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Another Family Business Destroyed: Morningland Dairy Raw Milk Cheese Raided 1/25/13

In business 30 years with not one customer ever getting sick. 18 tons of product seized to be destroyed by the Missouri Milk Board.



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That is a big, fat lie

Want to lose weight? Eat plenty of HIGH QUALITY fats. Your BRAIN needs fat. Low fat diets make your body think it is about to starve to death, so it hoards everything.
WHEAT is another story. It has been hybridized to be better livestock feed. To that end, traits that increase appetite and make livestock get fat faster have been enhanced. Skip the bread, double down on the coconut oil, watch the pounds melt off.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

The Wheat Belly diet?

Ever seen the author of that book? Sorry but he's fat and looks unhealthy. He's sure making a lot of money, though.

Unless you have celiac disease, wheat isn't the problem. Look around and see what the diet is in countries that consume a lot more wheat than Americans do, yet are in general a lot thinner and healthier. "Wheat Belly" is just another fad diet idea to make money, in my view.

In all the photos I've seen,

In all the photos I've seen, Dr. Davis does not look fat. He's not morbidly scrawny like your vegetarian and vegan folks, but he does not look fat or unhealthy.

It's possible that you are confusing pasty grey and gaunt with looking healthy.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

If you actually saw...

...the pictures of the well-known vegans, you wouldn't say that.

I have seen photos and some

I have seen photos and some in person. I still say you're confusing scrawny and gaunt with healthy and vibrant.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Who's scrawny and gaunt?

I don't think we've been looking at the same people.

I don't think these "healthy and vibrant" dairy consumers would go near a glass of milk or a piece of cheese ever again -- whether raw or pasteurized -- if they knew what was actually in it; so this debate about who looks good and who doesn't is a moot point anyway.

No, I have no idea what you are talking about.

Again, I am talking about something I read so I tried it. I don't really care about anybody's fad diets, I care about what I eat.
Do some research, you will find what they say is correct. Wheat has been hybridized to be better livestock feed - to make you hungry and fat. I only recently began eliminating wheat, so my results are too early to analyze but I decided there was enough merit to the claim to run the experiment on myself. Feel free to continue eating wheat and avoiding milk - your experiment is not my problem.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Use to be 5%, but now 80% of Americans are gluten intolerant.

A low sodium chloride diet affects stomach acie production allowing proteins to pass into intestines whole. Protein allergies ensue.

Dr Davis looks pretty healthy to me.

Free includes debt-free!

He still has a belly

Compare him to this vegan who eats a lot of wheat and ask yourself which one has the better diet and which one is trying to sell his book:


"He still has a belly"

So what?

People are not designed to eat grains. Go to a Walmart and look at all the obese grain eaters waddling around who can barely function. It's ruining many people's health. The more they tell people to eat whole grains, the fatter and more unhealthy they get.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Most Americans don't eat...

...whole grains. And you're very wrong -- people are designed to eat grains.

Again, low carb enthusiasts are blaming grains for Americans being so fat when Americans consume much more meat and dairy and fewer grains today than counties where the obesity rate isn't nearly as high.

Do whatever works for you,

Do whatever works for you, but I and many others clearly were not designed to eat grains.

It's not the meat and the dairy, it the FRIED FOODS ! Fried in ................ GRAIN OILS !

But it's more complicated than that. In the US more GMO, hybridized foods are consumed as well as more additives including, hormones, steroids, MSG etc. than in Europe and elsewhere. Our tap water is loaded with pharmaceuticals that don't get removed in treatment facilities, not to mention the fluoride and chlorine and who knows what else. Americans are being bombarded with toxins 24/7 in the food, water and air that are not so bad in many other countries. There toxins wreck every system of the body.

So we need to look at the big picture.

So when old Pasty McDougall says "it's the meat!" well sure, it's the non organic, shot full of steroids, hormones, and antibiotics meat fried in soy oil. It's also the fertilizers and pesticides in/on non organic vegetables.

Bottom line, grains cause inflammation. Some tolerate it better than others, but it's the way it is. In fact, anthropologists use the presence of arthritis, and osteoporosis etc. in human bones as proof that the remains are from an agrarian rather than a hunter gatherer. It's true.

Check out this thin paleo chick.


Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

How many strikes for copper deficiency

White hair
*Gray hair
Ptosis -saggin parts
Herias (even congenital)
Varicose veins
Aneurysm (blowouts)
Ruptured disk
*High Cholesterol
Reduced glucose tolerance

High Triglicerides
*High Chloresterol
Coronary Artery disease
Vessel Cholesteroal plaques

Of course, there are flabby weenies without cholesterol. Cholesterol makes testosterone.

Free includes debt-free!

Raw milk gives me health benefits. No doubts.

Digestion issues, lets leave it at that. They went away when I changed to raw milk, They come back when I run out. They go away when I get more. Run this experiment several times now, clearly cause and effect. That is the "research" I rely on. I knew this day would come, and I am adamant enough about wanting to protect my ability to drink raw milk that I bought a cow.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I agree with your right...

