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Flag symbology - Distressed Betsy Ross

I've been mulling over the idea of flying -both in my windows and on my backpacks- an inverted Betsy Ross to symbolize the distressed nature of the values which founded these states. I fear it may be fly over everyone's heads and just seem like I'm disrespecting the flag.

Are there any feelings on this? Is it any different to fly the Betsy vs the 50 stars?

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I prefer Gadsdens

A distressed Betsy flag might be interpreted better than a distress 50-star flag.

However it might get interpreted wrong anyway. Some people might take it as you disagree with the founding principles.

I'd prefer to fly a Gadsden Flag. No way to mistake that meaning.

The founders would be ashamed at us for what we are putting up with.

interesting take...

interesting take... I hadn't considered that.

I know a large number of the

I know a large number of the Oath Keepers are flying their flags in distress. They see us in a dire state of distress.

If people don't understand what you are doing, it gives you a great opportunity to explain what's wrong in our country today. I see it as a statement of the true state of our county, and a chance to open conversation with those who may not understand your symbol.

Go for it! The flag in my window at home is already upside down and will stay that way until we can fix our country.

Blessings )o(

Vessel in Distress

Inverted colors are an emergency signal. While I agree that our "ship of state" is indeed in dire straits, the danger is not yet IMMINENT.

When emergency signals are used for more casual purposes, their meaning becomes obscurred. Please don't.

Of course, if you were my neighbor and you insisted, I would probably find myself defending your action against the vast majority of pinheads and ignorami who would seize offense without any conception of the metaphorical point you were trying to make.

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