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Bill Maher and Nancy Pelosi Make Me Sick

Communist Bill Maher and Nancy Pelosi Make Me Sick!!!


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In 2007(early) maher came out in support of ron paul!
oh yes!
he was saying things like "when we find a man as clean as this man, saying what hes saying and his record as impeccable- we need this man as president".
One month later he completely back tracked and became ron pauls biggest media hack against him.
maher should swing for what he did because he explained why ron paul was the best choice and then realized the comapny he worked for would BE OUT OF BUSINESS if left with no gvt subsidies.
maher is about the worst.
yes worse then hannity or maddow or mathews.
maher knew WHAT and WHO RP is and said so.
Then did a complete 180.
We still have the trees in Texas behind the judges chairs, outside the big bay windows- in most court rooms, where they hung people like maher.
Big ole 200 yo oak trees.
I hope one day a jury finds maher guilty as charged and he swings from one. what he did any red blooded american would call treason. because maher KNEW!
He had the power to bring millions to the truth and turned his back on his followers, his family and himself. what a disgrace.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

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Instead of focusing on what makes you sick...

Why not focus on what makes you well? What floats your boat? What jazzes you up?

Why give energy to the negative? It comes back to you like a boomerang.

BTW, I didn't watch the video. With a title like that, I have no desire to. Sorry. Sounds like its going to be a bitchfest of useless information. Time is short.

To be mean is never excusable, but there is some merit in knowing that one is; the most irreparable of vices is to do evil out of stupidity. - C.B.

If I may chime in

Sometimes, people *should* focus on the negative. Only focusing on the positive can create the perception that everything's gonna be a-ok no matter what, kind of like the folks who still insist that the USA is #1 in every category and that there's just no way there could ever be tyranny or serious civil unrest here.

Likewise, those who only focus on the negative tend to run around calling everyone sheeple and insist that the world is going to end no matter what anyone does about anything.

I see it as a sort of ying/yang thing. Gotta look at all sides equally to get a sense of the big picture.

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You missed the point

My argument is that Pelosi and Bill Maher think the United States is a better off country with less white people and that illegals and minorities are actually a "good thing" for this country. Don't they know that throughout history minorities have always tried to overthrow the ruling class? We don't need a United States of Mexico, especially when we already have a Mexico right below us.

Pelosi does, but not for the reasons here...

I hate Nancy Pelosi but for different reasons, such as:

. Declaring Impeachment is "off the table" to spare Bush & Cheney from any official exposure of their Illegal Wars and Human Torture.
. For pretending to want to end the Iraq War, and then supporting and promoting War Funding Bills.
. For supporting the Trillion Dollar Bank Bailouts.
. For pretending to "hold the line" on things, and then simply doing whatever Obama or Bush want her to do.

She's a totally bought-off & phony "progressive". But this interview is mostly accurate...the GOP is completely nuts and corrupt.

The GOP is basically only what FOX News and Rush Limbaugh put on the Airwaves today. And they have Gerrymandered Congressional races to create auto-win seats for themselves. These things are all quite true.

Being opposed to all aspects of Government, except for Trillion Dollar Global Warfare, and Police-Statism, and Concentration Camps, and Torture, and Authoritarian policies, and Bailouts to Corporations is exactly what the GOP is. They are the Party that is most brazenly and transparently only for the Rich and for the Global Elites and strong defenders of Corporate Corruption, and against the interests of average folks.

Not that Pelosi is a whole lot better, but the criticism here against
the GOP is entirely valid.

I don't think you would see Ron Paul defending the GOP.