...to drink raw milk if you want. And if it makes you feel better, good for you.

But as Dr. Paul has said, with rights comes responsibility. The people on the high protein/low carb/dairy diets have a perfect right to eat what they want, as long as they don't expect the taxpayers to pay their medical bills.

dinah, you're suffering from

dinah, you're suffering from "grain brain" and it's showing in your posts.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Now that came out of left field.

Since I refuse to go to a doctor, I don't really expect anybody to pay my medical bills. What this has to do with anti-milk propaganda is beyond me...

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Since dairy causes cancer...

...many people will and do end up seeing doctors and a certain percentage of them will and do receive medical care on the taxpayer's dime.

Unfortunately, so far it's the "milk does a body good" propaganda that most people listen to, not the warnings about milk from the scientific community.

Try this - "Since I BELIEVE milk causes cancer..."

You still don't get it. Homogenization and pasteurization change milk, as do the hormones and antibiotics used on the cows. Doing studies on one and extrapolating the results to the other is not science.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

It's the casein that causes cancer

According to Colin Campbell and other actual peer-reviewed research science, raw milk may well be more digestible than pasteurized milk, but it does not lower the risk of cancer because it still contains casein.

Sorry but I'm not making this up. Having always loved cheese, I was as alarmed as anyone to see all the research studies coming to the very same conclusion. But here's a quote from Dr. Campbell in his response to Mercola:

"The adverse effects of animal protein, as illustrated in our laboratory by the effects of casein, are related to their amino acid composition, not to the effects of pasteurization, homogenization, or of the presence of hormones, pesticides, etc. Even though pasteurization and homogenization may cause slight changes in the physical characteristics of proteins, I know of no evidence where the amino acid composition is altered by these treatments.

"This focus on amino acid composition of proteins is important because animal based protein will be the same regardless whether it is provided by grass-fed or feed lot fed animals. Moreover, the casein that we used in our extensive experiments was produced before hormones were introduced and before factory farming became the norm, thus it represented mostly animals that were grass fed."

Yup, if you are rat, there is reason to worry.

If you are a rabbit high cholesterol is a problem.

You want to eat healthy diet for rabbits and rats. Suit yourself.

Free includes debt-free!

You've got nothing to peddle here but shortened lifespans.

Your are right. There is a lot of money to trick us.

You're trying to trick us also. Are you doing it for free?

Free includes debt-free!

Listen to Campbell's...

...very interesting speech and look at him and pictures/videos of Esselstyn and McDougall, etc., and see for yourself if they're trying to trick you.

Then look at pictures of the low carb gurus -- Fallon, Cordain, Atkins, Sears, Davis -- and see if you're not being tricked by their low carb scheme. A picture is worth a thousand words.

btw, I'm not 100 percent vegan anyway, but because colon cancer has plagued my family (I always figured it was in our genes) and because I've felt and looked so much better since cutting out dairy and way back on meat/poultry, I wanted to pass Campbell's alarming speech along on DP so that people with open minds might see it, consider, and research it for themselves.

I watched. What I saw is a bunch of worn out old fogies.

And when I listened their science was make believe.

Here's my primal trainer at 52.

My DR. could could kick their asses at 72.

Free includes debt-free!

At 52...

...considering his diet, he should be so lucky if he lives to be Colin Campbell's age.

I meant people who are open minded I'm hoping will watch the video, not the closed minded people who have it all figured out (or so they think).

It has nothing to do with

It has nothing to do with closed or open minded. It has to do with the fact that we know better...

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

He's right. Dr. Wallach

He's right. Dr. Wallach could kick their asses easy. So could Ben Fuchs (though he's a very mellow, calm guy)

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

How old is Wallach?

Born in 1940? Ben Fuchs, born in 1983?

I see why you're confused -- Dr. Campbell is much older ('34) and so is Esselstyn ('33) than those two above are, even though they don't look their ages.

The low carb gurus will not see Caldwell's nor Esselstyn's ages unless they change their diets, and the sooner the better.

So your Dr. Campbell is 5 or

So your Dr. Campbell is 5 or 6 years older than Dr. Wallach?


He looks it...

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Been all organic for a long time

I believe Wallach is 73. Ben Fuchs is in his early 50s, so not sure where you're getting that born in 1983 nonsense.

You know, there's a big difference between us. You have decided what you want to believe, those like me know what we know. Been all organic for a long time, doing the whole grain thing. Been there, done that and got sicker and sicker. Stopped with the grains and started healing immediately. So again, do whatever you want, but do not insult me by telling me I need to do do something that know from my own experience will kill me.

With you vegetarian and vegan people, it's like a cult religion or something. You're like those people who come to the door trying to convert you to their religion and you won't accept it when you tell them "no thanks."

With us people staying away from grains we're just doing what we know works from or own experience. There's a big difference.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.