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What if the Daily Paul was News? Idea for Micheal's definition for the future DP

Brain Storm last night after reading http://www.dailypaul.com/61031/the-spiritual-r3volution-insp....

What if we skimmed the top 5-10 stories as voted here on the Dp each week and then compiled them for press releases through free or paid PR submissions services? Possibly through a partnership with such private service(s) as they can be established.

We could additionally target non-corporate owned entertainment weeklies and college papers which exist in nearly every locality. Many times these papers have limited editorial resources and are hungry for content to fill their pages. These papers are usually the source for most on community events and entertainment each week and are usually distributed free and open to alternative views to the main stream.

We could each also walk this releases into their offices to make a personal appeal to consider including the content as a follow up to the internet based distribution and educate the editors to our existence and to consider our releases each week in their content.

We could also provide a printable version of the release that we could download for those that would like to print and locally distribute and post around our local communities. We have an army of members with printers and if everyone hit their local laundry-mat, church, post office, community centers, and favorite store's and restaurant's bulletin boards with a few copies as we all cycle through these places each week we could spread the message ourselves and push traffic to the DP for those that learn about us.

As Micheal is searching to brand the Dp into the future this could be a low cost grassroots way to help grow the DP and educate our neighbors to views outside of what they are getting bombarded with everywhere else.

We could do a small money firecracker to raise a few grand for the programing and initial release costs. I would be willing to donate some time to a teleconference to flesh it out and add my experience in advertising and marketing if desired.

Would like to hear Micheal's thoughts especially.
Thanks for your time in reading this.

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I thought

A monthly newsletter from Dr Paul to his namesake the Daily Paul with his review of world and national news along with some investment tips would generate subscriptions.

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Methinks, that would only attract MORE vote-manipulators

to this site. . . and leave a monumental task of "cleaning-up" spurious votes for MN and the mods to grapple with "on their free time".

Too late! The DP is already America's finest news source.

Even surpassing The Onion in many respects.

It's self-vetting.

The real story in any story is in the comments and that goes double here. My best advice to Michael would be to do nothing - why try to improve on perfection?


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I agree

We are our own news source. We are a collective drudgereport.

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