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Get rid of your cell phone company, keep your cell phone: Google Voice Calls Through (Your Own) Yate server w/Internet Calling

This works well over WIFI and also over any decent CHEAP no contract data plan without the need to pay for minutes used.

I use a prepaid SIM card that I can activate by the day ($2-$3) or by the month ($30) when I am not near WIFI.

Even if the SIM card is not active the Android phone can still make emergency 911 calls when I'm not within range of WIFI so its perfect even in emergencies, even for those like me who prefer to carry a gun and have not much use for 911.

Google voice manages all my texts and messages for free, transcribes voice mail to text and blocks call spammers. It acts as my personal secretary for FREE.



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Vonage also offers this

same thing, I don't even have a plan with the used Android for I picked up for $50. I use the Vonage app whenever I'm in WiFi so I hardly use any of my cell minutes on my other cell phone. (yes I have to have 2 phones this way)

So I could make a 911 call if needed from my Android without a plan in case of an emergency?

Also what's the best prepaid data service to go with?


What is the point of the Yate server? Does it add some extra security? Bypassing google in someway?

yate becomes the bridge between JABBER and SIP

Jabber is the port/protocol used natively by Google Voice.

SIP is the Internet Calling port/protocol used natively by Android phones.

Yate is a locally installable simple PBX server that has the ability to be easily configured to act as a gateway/relay for both without giving your google password over to a 3rd party service provider like SIPDroid.

This solution allows you to control your credentials. And it works with OpenSSL too if you like.


It's not secure!

so add openssl then, no problem


Thank you...

A nice option to save some money :^)

I pay less than $37 a month for T-Mobile.

I have virtually no trouble getting connected anywhere, even at sea on a cruise.

with what plan? I pay 100 and

with what plan?
I pay 100 and it sucks!

Just what we need...

all of our calls under the scrutiny of Google...


When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

And Google is more trustworthy?

than my cell phone company?

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No better, no worse. Just absent the recurring monthly charges.

And of course you can run YATE as a full PBX (or with Asterisk, etc) and get rid of Google too if you like.


Do you know how to do this?

Do you know how to do this?

There are plenty of examples out there. I used to manage...

...a couple of PBXs for different companies that I worked for.

Mostly I am into IT networking and web services.