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"We would be fools not to welcome in the Liberty movement"

Constitutionalwar.org interviews Reince Priebus about the future of the Liberty movement within the Republican Party at the RNC winter meeting.



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the fact the gop/rnc will not

the fact the gop/rnc will not even acknowledge all the wrong doings says everything you need to know. In my eyes and many republicans. It can be seen and smelled even if the gop/rnc establishment doesn't think so! In this i find peace:)

Ron Paul 2016

Actually it's a numbers game

the old guard in the GOP is dying out, you have to go with what you got.

Or as they use you say back in high school when we street raced. long time ago :)

Run what ya brung.

Reince is smart, he can see changing demographics politically nationwide and only one movement is outgrowing the liberal/progressives and that's the Liberty movement.

Trust but verify

Oh and tat doesn't mean trust Reince, it means trust yourself and verify real change before you even start to believe.


...Now that we have largely solidified globalist-collectivist power and rigged the rules to ensure continuity, we now are ready to fool the 'liberty-movement' (those who are not already ours) into joining efforts/forces with us, so we can further co-opt and direct 'them' and their efforts and focus.

He just saved me the trouble

of calling him a fool.... Look at what he and they(RNC) did during the primaries... He should have said " We were fools for not welcoming in the Liberty movement"
But why miss out on a chance to do it again anyway.. Rancid Prepuss you are a fool; if you think for one second that this ole boy will forget you are an even bigger fool .
With both Republican and Democrats voting tally's off ( much lower)this past year ask yourself a serious question. How many wrote in Paul or voted Johnson... answer ..Millions

You were a fool.

You dumbass.

-rolls eyes

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I'm calling bullshit

until I see otherwise.

His actions say otherwise,

His actions say otherwise, he's just looking for more wallets to plunder.

Southern Agrarian