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A path to Amnesty equals the destruction of the Constitution - Take action and call your Senator

In the coming days the Senate will try and push through an amnesty bill disguised as something else. The old what do we do with all these illegals living here who have had kids. And that's exactly the problem, it's no longer 11 million illegals, they have been using that same number for 15 years, it's closer to 35 million. Once Amnesty is approved, the Constitution is over. One only has to look towards California to see the GOP is dead, and it's because illegals come from countries that are big Goverment and they rely on that. It has nothing to do if they can be taught liberty, everyone can be taught liberty, but it will take generations and we don't have generations to save liberty.

I repeat the illegals will ALWAYS vote for big Goverment, down the line multiple generations from now if they can figure out what small Goverment is, you might be able to get 50% to stand with you, but more than likely you will turn into Europe which is having huge problems with illegals, even France the great liberal bastion now has laws to rid itself of illegals after riots crippled its country, but it's too late for Europe, they are overrun and are sinking fast. Nobody really talks about Greece, but they have a huge influx of immigrants that strained their system and caused them to go belly up.

If you are going to preach following the Constitution and the rule of law, you don't reward law breakers.

We welcome legal immigration, probably too much, we let in more immigrants than all other countries combined let in, but we have huge problems in the United States, unemployment, debt, wars, worthless money. We have so many problems that need to be repaired and we have so many Americans that are addicted to Government that now is not the time not only for more legal immigration but certainly amnesty for illegals or any type of pathway reward for citizenship.

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Call my Senator?

What would you like me to call them, Lying Incompetent Corporatist Collectivist Scum? They don't represent me, they represent those who got them elected and those who plan to pad their Bahamma offshore accounts for pushing legislation that benefits them. My two senators are Cornyn (R), who led the GOP senatorial campaign (that worked out great didn't it?) and Cruz (R) who will probably vote agaisnt any amnesty to look good for the Tea Party dupes, since there will be enough of his collectivists pals voting for it. It's real simple to see it's a Corporatist plan, since Rubio, who blocked 50+ good immigration reform when he was Florida House Speaker is involved. Then we have McAmnesty nough said, and his sissy man knee pad wearer sidekick, Gomer Graham who shouldn't need any comment, Jeff 'the Flake' and another Tea Party sellout Mike Lee. Also, we hear from Cry Baby Boner praising word a good bipartisan bill coming out of a 'secret group', with 'hard nosed' conservative on immigration reform representing his party, those being the afore mentioned scum.

I will, however, at least do my duty and call my Senatrons and my Congressborg of the greater Collective and let them know we don't want to become Mexico, and they already have immigration laws to enforce. That's the real joke, as they are only trying to jockey for votes, not solve the problem. The extremely igorant Republicons think they can lure the freeloaders away from the Social welfare giving Demoncats, by preaching the social issues, what a joke! And, for your information, Mexicans hate Cubans, so Rubio will be the big loser if he's the chosen one in '16, if the collectivists vote this bill through.

Here's where you can get a list of your Collectivist numbers.

It's not about who the

It's not about who the illegals will vote for, it is about expanding the size of the dependant class. This is the actual source of political power. Voting is a form of misdirection to keep you from seeing where the real power transfer is occuring. The only real solution is to obsolete the power of the state to care for the poor, the true meaning of the separation of church and state.

but the NEW State religion known as "American Exceptionalism".

(which means "this is the way it is NOW you peasant scum who think you have a voice") yourself largesse from the public treasury IF you have skin in the game; which is only the dependent class AND privately-subsidized bad, loose, amoral business people who are crooked because our government is crooked....

"The gubbermint made me do it"....and....yet, they SUSTAIN my way of life! What a nation of opportunistic rationalism we are....

With respect to what illegals do for Illinois, Glen Beck should LOVE me as a conservative, values-driven candidate for public office..."my 11-year old can cut grass"....there's a difference between poor and illegal!

It's a hopeless situation now....half the middle class has been pulled down to the dependent class, and the others THINK corporate America gives a rip about them and their families, so they vote for government subsidizing their career choice....if they EVER realize this, then maybe....nah, forget it; they not only live in fear - they're not willing to sacrifice anything like our founders did.

call your Senators...hah!!!

How about replace the bastards!

What part of the word "illegal" do we NOT understand?

Illinois is going to give them all drivers licenses now....

Make no mistake...this is for REVENUE purposes, for the state and insurance.companies and to create another poweful Democrat voting bloc in Illinois for 2014....since.we just went through Blago, and now Quinn; it was just announced also that Illinois has the WORST credit score of all 50 states're gonna vote Republican in 2014 it seems...

