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Mural in Dear-Leader's likeness defaced: Left vs Right flame war ensues.


Oh Houston. At least since the mural was defaced it will require volunteers or painters to repaint it, creating jobs. ($5 for guessing what fallacy I'm referring to)

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Thought Crime

"You didn't deface that!"


'The Broken Window" fallacy

(You break Xavier's window, he goes to the window company, pays for glass. creation of work for window company, right?) No, because the loss to Xavier equals the gain for the window company, instead of two folks benefiting (in the case of building a new office that needs windows, for example) only one does.

*(You weren't serious about the $5, right?)

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No I thought about it and

No I thought about it and chuckled because someone is going to have to repaint that mural. This is the second time it was defaced so it is apparently creating wealth...:)

Southern Agrarian


didn't build that!

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