change, of something truly fresh, exciting, honest.


Looks like any pol ad .

Nowhere near the intensity of lots online - like the great MLK vid that was just around .

Somehow the unique importance of Paul's msg underrstood here on the web needs to be conveyed in 30 sec to the unwired . I didn't feel that .

Bob Armstrong -- www.CoSy.com : APL2007/OOPSLA followup
www.SerfCity.US Logic of Liberty : Ron Paul and the end of the Broadcast Age

Bob Armstrong -- www.CoSy.com : APL2007/OOPSLA followup
www.SerfCity.US Logic of Liberty : Ron Paul and the end of the Broadcast Age


couldn't agree more-- it would feel much more real and honest and help people feel like they can make a difference and be a part of something

(and probably even cheaper to produce -- i'm assuming most folks would just donate their pieces)

love this one.

love this one.

I've seen this ad posted somewhere else a day or 2 ago...

and a lot of people were comparing it to the "Morning in America" ad by Reagan/Bush which is considered one of the best political ads ever.


The use of the declaration of independence is brilliant that certainly sends a strong subliminal message to voters. www.wakeuplate.com

great ad

Take Nevada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


There is life at the end of the tunnel my friends!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"