Anyway, from the SOLUTIONS front, U.S. Senator Dick Durbin seat will be up for election, and so will that of my state senator Kirk Dillard sponsored the Precious Metals Purchasing Act as his last pro-establishment send off before he runs for see 3 opportunities for us in 2014 in Illinois to CAMPAIGN on our political worldview....U.S. Senator, State Governor,, and I suppose my State rep too .... Should I "go for it" just to make waves? Should I travel the State.and make speeches on the weekends? Could I get any support from the Libertarians of Illinois, the Party, or C4L?

I am hearing more complaints than PLANS for action on the DP these days....we know it's going to GET WORSE....guys like me need a Party nomination, or, some 150,000 signatures or something....WHAT IS OUR PLAN? I hope it's not to sit behind our keyboards and play "Captain Obvious"....

Next door in Missouri

and GOP is going to make a bill making it illegal to drive into Missouri on a DL issued by any state if you don't have a green card. Also no DL will be accepted from another state for official business, food stamps etc. You will need birth certificate along with ID.

What really pisses me off is the feds stifle legal immigration..

and encourage illegal migrants by non enforcement and other benefits.

It is so beyond ridiculous, why Latinos get preferential treatment when a legal immigrant that makes one mistake on a visa application is barred for 10 years from applying again for a visa.

WTF is wrong??? They want migrants that have no loyalty whatso ever to the United States. People who come here legally love this country more than the average citizen. They have to learn English and pass a history test.

I have no problems with Legal Immigration, but the illegals should not just go to the back of the line they should all go home, and be barred for 10 years just like they do to immigrants from other countries.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

Remember, "the government" is

Remember, "the government" is overrun with competing interests and will never act uniformly or logically from an individuals perspective.

good point

about making them wait like everyone else. I know people who waited 15 years before they were allowed in and by then they were rooted somewhere else. I guess they should have just come illegally.

I am pretty sure that illegal immigration is encouraged because they pay into the system but can't take out of it. That is, many of them use fake social security numbers and pay into social security and medicare but will never be able to collect on it.

I realize there are illegals (and legals) who fly under the radar as well...not taking part in the tax system but using the schools and hospitals and roads and all. So, Illinois addresses this by making them pay for roads via drivers license rather than trying to kick them out.


Are you saying that we should assume all illegal aliens are the same, and not treat them as individuals?

Should anyone be treated differently by government based on how government officials and bureaucrats think they'll vote? Is that a power you want to give to government?

Are you saying that they stand on street corners selling fruit for hours without breaks, so they can get food stamps?

Are you saying that anyone who accepts an invitation from a relative, landlord, employer, or other person for a home and job in this country, should stay where they are with their families and starve or be shot in the drug war, rather than commit civil disobedience?

If you became wanted by the FBI for some thought crime or owning an unregistered gun, or expressing "terrorist" ideas, would you seek asylum elsewhere, and not go, unless you could go with official permission?

I don't know where you live in this country, but I live in California, and I'm still angry that, thanks to the DHS, I now have to have a passport to cross a border. Further, I don't know any "illegals" who aren't working very hard to support themselves and others.
It's true that there are plenty of people we teach to be dependent by giving them no other options, but it is not fair to treat them as a group, instead of individuals. And, it's all very well to say they ought to have official government permission to travel, but try putting the shoe on the other foot and think about what that means.

What do you think?

the old hard working illegals skit

I know multi millions of hard working Americans that are getting taxed to death to support your illegals that only bring the wage scale down. Lots of people work hard, I don't give a crap. They need to fix their own country if it's broke down and they are starving, it's called revolution. It always cracks me up when people think our Goverment has a say in anyway on someone who is here illegal. Are you saying we have illegals standing on corners selling fruits illegally when my own daughter a legal US citizen by birth can't even run a lemonade stand on her own front lawn without getting busted by cops? Crazy talk

As far as invitations from family, employer etc, sure come on over LEGALLY. We are a nation of laws, not law breakers.

As far as the FBI wanted poster, I would fight for my country not slither to another country. Good thing the founding fathers didn't run off to Canada.

Ahhhhh ...yes open borders and the far left in the Libertarian party. Ummm, no thats why we are a Nation, thats why we have borders, we are not a global Goverment ...yet.

And finally YES I do group all illegals as illegal, wether from Mexico, Canada, Columbia, China, Russia or wherever because they are illegal. I could care less about individual rights of a non US Citizen, do I care about humanitarian rights...sure but only to the extent of helping their country through private means improving itself.

