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Gilberton, PA Police Chief: "I will take my uniform off and stand with freedom before"

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Recently a DPer wrote a post

Recently a DPer wrote a post about what a hero is, including that teachers, officers and others in stations of authority aren't heroes. He's right. No station assumes heroism. Heroism comes from action and functions to what is right, therefore avoiding what is wrong.

The officer, as anyone anywhere even at a part-time minimum wage job who does what's right despite facing pressure to do wrong, is a hero. Well, he's halfway to being a hero. Second half is doing. From hearing this man, I have no doubt he'll do what's right if the time comes.

Embed it. Front page it.

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I hope there are plenty more who follow his lead.

Also, glad to hear a police officer speak boldly against what happened during Katrina.

I hope

he's wearing clean undies!

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