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If Ron Paul was president in 1988...

I voted for Ron Paul in 1988. I often wonder how different the world would be today if he'd been elected. Your thoughts?

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I voted Paul in 1988...

I hoped he would sit up there, just vetoing away. Then he could watch the nightly news as it discusses if Congress and the Senate will over-ride his latest veto.

Oh the desire "to get something done!". Well it has to be replaced with the desire "to get government out of the way".

Its a battle of ideas and we need to take that battle STRAIGHT to the Progressives & War Hawks.


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I'd have saved THOUSANDS of dollars

in 2008!
Seriously, it is hard to imagine. Just ending the war on drugs would end the "prison for profit" machine, which has corrupted all aspects of the justice system. And, people would be curing their cancer at home. Just that one change, think how different the world would be.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

World would be free, because

World would be free, because all the other nations would see what the real freedom means.

+ it's nigh impossible to imagine how world would be today without 25 years of CONSTANT WARS.