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Sandy Hook: Eyewitness Description From Inside the School Days After the Shooting

Scarlett Lewis, the mother of Sandy Hook shooting victim Jessie Lewis, might be able to shed some information on exactly what the crime scene looked like days after the grim massacre took place after she was apparently let back into the crime scene and allowed to view the interior of the school as recommended by a grief councilor.

read the rest: http://theintelhub.com/2013/01/27/sandy-hook-eyewitness-desc...

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on Dec 15th Vance did a press conference and said the cops

blew out "lots of glass" in all parts of the building while trying to enter the building to secure it. Makes no sense because aerial video doesn't show broken windows as far as I have seen. I did see one helicopter video that may have gotten a glimpse at a big hole in the glass at the front of the building - of course that was after the cops arrived so who knows who did it.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

I pose a question to all conspiracy

theorists - from chemtrails to 9/11 to Sandy Hook.

THINK. If Ron Paul turns out to be not against Israel, why do you believe that bankers and Zionists would live worse under free society where no government regulations exists? Don't you think bankers would have an easier time to exploit honest working people under free-market capitalism? Do you think Zionists created Libertarian ideas in order to give the bankers even more power? THINK, no need to reply.

You're on the wrong thread-this is about Sandy Hook

Start a new thread and I will read it. This is like watching a football game and the sportscasters start talking about gun control.
Hey, you're interrupting my program!

It is

because you are just enjoying the excitement from one conspiracy instead of thinking and connecting the dots. May be the stories are connected. Bankers (via CIA) created Sandy Hooks fake story in order to "nudge" our Libertarian movement into uncovering the fraud and expose CIA and government to American people at large. That way bankers can free themselves from government tyranny and get more power over ordinary people. THINK.

So you interrupt OUR conspiracy theory with YOUR conspiracy

theory? Ha-ha! That's funny! Start your own thread about it and you will get more attention.

The contradictions

Are supposed to infuriate and distract us. This is all intended to test the water to see how asleep and gullible the masses are, while scaring the scared sheep even more away from those who would look further than the official story. They want violent upheaval/ conflict and are setting every stage they can for it. I channel my anger into energy for projects that will continue to inspire folks to listen to other information. We cannot and don't want to change or control people, this would be bringing us down to their level. If we play their game, who will win?
Our hospitals, schools, dairies, farms, mines, rivers, air roads, airports, books, tv, movies, armies, priests.....minds. Start by changing myself.... then, one by one, learn, use and share, critical thinking to eliminate the sickness of contradictions that plagues this once wonderful country and world. Peace is the only chance we have and is barely legal.

More likely fake

Here is link to the "eyewitness account" from the video: http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message2119730/pg
This seems pretty fake to me. First of all, this eyewitness did not identify himself. If they did so out of fear, why would they say (1) the area where he lives, (2) he has a friend at a local shop, and (3) that his wife works at the middle school. What do FBI cars sound like? The video shows only one name tag, and the "check in" sign is only shocking under the context of the video.
Could any of us have written something like this?

I don't think the eyewitness was saying HIS wife works at

the middle school, it was the radio announcer who stated that. Of course it's questionable but if I were in his shoes, I'd be torn as well - I wouldn't want to release my name but I certainly wouldn't want to keep that info to myself either.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Thanks for the correction

(I'm unable to edit my reply above)

I did--

interesting; not sure what to think--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

The deserves its own thread.

This explains SO MUCH. How can so many people keep a secret? By only telling them what they have to know. Even the cop on scene did not know what was going on, he was just told to direct traffic.
I have come to suspect that the actors on camera were in on it, and the rest of the town, including MOST cops, were led down the primrose path. There is one father who said his son was "all he had." That man is probably a local who everyone knows and his child was probably sacrificed.
Could this be a hoaxster? Could be, but he sounds more legit than Parker.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I agree - Rory you should create a new thread for

this video - very interesting but not unexpected, hopefully more like this will come out. One of the fathers, Matioli, has been in Hartford saying we don't need more gun laws, just enforce the ones we have, the guns aren't responsible. He gave Chicago statistics as well. Fox is showing the clip and when I did a search for him, it looked like a lot of the media is twisting his words with headlines like "gun laws need to be changed" etc.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

The color of the name tags tell you who knows what

White name tags were just players for 'drill' and did not know what was going down. I will go back to the helicopter footage and try and notice how many black and silver cars, like the video said she saw.