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Lets Pay Our libertarian Jurors!

I firmly believe, that being on a Jury is the FRONT LINES of the Freedom battle. And that being said, we in the R3VOLution need to learn how to very easily fund $$$ our freedom warriors. There must be at least a hundred over 50 types like myself, who would contribute money to this cause. Yet, how can we do it? Sending in $$ to the Campaign for Liberty? NOT. Sending it into the LP? HELL NO. Like all donors, you want to send it directly to where you know it will do real good, good for the cause of liberty. But how?

Here is just one more reason why all libertarians should actively SEEK OUT to BE Jurors.


While the know-nothings and liberals and conservatives RUN AWAY FROM active jury duty, we libertarians/Ron Paul patriots/constitutionalists, etc should actively SEEK IT OUT.

Indeed, we ought to create a "Jury Donation Fund". That is a charity that you and I can contribute too, and that charity then pays the electric and water bills or more of libertarian jurors.

Perhaps an even better idea than a legal charity, where all sort of issues might be created, would be to create something akin to mega upload.

Think of a charity that a libertarian juror who can post up a bill, and you and I can go and pay it for them while they are on jury "duty". A simple website, Craigs List or Facebook or Myspace even, where upon we all go there to learn about the need. That need then takes to the individual who posts up his Jury Notice and we can check out his/her patriot bonafides.

Has anyone (other than me) read Judge Andrew Napolitano's book, CONSTITUTIONAL CHAOS? Well if you have, you now can see that the govt's prosecution is allowed to give lucrative incentives & even pay off its prosecution witnesses for their testimony, -- meanwhile the defense can't put a penny into its defense witness'es pocket. Unfair? You bet. But is it done regularly? Yes, just read the good Judge's book. Moreover, are juries intentionally screened and dumb down? YES!

So, the JURY is our battlefield. WE MUST TAKE THAT HILL. We must climb that mountain to attain justice. We must infiltrate that government institution just as much (if not more) than infiltrating the 2-party duopoly. Nullification is one thing, having passionate freedom loving, individual rights protecting juries, is another.

**** And do you flash your RP Patriot card to the inquiring attorney? Hell no. Guess what, you don't vote or rarely vote, you don't watch much or any TV and you don't read the newspapers 'much'. Infact, you don't really "know nothing" or have "much of an opinion" either way. --- That is "landing on and taking the beach". From there, you begin your climb.

Again, I firmly believe, that being on a Jury is the FRONT LINES of the Freedom battle. And that being said, we in the R3VOLution need to learn how to easily fund our freedom warriors.


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