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Geometric Metaphors Of Life 1

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spherical packing onto an icosahedron is a 32 pt layer, not 42

as he states. I just double checked. There's no symmetric packing method to add 10 more to the layer. And that's even assuming each of the 3 layers have different sphere radii, otherwise they don't even all touch correctly. I imagine this is why he provides the visual of the 2nd layer but not the 3rd.

While he begins his talk with the disclaimer that he uses "absolutes" when he means "maybes", this is not a debatable point.

Unrelated, if Hebrew has a valid checksum algorithm in its grammatical syntax in Genesis, that'd be pretty interesting.

But he's quite far into woo territory at this point, unreliable.

Funniest quote:
"Both mathematicians and meditating rabbis report that if you turn over a hyperdimensional object (or a 3 dimensional object in hyperdimensional space) in your mind, that is the equivalent of a meditative experience, that does evoke an experience."


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