I live in Missouri, just south of where I live in Green Forest, Arkansas there use to be a huge illegal population that worked for Tyson chicken - the town basically died when they arrived,it was trashed, gang slogans everywhere, lots of poverty and put a strain on Arkansas. The INS raided Tyson and most of all those illegals are gone, and the town is slowly and I mean slowly coming back. Mass immigration, legally or illegally is a bad thing.

Gangs and the Drug War

We need to end the Drug War, and that will end the gangs over time (assuming we have other reasonable policies).

The individual rights of citizens and non-citizens are the same, so if you want to have the best chance of protecting them, you might as well protect them for everyone--you'll have more support that way. We saw how that message brought Ron Paul support from all over the world.

If we ended the huge cost of government regulation, Tyson could save money elsewhere and be competitive. Instead, we heap on regulation and the cost of chicken goes up, hurting the poor in this country most.

Austrian economics proves that it is the system of force used by government that causes the ill consequences you describe. It will not solve the problems to blame people for acting in the way that appears to be best to them. That is something you cannot stop from happening.

What do you think?

No they are not

we have our Constitution, we are citizens of this country, other citizens from other countries do not have our rights.

Just because we live in the USA does not mean I have a right to your house or your bed..

However, their presence

However, their presence forces political action and there are economic consequences to their existence. Immigrants are not just a theory.

Let me Get This Straight

You're arguing that because local government is crushing your daughter's right to sell lemonade, we should lobby for the same thing to be done on a federal level to everyone who wants to sell fruit on street corners?

How does that help your daughter?

It seems to me that selling fruit and fruit drinks is an unalienable right, granted by our Creator, and protected (theoretically) from infringement by government in our Constitution (which, by the way, prohibits infringing these rights regardless of citizenship).

What do you think?

No it's not

What I'm saying is that you are not being intellectually honest.

You are sooooo worried about the rights of ILLEGAL people who broke into the United States like selling fruit and you forget the rest. Of course I dont want Federal rules.

Your fruit vender is illegal, shouldn't be here, broke the law. Wow....freaking shocking.

Hey Mexico residents its your freaking duty as a world citizen to pay my house payment, your poor people are moving here causing my country to go into the gutter. So you rich Mexicans that remain in Mexico, where is my freaking money..caugh it up.

It's illegal aliens not

It's illegal aliens not illegal immigrants. It's a spin put forth by the liberal and progressives. They are illegal aliens staying in the US. There's no such thing as a an illegal immigrant, if you're an immigrant, you should have come through the legal process of immigration.


anf good point

This really annoys me. We

This really annoys me. We shouldn’t kick them all out but they shouldn’t be able to vote and they shouldn’t be on Federal welfare. On the flip side I don’t think they should be hit with the income tax or payroll tax either so they get an opportunity to keep all of their earnings. Now if they want to become legal, among other things, they should go through a background check and get tested for diseases because we don’t want another country’s problems. Of course this is only if they choose to become legal.

Process to become legal

Just like all other immigrants do is to apply from their own country and get in line.

But instead these are the poorest of the poor in their own country who are a drag on our system.

This is not the 1800's when the USA needed immigrants to "build" the country. It's freaking built, the political class wants maids and gardeners for their estates, farmers want cheap labor to pick their crops. The construction industry has been decimated by cheap illegal labor in most places. A place where Americans could actually make a living is almost gone. You can't compete with 10 illegals sharing one dwelling working for peanuts, so you say screw it and latch on to Obama welfare state.

Innovation in farm equipment is making migrant workers a thing of the past, with the exception of a few industries like grape picking, it's becoming less reliant on hand picked people. Even tomatoes and strawberries are undergoing a revolution in farm equipment.

We need bright, innovative immigrants that give to our country, not take and they should become part of the melting pot, not demand that we learn their language and their culture when they chose to come to the US.

You have a point, but as you

You have a point, but as you state the real reason this is happening is because of votes. Both Republicans and Democrats are pandering to Hispanics, "documented", "undocumented" and born in the US. It's all about numbers and it always has been.


only works if you actually give something away....another vote for Democrats and Big Goverment.

Amnesty is 100% a losing proposition and it's only a numbers game if they can vote, and that only can happen if there is a rewarding pathway to citizenship.

Again, you're referring to

Again, you're referring to numbers. Increasing advantage by increasing voters for your camp at the expense of the wider population. Don't get me wrong, I'm in favor of very light immigration policies because I believe people will go where they want and do what they want no matter what the laws say.