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The Fed Is More Out of It Than You Thought It Was

The Federal Reserve recently released the transcripts of the meetings of its Board of Governors in 2007, covering a time when the first rumblings of the financial crisis were beginning to appear.

By the end of 2008, everything would have changed: The Federal Reserve expanded its lending powers to backstop the financial sector. The “Great Moderation” legacy of the Alan Greenspan era came to an end, with interest rates pushed down toward zero, while unemployment increased and inflation slowed.

As of 2007, the Fed was unprepared for what was to come, though not mainly for the reason most commentators are highlighting. The initial reporting on the transcripts has focused on whether or not the Fed saw the financial crisis coming, and most find that the Fed did not. But the Fed also missed something much more important.

For all the attention the financial crisis gets in the story of the latest recession, it isn’t that important to understanding our current weak economy. The reason that more than 12 million people are unemployed, that workers no longer quit their jobs or get raises, and that economic prospects are dim for the foreseeable future, has to do with the financial health of consumers, not the health of Wall Street.


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Corporate theives who work for their hidden owners that

they do not even know. Working on an agenda they have no control over. Enslaving humanity into false debt. A private bank creating sovereign curency out of thin air digitized at no cost cheap counterfiters who then are so bold as to loan the counterfit digitized sovereign curency to their sold out installed government puppets to promote a false COMPOUNDING national debt.

They need no money its created digitized at no cost in unlimited quantities. They use the false debt to control the people. Force a person to submit to immoral extorted theft they call tax under the guise of national debt service. If they do not submit put them in a torture chamber called prison.

No is my final answer. My new american dream is to never use these slave curencies.


Who are the thieves, the

Who are the thieves, the bankers who are intelligent enough to trick a nation into taking their paper, or the government that willfully and knowingly enters into this agreement? Your fury is misdirected.

Your fury is misdirected bat ship wake the $$$ up

Rothschild is the name and all trails lead to that name. I was hoping people would do a little of their own looking. My fury is spot on. Your lost and wasted and slow. Well just want to ask if you like the response. I am insulted by your coment and you do not know me enough to say my fury is mis directed and perhaps you simply do not know enough or are not smart enough to have fury that is directed. Wake up and smell the roses im spot on.


What's your point? I know

What's your point? I know about the Rothschild banking dynasty, what's it have to do with my point? Are they evil because they're smarter than our leaders? Perhaps. Are they to blame? Absolutely not. Take responsibility for your own actions, and take action to elect intelligent representatives who don't fall prey to banksters. Don't use the currency. Take part in the black and gray markets. But I doubt you take any meaningful action. You just spout off at the mouth.

Create Off Grid Solutions

The solution to being a debt slave.
Enlightened disengagement

Low profile
Low tax base
Clean air and water
Urban location
what is the best distance from a city.
Note: In a disaster everyone flees as far as their gas tank and a fill up can take them maybe 2 days. 1000 miles

Research land ownership and property tax for the location you choose.
off grid self sustaining residential home
Energy self sustaining.

Create and design and build a model then Offer the design to others.
Create overages then share with your neighbors.
Like any goal you do not have to acomplish it all at once. Its like climbing a mountian make a planned path then take one step at a time but keep going. I am several years into my planning and building. So you made incorrect assumptions and gave incorect information.


My humble response.

Do they take responsibility for their multitude of crimes the worst is multiple genocides? NO Are they evil? YES Do they attract the most vile evil persons around them? Of course. Are they intelligent? Absolutly not

Liars theives extortionists thugs mass geoicides every trail of evil ends up at that name.

They foist extorted theft collections in the name of a compounding false Rothschild national debt in every country in this world. They use false debt to to justify any and every immorality they choose to foist upon hummanity. They depopulate humanity in compounding false national debt cycles that always spirial in to an engineered (both sides financed by Rothschild} world wars.

I know the solution as you suggest and thats exactly why they will not succeed. You can bet that I have and am taking any and every action to disengage from thier system. I gave up a 22 year financial planning carreer after learning about the Federal reserve and the Rothschild family multi generational plan. My american dream went from riches to not using the curency. My purpose in life is to inform every human that I can. Thank you for this opportunity to further my personal purpose in life.

Oh and about elections that is and never has been possible to have fair elections and I would never have somone else represent me I am an elder adult and I no longer need parents to tell me what is right from wrong I am responsible for my actions. I will protect myself and my family. I opt out. I choose to be free and sovereign.

If somone is elected I do not buy into his rule over me by proclaimations.

Oh by the way your suggestion to take part in black or grey market I do not agree. Enlightened disengagment means to disengage in a way that is effective. If you end up in jail or even worse somone reads your advise and follows it they up in a prison they wont be around to further the cause of disengagment.

Its like being forced to play monoply with a big strong drunk bully thug who is a liar cheater theif and murder. Its best to excuse youself with an excuse like must go to bath room then leave and dont look back. Enlightened disengagement. The only other solution puts you into a fight fire with fire situation and that only ends with everyone burned. Gandhi + Ron Paul + Laws of the Jungle


Pretty sure...

this article is full of $h!t. The Federal Reserve is our problem. The credit crunch was created. It did not just happen ex nihilo. They cut off credit after inflating it for years. It is imaginary debt. That imaginary debt could have continued for years, so long as natural resources existed and food was available. This is fraud. It is deplorable economic engineering for elitist swine. It is the Federal Reserve, the IMF, and the U.N.

Anonymous Love

I don't know if I should be

I don't know if I should be happy or sad that the big bankers might turn out to be incredibly stupid instead of incredibly evil

Hanlon's Razor

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

Isn't that Ockhams Razor? At

Isn't that Ockhams Razor? At least that's what I learned from scrubs.

Edit: Monday morning fail.